Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer takes doctor’s test non seriously. He says if Ishaani remains worried like this he won’t take her to take tests. He tells Ishaani to keep smiling always as his whole world smiles with her smile only. Ishaani says she is the luckiest girl to have him in life. Ishaani gets a call from Parul and says she will meet him in jewelry shop. RV asks her to go for work now.
At home, the designer gets dresses. Chaitali is excited to see the rack, Manisha says these dresses are for Parul and Ishaani. A boy comes there, he spoke like she-males and all the ladies laugh at him. He introduces himself as Bobby and says he has to go to Shahrukh Khan’s house as well. Chaitali has a talk with him.
Ishaani takes the dresses to try and comes to her room. RV comes there, he says he

came early because he was missing her. He hugs her from behind but she tells him to leave, she is busy and has to try these dresses. He sits on the bed saying she must go and change in washroom, he will give her opinions about the dresses. She drags him outside the room, and his shirt button comes off. He picks up the button, and Ishaani pushes him out again.
Manisha was with Parul in the room, Krish begins to cry. Parul says he has fever today and is crying as well, she asks Manisha to try in her place as her height and complexion is same as hers. Manisha goes into the changing room.
Parul leaves the room to feed Krish. Manisha had forgotten choli of the dress outside, she calls Parul but Parul wasn’t in the room by then. The door was open. A man heads towards the room. He takes the choli and opens the door. Manisha feels the touch on her back and questions who he is. The man leaves dropping the choli. Manisha is afraid and calls who is there. She looks outside but whoever it was had left already.
Bobby offers Sharman to design his dress. Ishaani comes out and tells Bobby to loosen this dress. RV comes out and keeps a hand on Bobby’s shoulder. Ishaani laughs, RV leaves him at once looking at him. Bobby offers to design a dress for ranveer that would be head turner, Ishaani teasingly requests him to make one for Ranveer.
Manisha fearfully runs out of the room. RV sends Bobby away, he says he is leaving all his dresses here, if they like one. A young man in white shirt as RV’s come to meet RV for confirmation of security camera installation at the house. Manisha comes out, watches them together and calls to stop this guy. She runs downstairs, Sharman asks Manisha why she is so worried. Manisha blames the man that he came in Parul’s room. The man explains he was in study room. Ishaani tells Manisha to relax, Manisha tells her that Krish was crying, Parul asked her to change in the bathroom. She says the man came into the room and even touched her. Parul also comes there and asks why Manisha is crying. She tells Ishaani she had gone out to feed Ishaani. Manisha was crying, she says she asked Parul for the dress and this man came in. The man explains he didn’t do anything. RV was enraged and go grab his collar, he slaps the man while he tries to explain he didn’t do anything. Sharman comes to join RV. Amba stops Ranveer but he throws the man out of the house. He requests on them to leave him. Baa confirms if she had seen the face of this man. Manisha says she didn’t see the face, she had seen his hand and his shirt colour. The man says she hadn’t seen his face, RV is also wearing the same coloured shirt. Ishaani shouts at him to shut up, how dare he blamed RV. She says no one can know RV better than her, he did the wrong and blamed RV. Sharman asks the guard to call police, but the man leaves pleading not to report the police. RV calls the company of security installation, Manisha watches that RV didn’t have a sleeve button. Manisha thinks that the man who touched her also didn’t have a sleeve button. She comes to RV asking him show his shirt. She tells Ishaani that the man who touched her didn’t have a sleeve button that is RV. Manisha asks RV how this button broke. Ishaani tells Manisha to shut up, she can’t blame RV like that man. Manisha says she knows RV is a big man, she cries saying what she would have done if she was in place of Manisha. Ishaani says she can feel her pain, but she knows RV well. She is the one she passed her past with, she says he is one woman man. He loved her at first sight when they were children, he has loved her since then. She says he can’t even think about her like this, he has always respected women. Ishaani says that RV’s button broke in front of her. Baa says that a man’s character is shown by the society and in their society if there is one man who can blame or accept the blame on RV, she will accept it too. RV tells Manisha to go home and take rest. He promises Manisha that he will get the culprit caught. Ishaani tells Manisha that RV is worth trusting, she tells Sharman to drop Manisha home as she is really afraid. Ishaani takes RV inside. Parul tells Manisha to think well about it, RV can never do this. Sharman offers Manisha to come with her. While sitting in the car, Sharman apologizes Manisha and says if RV was the last person in the world, he wouldn’t accept it that RV can do this. He says that they have known Ranveer since childhood. First, that Chiraag tried to set RV and Ishaani apart, he was a bastard and it is good he died. He tells Manisha that the lady she had been talking with was Chiraag’s mother and she must avoid that lady. He tells her that Ranveer is a gentle man, it can’t be Ranveer and he is sorry once again.
In the room, Ishaani says to Ranveer she knew it already it wasn’t him. Ranveer gives her water and asks why she trusted him so much. Ishaani says she knows him since childhood, he won’t touch a girl. Ranveer says that watching a beautiful girl can make him lose control. Ishaani says he didn’t even touch his own wife. Ranveer says she hadn’t allowed him ever. He takes her in his arms and says someone who is easy to obtain loses its worth. Ishaani is angry at him. He says alright, she has started to work with his dumb bells. Ranveer watches the time and says it is nine o clock, Ishaani asks where is he going? He doesn’t reply. He takes leave from her doing romance with her, Ishaani allows her to go but wonders why was Ranveer hiding everything from her.
Downstairs, Ranveer was leaving when Raman stops him. He says that Ranveer hasn’t recognized him, they had met in Anjaar. Ranveer says he was too young to remember anything.

PRECAP: Manisha tells her mother that Ranveer isn’t normal, he has dual personality and she will never be able to respect him anymore. There Ranveer felt lustful watching a nude girl photo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was moderate except Ishveer scenes… please dont do any injustice to Ranveer’s character… cant able to tolerate…. If Manisha is Chiraag’s sister why she was not shown before.. suddenly how a sister arrive… precap is annoying… dont do anything like this in destroying the character identity… seriously cant able to tolerate… waiting for a good episode.

    1. disgusting precape episode lovely…………….

  2. oh my god .pre cap is un believable.bcs not assume our renveer in that case.BUT SHAKTHI YOUR ACTING IS GREAT JOB.sudden behaviour changes is episode was good espicially ishveer scene.cute ya…thank you you ISHVEER….CUTE…ROMANTIC…THANKS SHADIKA…….

  3. hi suga i aree with you

  4. Today episode iritating. And directors how dare you.. you are spoil our ranveer’s character. All are get angry… plz stop this non sense… engalala rv ya ipd paka mudila athum precap la sutham enga rv ya ithu apd irku… plz directors stop this drama…

  5. S. I cant tolerate sonu… What is this… Its bad thing. I cant tolerate this type of character in rv. What rubbish…. What is the problem behind this

  6. zaman sarfaraz

    plzz plzz dnt do any kind of injustice to ranveers character… dnt convert him to a bad one afterall he is hero .. seriously we are not able to tolerate all this nonsense .. plzz i requst u to make it a happy seriol …we are just fed up of wTchibg all this nonsense … what u all guys r doing … twist p twist .. plzzz give us happy episodes its a humble request

  7. What is the matter behind this… Why did u remember anjar…. What is the rv flashbag…

  8. Ranveer’s character iz going 2 be disgusting.. jst hate it.. dis doesnt suit rv..

  9. Guys dont get tensed… dats not RV… dat is his alter ego which is a negative character. .he is suffering frm a mental condition… its not his fault… but basically evryone knows ranveer is a gentleman..

  10. Nice episode.

  11. Even Ranveer’s alter ego should nt b portrayed as a womanizer….nt acceptable by viewers.

  12. Writer don’t dare yo spoil our rv’s character…ge is a man who respect women….and don’t apart luvbirds…

  13. pls don’t destroy the character of ranveer why u r doing this …it looks akward . even the negative character should not have this effect and pls try to cure this problem of ranveer

  14. Yes true they are spoiling ranveers character.really bad and irritating.dont show him womaniser.thats against his character.not acceptable at all.and why sharman always fall in love with the girl who is vamp I dn understand.first Ritika and now Nimisha.they can show ranveer very angry or anything else but not characterless .

  15. Cool guys don’t u figureout one thing that ranveer’s sleeve button broke in his right hand but the man who is doing wrong behaviour with nimisha by his left hand…so I just hope it will be someone else….

  16. Cool guys don’t u figureout one thing that ranveer’s sleeve button broken in his right hand but the man who is doing wrong behaviour with nimisha by his left hand…so I just hope it will be someone else….

  17. ennama eppadi panreengale ma RV poi eppadi ippadi pakrathu waiting for a soon change

  18. Wt a pitty yaar…rv ko ye dual persionality achanak kaham se agaya??shame on You writer..
    I hâte this seriel…plz katham karo yaar..

  19. Priya ur right.that hand ranveer wear watch alsooo
    Writter pls change d track… Over heroo.ranveeer.. Dont do like daat plssss

  20. total crap……. irritating…..I HATE THIS SHOW..full of bagwaas…….how can RV do this?I’m not going to watch this show for some days…….I’m watching this in tamil , Polimer TV : mon – fri : 8:30 p.m

  21. Hey guys….m back…
    Saw matsh daily…..n honestly i didn’t like this track coz this dual personality of rv shows him a womaniser…. Which was not suited to rv at all……he’s a gentleman and always respect to women’s and respect to his elders as well, he’s loves his family too….. Can’t understand what writer’s are expecting to rv’s character…. But I must say that this dual personality disorder will affecting rv’s character and is going to be in negative character….
    Its my humble request to maker’s of this show that plz don’t spoil rv’s character as hes the lead actor of this show…..I don’t even understand why maker’s always targeted the main protagonist of this show whether it’s rv or ishani…..
    I like the old ranveer who’s in very much love in ishani since his childhood.. They(rv n ishani) supposed to be play and tease to each others…get wet in rains and bckgrnd music plays meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho………
    Plz plz plz…..makers make happens this as soon as possible… I wanna see my ishveer like that only…….
    Ryt now I am not enjoying this trackat all……it’s ridiculous and very boring also…..plz stop this track soon.



  23. After 6 months, Ishaani and Ranveer have been granted a divorce only to get married again . Both Ranveer’s and Ishaani’s family unite. Parul’s love for Krish also prevails Manas to marry her. While the celebrations are going on, its revealed that Ranveer is a two-faced business tycoon . He does illegal business of diamonds also . But that not actually Ranveer . Its just the second personality of him. In the upcoming episodes, it will be revealed that Ranveer used suffer from Multi Personality
    Disorder which has come back to haunt him after 21 years .

    SOURCE:Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  24. Faltu episode!!!… Plz yaar ye sab epi band karo…phle kitna romantic tha ye seriol or ab bakwas..plz plz achcha epi do na

  25. Wat rubbish is this ….we can’t accept rv in that character…. Pls don’t change his behavior pattetn

  26. Not happy with this track that rv misbehaving with another girl bec of his mental problem.if she was ishani she could have handle him with her love but it’s nimisha so it’s really bad.if he tried to force ishani in his mental condition that’s reasonable but another girl that’s really will spoil his character.they will show ranveer watching photo of another girl with lust so sad.

  27. Oh god. Very worst. I don’t bear this. How a hero could be changed very worst. That too as character less. Its surely disappointing us, dear writers we r all watching this as a real life story and we can’t accept this. Pl change d track.

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