Mere Sai 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amba Gets Jealous of Anandi and Damayanti?

Mere Sai 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babu tells that Sai that Abhayankar guruji’s future prediction never fails. Sai explains him that fate cannot be decided by words, but by deeds, so he should study well and forgot about the results. Babu says what ever it is, just like he speaks right, Abhayankar guruji’s each word is true, he just wants to give exam next year. Sai says okay and asks him to get the thickest stick for him the lot for fire pit. Babu agrees and brings it. Sai asks how to make something out of it. Babu says he needs to carve it, but how is it related to his studies. Sai continues his moral gyaan and asks Tendulkar to go and rest in in guest house/Dharamshala with his family and leave Babu with him. Tendulkar agrees and leaves with his wife.

At Gangadhar’s house, while having dinner, Chintamani tells Gangadhar that he will go and meet Amba’s husband. Amba says there is no need for that as her husband will not change. Damayanti says Chintamani is right, they should at least speak to Amba’s husband. Trimbak also says same. Damayanti burns her hand while cooking. Chintamani rushes to her concerned and asks her to be careful. Amba reminisces her mother-in-law scolding her when she burns her hand. Anandi asks Damayanti to rest while she completes work, Godavari also insists Damayanti to go and rest. Anandi gets more jealous seeing that. Gangadhar asks his sons to meet him after dinner and gives them jewelry sets to give it to their wives. Chintamani says he had to bring jewelry. Gangadhar says looking at the family situation and Godavari’s order, he felt he should bring jewelry; asks them to gift jewelry to their wives at midnight. Trimbak asks if it is right to gift jewelry to their wives looking at Amba’s condition. Gangadhar says Amba is his daughter and he is concerned about her, but they cannot forgo Godavari’s order. Amba in her room reminisces her brother and parents’ love towards Anandi and Damayanti and her husband and in-laws yelling at her and thinks why she is suffering while Anandi and Damayanti are pampered. Anandi and Damayanti rejoice showing each other’s jewelry. Amba gets more jealous seeing that. She then feels guilty for getting jealous of Amba and Damayanti and thinks how can she get jealous of her brothers’ wives, she cannot do that.

Babu asks Sai why did he hold him in Dwarkamyi, it is already midnight. Sai gives him coin and asks him to go and keep it in Khandoba temple. Babu says its midnight and he doesn’t know address well. Sai says it is next to Dharamshala. Babu walks towards temple but hearing dogs barking and dark night returns back to Dwarkamayi and tells Sai he cannot. Sai says he will accompany him this time and asks him to go forward while he will walk behind him. Babu confidently walks ahead thinking Sai is walking behind him. He finishes his task and returns to Dwarkamayi thinking Sai would come late, but is amazed to see Sai already present there. He asks if he did not come behind him. Sai says he was behind him, but waited for him Dwarkamayi. Babu asks what if something had happened to him. Sai asks nothing happened to him, similarly he should give his exam without fearing about failure or results, he will definitely succeed. Babu does not agree. Sai says he will explain him. He shows flour/atta and asks if rotis can be made out of it. Babu says it has impurities. Sai asks what should be done now. Babu says it should be filtered/sieved with sieve/filter. Sai does same and asks if it is fit to be eaten now. Babu says yes, but how is it related to his studies. Sai says this flour is his like his knowledge and impurities like his fear and anger, etc., if impurities are filtered out of his mind, he can enjoy the gift of knowledge god has given him.

Next morning, Anandi injures her feet. Trimbak and other family get concerned and clean her wound. Amba asks how did she get injured. Damayanti says everyday, Anandi went to bring flowers for her and stepped on thorn. Godavari says Anandi is bleeding profusely. Shyam walks out after bathe and asks to get him clothes. Chintamani asks Damayanti to take care of children and let Amba bring herbal medicine for Anandi and even cook today as Anandi cannot cook. Trimbak backs him. Amba thinks how can her brothers force her to work.

Precap: Tejasvi brainwashes Amba that Anandi spread the news that her nanad is having marital issues and returned home. Sai walks in commenting.

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