Mere Sai 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Supports Jhipri

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Mere Sai 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shanta writhes in pain after biting dry fruit skin and shouts what is this. Jhipri says when she tasted skin, it tasted like dry fruit. Sai says it all depends on one’s belief, they will get what they think. Shanta yells Sai is misleading people and only fools can believe him. She continues yelling and asks Jhipri to accompany her. Jhipri says she will not go with her and says her her mother will get angry if she hears that she misbehaved with elder, so she should go from here without creating any drama. Shanta angrily leaves yelling. Jhipri apologizes Sai on Shanta’s behalf. Sai says she need not apologize, one will get what they believe in. Jhipri and Champa see dry fruit skin turning into dry fruit.

Shanta returns to Jhipri’s house and complains Jhipri’s mother Supriya that Jhipri insulted her and she never felt such an insult in her life. Supriya says she will scold Jhipri. Shanta thinks Supriya is not deterred at all, she has to do something if she wants her goal met for which she came here. She sprays orange skin juice on her eyes and with fake tears starts emotional drama that she will not stay where she is not respected and acts as packing her bag. Supriya runs to her and requests not to go. Shanta yells Jhipri has grown up and should be kept at home, what if something wrong happens. Supriya says nothing wrong will happen. Shanta says she cannot understand, I will go and bring Jhipri and rushes out of house while Supriya still pleads to stop.

Jhipri with Champa walks on street discussing Shanta should not have misbehaved with Sai. She stops seeing Keshav, Tatya, Ali, and other friends gathered and laughing and walks to them. She asks Keshav when did he come back. Keshav jokes that he heard she took Shirdi’s security’s responsibility, so he came back. Champa says he should praise Jhipri instead of joking on her. Jhipri retaliates by saying men cannot even cook or do their own chores. They all laugh. Shanta sees Jhipri laughing with boys, walks to them and yells at Jhipri that she should not mingle with boys. Jhipri says these are her friends. People gather seeing Shanta’s drama. Shanta says what if something happens, she is grown up now, who will marry her. Lady says she is right. Shanta forcefully drags Jhipri wit her. Baizaa stops her and asks who is she. Jhipri addresses Shanta as aunt and asks to leave her. Baizaa asks if she is Jhipri’s aunt, why she is dragging her like this. Shanta repeats what if something happens to her, who will marry her, young girls and boys make mistakes usually. Villagers back Shanta.

Sai enters taking Jhipri’s Side and says Jhipri is an intelligent girl and whole village knows about it, she is working hard since childhood selling cow dung cakes and supporting her mother financially; she supports even villagers in need and with her male friends she helped them many times, villagers did not object then, why are they objecting now. Jhipri says she will not break up with her male friends on someone’s objection, she knows she is right and will not budge to anyone’s lewd comments. Shanta thinks Jhipri has answer to every question, she should do something. Sai smiles hearing her inner voice.

Precap: Shanta insists Jhipri for marriage. Jhipri says she will not. Shanta gets adamant. Sai smiles seeing Shanta’s adamancy via telepathy.

Update Credit to: MA

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