Mere Sai 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Clears Appa and Mhalsapati’s Misunderstanding

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Mere Sai 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Anand’s parents if it is not elder’s responsibility to forgive youngsters and correct their mistake, praise their good work, etc.. Father he will remember Sai’s advice. Sai then gives moral gyaan that one should treat children with care, praise them for their good work, correct their mistake with love, etc.. Anand asks if it is very necessary to tell truth always. Sai says yes. Anand says baba always tells maa that one should lie in business. Grandma handles situation and says Anand speaks senselessly sometimes. Sai chants Allah Malik Hai and walks away from there. On the other side, Appa’s mother aaji tries to explain Appa that he has misunderstanding regarding Mhalsapati. Appa walks away saying he does not want to listen anything, his family itself is not supporting him. Aaji blames herself for the misunderstanding between Appa and Mhalsapati. Baizaa maa says they are all at mistake, she should not blame herself.

Anta informs Kulkarni about Appa and Mhalsapati’s irreconcilable differences and farmers agreeing to sign on documents. Kulkarni says he is very happy that after so many years, he could create differences between Appa and Mhalsapati. Parvati also tries to explain Mhalsapati, but he walks way saying same. In market, Tatya delivers vegetables to vendors. A man meets him and asks why did not he come to mandi since long. Tatya says he was busy in household chores and gets busy chatting with him. A man clashes with Tatya and walks away hiding his face. He then buys butter milk, drinks it, and pays vendor. Vendor says 1 paisa is less. Man requests that he will pay later. Vendor insists to pay right now. Tatya hears that and pays on man’s behalf. Man tries to leave in a hurry. Tatya identifies him as Choudhry and Shukla’s aide who acted as farmer who sought Choudhry and Shukla’s help in cotton farming and became wealthy, asks if he is the same farmer. Farmer runs away. Tatya pins him to tree and angrily asks what is is he hiding. Sai emerges and reminds him that he got angry and to use his 4th teaching to forgive people. Tatya calms down and asks man to reveal truth, he will spare and even protect him. Man reveals whole truth.

Appa tries to convince farmers not to sign cotton farming documents, else along with them whole Shirdi will be in trouble. Mhalsapati provokes them to sign documents and not fall for anyone’s lies. Sai senses their fight and sends Jhipri and Bheema to call them to Dwarkamayi. They both reach Dwarkamayi and seeing Sai meditating sit in a corner. Tatya brings Choudhry and Shukla’s aide and asks him to tell truth to Sai. Appa asks Tatya why did he bring him here. Tatya says this man lied that day that with Choudhry and Shukla’s help, he became rich via cotton farming; he is not even a farmer and is just Choudhry and Shukla’s aide. Mhalsapati says Tatya must have frightened this man to lie. Tatya says he did not frighten him and asks aide to tell truth to Sai. Sai tells aide that it is necessary for these people to know truth for their benefit and more important for this land’s benefit. Man apologizes Sai and describes whole story. Appa alleges Mhalsapati that he is supporting a person who wants to harm farmers. Tatya interferes and says baba must be mistaken. Appa warns him to shut up and continues alleging Mhalsapati that he blindly supported Kulkarni without knowing the fact. Mhalsapati counterattacks that it is not his mistake. Tatya says someone should calm down and think. Mhalsapati says he should shut his father’s mouth then, his god knows that he was in farmer’s favor.

Shulka and Choudhry get farmers’ thumb impressions on legal documents and pay them meager amount. Appa and Tatya’s fight continues. Tatya asks them to stop as it is his mistake. Appa warns not to take blame on himself and continues arguing with Mhalsapati. Their families reach. Tatya requests Sai to do something. Sai burns bansuri’s edge and plays bansuri. Fire’s bright light surrounds Appa and Mhalsapati. They both watch the whole incident happened between Shukla and Tatya and Mhalsapati misunderstanding Tatya trying to save Shukla. They both then feel guilty. Sai says whole Shirdi needs their friendship now, they should go and help farmers immediately. Tatya feels emotional saying he considered Mhalsapati and Parvati as his family and their children as his siblings, will he not get back his family. They both forgive Tatya.

Precap: Shukla showing documents to Sai says truth will not change if he denies. Kulkarni gets tensed seeing something.

Update Credit to: MA

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