Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai
Chetali again is shocked at her husband’s indiscretion, as she mistakes it for infidelity. Baa wonders where gauri is, and is shocked when she hears someone tell her that gauri ran away with a guy. Baa wonders how she had such guts. she orders the festivities to stop rightaway. All are shocked and tensed too. Baa asks point blank and asks who helped gauri run away. all are shocked. baa remembers ishaani’s involvement. She hollers at her and ishaani gets tensed. Baa confronts ishaani asking her if she had anything to do with gauri running away with her lover, pranav, and she is increasingly at discomfort. When she doesnt resply, baa reprimands her to speak. Before ishaani can, ranvir comes up and says that he did it. Baa is shocked and so are others. Ishaani is bewildered.

Later, baa confronts ranvir in front of the entire family, again and he accepts his crime. she asks him if he knew about their love affair and he stumbles and says that he knew. she asks for how long. he looks at ishaani and fumbles that he knew for a year or two. she asks him to clarify, and he hesitatingly says yes. Ishaani tries to speak, but baa shuts her up. ranvir is tensed and disturbed. Baa easily catches his lie, as she counters his arguements, and tells that it isnt so easy to befool her, when ranvir tries to say that they got down the balcony, and she points out the plumber came yesterday and said that the pipe is faulty and gauri must have been seriously injured when she came down through that pipe. baa asks him point blank who does he want to save, and who is he he saying such a biog lie for, and says that this is the work of this young generation. Baa starts checking the children one by one, while ishaani is terribly tensed. Baa finally confronts her, and ranvir gets tensed. Baa asks ishaani again, and before she can answer, ranvir again acceptes it. She taunts them that this is trust, that this is someone’s fault and he is taking the blame of it. She taunts ranvir too for being so immature and that she knows how to get the truth out of him.

Baa’s men starts beating ranvir up, while his father is tensed. baa asks him where’s gauri. She refers to his father and asks him to get some sense into his son, and save this beating. Baa asks the violence to stop as she doesnt like it at all. His father starts coaxing him, first emotionally and then emotionally blackmailing him to tell where’s gauri, but he doesnt relent at anything. Finally he slaps ranvir. Baa comes and says that he was nine years when he came here, unluckily destined, and they made him a fine man, and that he wouldnt have forgotten the favour, and that its his reputation at stake, as he wouldnt be able to show his face to the society, and then ranvir himself wont be able to face his own master. Baa asks ranvir to get gauri and her lover to come back, if he respects his master even a single ounce. she says that faithful dogs have a strong scent, and should find them out soon. He has no option but to comply. Baa sends him off, while saying that she would continue with the marriage preps.

While prateik is tensed, Devarsh teases him about taking ruchika’s pics, and says that since there’s no place for love marriages, he should be extremely cautious. He also gets along with disha, to manmage to instigate him to fight for his love for ruchika. Prateik gets instigated, and decides to face Baa. Devarsh is extremely evilly amused along with disha, as they pump prateik to fight for his love in front of baa. Ishaani asks gauri, on the phone to get married asap, as then baa wont be able to do anything, as baa is unmanageable without father’s presence at home. She finds ranvir coming out, and says that she cant let him find gauri and get her back.

As he sits in the car, ranvir starts reprimanding himself, that he cant let hi feelings for ishaani, override his faithfulness for his master and asks himself to get his act straight. ishaani sits in and asks if he is going to search for gauri and offers to tag along too. ranvir is shocked. She asks what happened to his hand, looking at the injury. he doesnt respond. while driving, ranvir thinks that he would have to get gauri anyhow. She thinks that she would have to stop him from reaching to gauri anyhow. he starts asking her for directions. After driving for a while, he puts the car to a stop, and starts laughing. Ishaani is shocked and asks whats the matter

He tells her that she thought that she would distract him, but actually its the reverse. He says that she was gotten out of the house, so that he may keep her busy while baa’s men search for gauri. She is shocked. He asks her if baa would leave gauri, once she gets hold of her. ranvir gets a call, and he pretenfds to hear that gauri has been found. ishaani gets tensed, and begins to dial up the number of the hotel where gauri is staying at. Ranvir snatches the phone and tries to talk, but isnt able to. Meanwhile, ishaani comes out and asks what kind of nonsense is this, and demands for her phone. he gives it to her. Ishaani asks ranvir that he never loved anyone and doesnt care fopr love at all, hence doing all this. ranvir is boggled and flabbergasted at ishaani’s oblivion that the irony lies in the fact that he is doing it for exactly the same purpose that ishaani is pointing out. Ranvir asks her to sit inside the car as they have to leave, while she says that he is stupidly placing trust over love. ishaani prays that they wont find gauri. ranvir tries to trace gauri through the phone, while she is tensed. she asks how can he do this, as he is a stone heart, and doesnt even realise whats love and what it can do to people. She says that he has truly betrayed her today. He says that he saw her through her lies, as he knerw that she wasnt helping him to get gauri. She says that he may know her, but she is shocked to see this cold side to him. She says that he did fulfill dad’s responsibility but failed terribly at humanity. she says that when he falls in love, then she would ask this same question to him then. ranvir is tensed, as he remembers his love for her, all these years. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: All are shocked, as baa comes and throws petrol at Pranav, while gauri is apalled and distraught. Baa tells pranav that they cant kill him, and that this is a test of his own love and they shall see if he passes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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