Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai
The episode starts with the hero, saying that life begins when a person starts breathing, but for him, it had stopped when he saw that girl for the first time, and life truly began then. He remembers when he had come to Mumbai in childhood with his father, who came to a big haveli to work as a driver. He thinks that he wasnt intimidated then seeing the stature, but he wasnt and he still remembers the exact moment when he saw her for the first time, a young girl herself, when his life stopped, and his heartbeat began for the first time. He remembers being mesmerised by her beauty and taunts, and thats when he realised that he would never remember anything but her, Ishaani.

25 years later, the hero says that his breath still falls short even after so many years. As the heroine, Ishaan makes her appearanec for the first time, descending down the stairs, the hero is still as mesmerised by her beauty and that every breath of his is still for her. Finally, their faces are revealed, and the heroine enjoys teasing him, just as she used to do 15 years back. They meet each other, when she asks how she looks and that she cant believe its marriage. She says that he wont know the difference as he doesnt have to leave the house afre marriage. he asks her not to be afraid as he is there with her. Ishaani mingles in with the guests. The hero points out the obvious, that readers shouldnt misconstrue that they were getting married, and maybe the day that happens, he either would be very happy or get very sad. she comes back and asks how she looks. he starts by giving her a compliment and then gets to teasing her again of bneing insignificant. they starts chatting about the bride, gauri. She comes down the stairs, and joins the ladies in making gauri sit down. gauri eyes ishaani tensedly. ishaani gets a little tensed, while gaurai seems a little at discomfort with the rituals, and gets uneasy when she is asked to keep her phone aside and Ishaan takes it. the priest gives Roli to be tied in everyone’s hands, and both ishaan and the hero, Ranvir make a dash for doing it first themselves, in a bid to outrun the other. ishaan starts laughing as he falls on the floor. Ishaan comes in the room, and finds her mother, and asks about her father, and is told that ranvir just called him outside. she gets angry and leaves.

Outside, ishaani finds her father with ranvir. Her father says that ranvir had called him. ishaan starts taunting ishaan, as she accuses him of being a cheater. The father solves it all, by saying that they should tie it to falguni, his wife. they make a dash for her mother. Her mother is skeptical, saying that her diamond bracelet would not shine if she wears this roli. Her husband comes in, and she shows him the bracelet. She tells him that she would wear it after marriage, and leaves. Just then, ishaan gets someone’s call on Gauri’s phone and gets tensed, and excuses herself to receive the call. ranvir finds that his boss’ shoelaces are undone and bends down to do it. Ranvir asks if he loves falguni very much. Her father talks about how much passionate he is for the love, and ranvir eyes Ishaani, while she is talking on the phone, relating completely to his feelings for ishaani, as her father talks and gives him advise about love. ranvir finishes the job, while her father talks about how they need to find a suitable groom for ishaani, and that he needs his help to find that person, and he has to stand by his friendship with ishaani. he gets tensed but resignedly complies.

Outside, ishaani tensedly takes calls from pranav, Gauri’s lover, and says that she cant do anything. Pranav says that he would come to take Gauri and run away and he demands her support and cancels the phone. Ishaani is tensed.

meanwhile, Ranvir comes and calls Devarsh, ishaani’s cousin and at the mention of Baa, all boys along with him, who were completely asleep and hungover, get alert. However it turns out to be just a scare. ranvir says that they should get ready too, as prateek is already down. Prateek, a fatso, another cousin, is meanwhile clicking pics of beautiful girls. His dadi catches him in the act and being old, isnt able to find that he isnt taking pics of Gauri but beautiful girls. Meanwhile, Devarsh comes down with his knickers, and asks from his father for a phone and is reprimanded for the same. While his father leaves, Devarsh is tensed. he catches prateek, clicking beautiful girls and gives him an intro about the girl, Ruchika, who prateek has particularly fixated on and then makes her officially introduced to Prateek. He intentionally gives his father’s number, just to annoy him, for not having given Devarsh a mobile.

As falguni descends down, chetali, her Devrani, compliments her on the bracelet. Falguni gloats about it. Chetali asks if baa saw it. Falguni says that once she has worn it, baa would see too. Chetali is angry and goes onto tell Nitesh, Devarsh’s father, about the bracelet. Just then, he gets a call, from Ruchika, and gets terribly upset, as his wife made him put the phone on speaker. chetali reprimands him for his infidelity.

Meanwhile, Ishaani tells gauri that she would have to do, this for love, and not care about baa and the family, while gaurai is scared about baa and her anger against love marriages. Just then, baa makes a heroic entry, by slapping tight one of the servants, and startling everyone, as she comes down the stairs. All gets tensed. Baa, hansa reprimands the servants for having gotten such guts, to be stealing the sweets that was for guests. She doesnt leave anything to humiliate the servant. One of the ladies ask her to let be, in such a good time of marriage. ishaan and gauri are scared of baa, while she asks ranvir to get the servant out of the house. he complies. Baa asks the celebrations and festivities to continue and joins in herself too, while falguni is frustrated.

As ranvir is working outside, Ranvir’s father tells him to stay within their reality and not try to reach for the stars in the sky. one of the guests come and rudely ask him to park the car and get the stuff inside. He is jolted back to reality, while his father stands tensed. As a contingent comes in, for the catering, pranav too steals in his entry along with them. He eyes gauri and she gets tesned seeing him there. she asks ishaani what would happen now. ishaani says that today is the test of her love and she would have to face everyone boldly, and run off with the love of her life. ishaani thinks that ranvir would help her, but then doubts again that his faithfulness lies with the family and that she cant tell him about gauri and pranav. Medanwhile, ranvir eyes ishaani romantically. He thinks that he loves ishaani, one sided for the past 15 years, and she doesnt even realise it, and he doesnt regret that or has any expectations from her, and that he would continue loving her. While he continues to tend to everyone’s needs, he is unfazed and continues to love ishaani untold, whose childhood memories are still there with him. ranvir says that one day she would be someone else’s, and he knows that she nhever shall be hers, but that wouldnt lessen his feelings that he has for Ishaani as his passion lies with her only, and that his one sided loev is enough for a lifetime. he says that it isnt important for love to be consummated with marriage, and hence love is complete within itself. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ishaani calls gauri from her room, asking her to be ready as they would definitely get some chance during the sangeet. gauri is tensed. Meanwhile, ishaani gets startled, as she turns around to find Ranvir standing, eyeing the sweat drops on his forehead.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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