Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika continues her interview to reporter and says 21 years have passed and her children have become biggest singers of the city. Older Kalyani and Ketki are shown entering award function venue. Reporter says today both sisters will receive awards together. Assistant informs that Kekti left venue without informing anyone. Devika says she told her daughter’s ego is more than award functions.

Ketki reaches home and heads to Krishna’s room. She switches off music. Grown up Krishna on bed asks why did she switch off music and says he heard Aaji’s interview and realized who is on wrong side, how can both sister fight for 21 years, now they should reunite. Ketki smiles and says she is hungry. He continues. She says what kind of son he is, mom is hungry and he is lecturing.

At Kalyani’s house, Megha shows Devika her newspaper interview and says she told a lot. Kalyani comes down and says she told everything in this interview. Devika says must have. Two men come to meet Kalyani and say they are opening Kalyani school of music and needs her permission. Kalyani says there are many great artists in this country, why they chose her. They say she is superb singer and request to inaugurate school herself. She agrees. At Ketki’s house, 2 young boys come to meet her and say they are budding singers and are making album, so they need her to sing one song for their album. She asks why she when there are many young singers. They say she is unique. She agrees and invites them for Krishna’s birthday party in the evening.

Kalyani waits for Krishna to wish him birthday. Krishna comes and takes Devika and her blessings. Devika asks her to take even aaji and azoba’s blessings. Kalyani brings cake and makes him cut it to celebrate his birthday. Krishna then goes back home and tells Ketki that badi aayi made him cut cake. Ketki gets angry. He requests her to reunite with Kalyani. Ketki shouts it is enough. Protima calls Krishna and wishes him happy birthday and tells he will receive his birthday gift in the evening. Ketki says Protima loves him a lot and never forgets his birthday. Krishna says even Kalyani loves him and she and Kalyani should celebrate his birthday together. Ketki shouts enough now.

Party starts and guests flow in. Ketki waits for Krishna till late night and calls Kalyani’s landline thinking Krishna must be there. Kalyani picks call and Ketki disconnects it.

Precap: Ketki tells Krishna that she and Ketki always fought when they were together. Krishna tells Kalyani like she scolded him and hugged, she should scold and hug even Ketki. Ketki tells award function organizers she cannot receive award with Ketki together. Kalyani reads newspaper that both sisters will receive award together. Krishna thanks Ketki for accepting his request and agreeing to receive award with Kalyani together.

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