Mere Sai 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Tullu Leave His Lying Habit

Mere Sai 7th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kashinath washes god’s idol at home and feels sad seeing his wife Renu’s sad face. In Dwarkamayi, Tatya sees Ballal kaka passing by and walks behind him. He stops Ballal and asks what happened to his work. Ballal says it will be done. Tatya says he can understand his problem, but even he has a family to take care of of. Ballal says Mureshwar is out of town and will speak to him once he comes. Tatya says he didn’t lend money to Mureshwar. Ballal rudely says he knows, but Mureshwar is the one who can do something and walks away. Tatya returns to Dwarkamayi where Sai asks if his work is done. Tatya explains what Ballal told. Sai says he must be in some problem. Tatya tells Madhav when whole village knows about Ballal kaka’s family, but don’t know why Sai sympathies him. Madhav says Sai can see what nobody can see. Sai smiles hearing them.

Ballal angrily walks outside his son Kashinath’s house and calls Renu. Renu greets and calls him in, but Ballal says she knows he will never enter his house and yells that due to Kashinath’s bad habits he has to bear insult from people, today Tatya insulted him, he will speak to Mureshwar and handle issue this time, but he will never help Kashinath again. Renu nods okay. Ballal yells at Kashinath and leaves. Renu walks in and requests Kashinath to leave his bad habits. He says he is getting late for work. She requests him to get some grocery at least for their son Bhola’s sake. He leaves home. On the way, he sees Sai stopping 2 children’s fight and asking reason. Children say their friend Tullu made them fight saying one called him obese. Tullu says he was joking. Friends says they love him a lot, but his bad habit of lying makes them fight. Sai asks Tullu to leave his bad habit for his friends’ sake, else he will lose their friendship. Tullu says he tried, but can’t. Sai noticing Kashinath watching them from behind holds tree tightly and asks it to leave him. Tullu says he is holding tree instead and should leave it. Sai says similarly Tullu is holding habit and habit is not holding him, he should drop it with his strong will power, else he will lose his friends. Kashinath walks away thinking he is so strong willed. Tullu thanks Sai for his help.

Baiza maa visits Renu and suggests her to take Sai’s help as Sai helps everyone. She agrees. Sai and Tatya pass by and stop seeing a man writhing in pain. He tries to touch man, but man stops saying he is of low caste. Sai touches him and asks his problem. Man says due to his low caste, he doesn’t get job in his village, so he was searching job in other villages, he felt severe knee pain while walking, so he stopped here. Sai asks Tatya to bring man to Dwarkamayi and leaves. Man asks Tatya if Sai was god and if he is in heavan. Tatya explains he is Sai baba who helps everyone.

Precap: Inebriated Kashinath asks Mhalsapati to let him perform Khandoba’s annual pooja. Mhsalpati scolds him seeing his inebriated state. Kashinath picks stone to hit him. Sai holds his hand.

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