Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harshad joins Ketan and his mood doesn’t look good. Chirag comes and says he’s done playing and Harshad can play with Ketan now. Harshad says he just got a message from office, there’s some work. He leaves.

Outside, he tells Ranvir that he had planned to talk about Disha’s alliance, but after seeing Chirag’s behavior with the driver, he doesn’t think Chirag is the right person. Ranvir says he’s the perfect match for Disha. Harshad is confused. Ranvir informs him after he left, he heard Chirag telling someone on phone to deposit money in the driver’s account so he can have his treatment done. His age is up, but he would not quit the job, nor take free money from anyone. Harshad thanks Ranvir for stopping him from doing another mistake.


Ketan is getting worried as his phone rings. Chirag tells him it will be a yes from them. Harshad apologizes for leaving like that and invites him to come to their house in evening and they will finalize the alliance. Ketan gets happy and tells Chirag that Disha’s family liked him and invited to their home. Chirag says they are going to get a big surprise tonight. Ketan asks him what’s going on in his mind, but he doesn’t say anything.

All siblings and Ranvir are rehearsing how Disha will talk to Chirag. Ishaani comes and they make her Chirag. She asks Devarsh, who has become Disha, why he should marry her. He likes outgoing, intelligent, pretty girls. Devarsh asks her whether she is saying what kind of guy she wants or what. She says she would marry to a guy who loves her the most in world and cares for her. She asks Ranvir what kind of girl he will marry to. He says, Ishaani. All get shocked. He changes the topic and says whomever Harshad chooses. Ishaani asks and who that will be? He says sunny leone. Ishaani says chee. Devarsh says Ranvir still likes sunny leone, but Prateik likes sunny deol. Prateik runs after him. Devarsh goes behind Ishaani. Ranvir feels happy seeing her happy. He wishes he could tell her that it’s her only whom he loves.

Falguni and Baa bring different dresses for Disha and Disha chooses Baa’s. Baa then goes to get earrings for her. Falguni tells Disha dress is so bright and what Baa knows about fashion. Disha says Baa may not know about fashion, but right now she can trust her only. Baa comes back and says she doesn’t have fashion knowledge, but a fashion designer does. She asks a fashion designer to come in. Disha points out to Falguni that she was talking about this trust only.

Chirag and her family get ready to leave. Then there is some time pass funny scene of Ishaani’s aunt doing arti of Ranvir instead her husband with her eyes closed.

Disha comes down and she looks pretty. Falguni tells Baa in a way, she only helped her. Because of her, disha is looking very pretty. Disha’s dupatta falls and Ishaani helps her with it. She tells her she looks beautiful. Falguni feels happy seeing that. Ranvir looks at Ishaani. Baa does arti of Disha and hope bad sights stay away from her. Baa asks Falguni to go with her. Ranvir teases Ishaani and then leaves.

Baa tells Falguni she better tell Ishaani not to come outside when Chirag’s family comes. She asks why. Baa says what she will say when they ask her questions such as who is father and all. Falguni reminds her that Disha and Ishaani are sisters. Baa says Ishaani is not Harshad’s daughter. Ishaani hears it and feels sad. She leaves. Baa puts Falguni in dilemma saying if Disha’s alliance breaks, then Ishaani will be responsible. After Falguni leaves, Chanchal asks baa why she said that when Chirag’s family must already know about all. Baa says because Ishaani was looking prettier than Disha and she doesn’t want Chirag or his family change their decision.

Precap: Chirag shocks everyone saying it’s Ishaani for whom he came.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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