Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-159

The episode starts with Ishaani smiles and hugs ranveer.. Falguni thinks about neha and comes to Ishaani and asks for money? She asks how much? Falguni tells 2lacs.. Ishaani asks for what? Falguni tells actually in our native place my friend has problem.. She asked money so only I need to give her. Ishaani when did u get this much money from her as loan? Falguni thinks my daughter asking more cross questions like me.. Falguni tells pls ma give me some money.. Ishaani tells without knowing simply how can I give.. If ranveer comes to know he will think bad about me.. Falguni sadly comes outside and hits ranveer.. He asks what happened.? R u ok? She tells yes.. He asks I heard that u need money pls go and get from cashier.. Falguni thnx him and leaves from there.. Ishaani asks him why he gave money? He tells she is u r mom.. Ishaani tells she told me to change all property on my name.. So that u cannot give any chain or etc.. To u r sisters.. He gets shocked he gets teary eyes.. Ishaani asks now u understand who she is? He tells he is like my mom and leaves from there..

Ishaani thinks he is ,…… And leaves to Hall.. She suddenly falls down unconscious. Ranveer gets shocked and takes her to hospital.. Doctor tells she is OK. Now u can have. A baby.. she is perfectly alright.. Ranveer smiles and thnx doctor and runs.. Happily and shouts and tells to u… I will be father soon.. Falguni comes to police station with lawyer and bails them out.. Xu hua and Wang dou cries and tells we will go back to our country today itself!! Neha tells them not to speak any word more… Neha tells I will handle all.. She tells them to do one favour and leave.. Neha shares the plan.. Wang dou and xu hua tells OK we will do.. Neha smiles..

Falguni asks what? Neha tells u will come to know when time permits.. She asks her to say.. Neha tells her to leave. Falguni leaves from there sadly and comes to house.. Ranveer gives sweet to all.. He tells now I can become a father.. Falguni thnx God and leaves to her room and thinks now this should not happen. If suhagarat happens between ranveer and Ishaani.. Then no one will marry Ishaani second time. Falguni thinks about plan.. Ishaani comes there and asks her did she give money? Falguni smiles . ishaani asks her name? Falguni tells Kamini.. Ishaani smiles and comes to room.

Ranveer comes there and closes door and smiles.. Allah warriyan plays.. He asks why she is staring at me? She tells becoz becoz becozzzz.. She comes close and jumps into his hip and kisses him.. Passionately.. For 5min… She slowly removes his shirt.. She smiles.. Falguni shouts in pain.. Ishaani asks who is it? He tells u r maa.. She kisses him.. He breaks it and wears shirt and comes to her and takes her to hospital

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer brings falguni to hospital.. Ishaani tells nurse that she has pain in stomach.. So take big syringe.. Falguni asks for why? Give tablet..

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Credit to: Narendran

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    1st week=theri vs fan
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    3rd week=theri vs manithan
    4rth week=theri vs 24
    5th week=co2 and one more(I don’t remember the name)
    6th week=theri vs marudhu
    Running successfully
    Verdict=first block buster of 2016
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