Mere Sai 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilawar Insults Kulkarni Infront Of Villagers

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Mere Sai 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl Manya comes to her mum and gives her mango. Poorna reminisces her childhood. Her son Prahas comes there and says I will eat it alone. Poorna asks them to share and eat, but Prahas refuses. Their father comes. Poorna tells him that Prahas is not giving mango to Manya. Her husband says he feels more hunger as he is big. He tells Manya that he will bring mango for her tomorrow. Sai comes there and says kids will understand if taught. He asks Manya to give bananas to her brother. Manya says but he don’t give me. Sai says but you give. Manya gives bananas to her brother. Prahas gives her mango. Manya gets happy and asks her mum to cut mango. Prahas teaches her how to drink its juice. Om Sai plays. Sai says today Manya learnt to eat mango without cutting with knife. He tells Poorna that it seems you remembered your childhood.

Dilawar asks his shishyas about Munnu. They say they don’t know. Dilawar beats them. Jabulani says I don’t know. Dilawar says he saved Munna yesterday from me. Dilawar asks Bru to boil oil and says I will pour it on you. He then asks Jabulani to bring sugarcane as it is broken because of him, and says if he don’t bring it then he will put him in hot oil. Jabulani couldn’t get sugarcane in Shirdi. He thinks Ustad will not leave him if he don’t take sugarcane. Sai sees him and asks if he forgot the way. Jabulani says Ustad is angry because of you Sai and says I am left alone to get beaten by Ustad. He says Bru gets saved everytime.

Dilawar and Bru comes out on the street. Kulkarni is also going in his Balki. He sees Sai and says he don’t like any fakeer to come on his way. Dilawar comes. Kulkarni’s man pushes him and asks him to move. Dilawar pushes him. Kulkarni cart is about to fall down, but Sai holds it. Kulkarni asks Dilawar how dare you to touch my Palki. Dilawar touches it again. Kulkarni says you don’t know how to behave with Shirdi’s king. Dilawar laughs and asks if you are Raja then what you are doing here, go and sit in your palace. Kulkarni says it is my duty to see the villagers and punish the guilty. Dilawar says I am not your praja. Kulkarni asks anta and banta to beat him. Dilawar holds Banta by his neck. Kulkarni says it is a limit now, he can’t go on his legs now. Sai says you are Raja and can lift shashtra, but you can forgive him and set an example. Kulkarni says I don’t need your suggestion. Dilawar is still holding Banta’s neck and says if anyone moves ahead then I will throw him so far that he will not be found. Villager whom Dilawar helped tells that he is a Sidh Purush. Kulkarni asks Dilawar to leave Banta. Dilawar throws Banta and leaves.

Jabulani thinks there is no sugarcane stick here, if I go back then Ustaad will kill me. He recalls going to Dilawar and promising to follow his orders. He thinks I can’t go without giving him sugar cane stick. Bheeva comes there and asks why is he tensed?

Kulkarni tells Banta that he let Dilawar go because of him. He tells that Sai and Dilawar must be together and planning something big. He says we have to enquire about their plan. Rukmini comes to Kulkarni and offers him sweet. Kulkarni gets angry and says I was insulted in Shirdi. He throws the bowl and glass. Ratnakar comes there and asks Kulkarni to calm down. Saam Daan Dhand Bhed plays. Ratnakar says Dilawar came here with a big purpose with which all of our problems will be solved. Sai looks on.

Ratnakar says you are asking me to take Dilawar back. Kulkarni asks why shall I permit him to stay here. Ratnakar says I brought Dilawar here to make Sai leaves.

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