Mere Sai 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpat Rao Reaches Champa’s House

Mere Sai 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai gives jowar to a boy Gopal and ask if he can grind his jowar for him. Goapaal agrees. Sai asks not to leave house before grinding jowar. Ballal Pant informs Ganpat Rao that singer girl’s name is Champa. Ganpat Rao says he will make her Damayanti. Pant asks if he is out of his mind, people will not accept girl as actor. Ganpat Rao says that is the twist. Gopal grinds jowar. His mother asks what if his father knows about it, he will scold them. Gopal says Sai protects him from unforeseen events which they cannot expect from Kulkarni. Gopi calls him and asks if he can fix their tent. Gopal says he will after grinding grains. Gopi says he does not have much it, if Gopal cannot agree, he will find some other laborer. Gopal thinks Sai told work is first, so he will finish work and earn some

money and then grind Sai’s given grains. Sai senses that.

Ballal Pant tells Ganpat Rao that their society is not advanced yet that they will allow girls to act, will he let his sister or mother to act. Ganpat Rao says definitely, he respects artist, Champa is a best singer.

Sai passes by Baizamaa’s house. Baizamaa stops him and asks if he forgot Baizamaa. Sai says no. She asks him to wait and brings food for him. He says it is not time to eat. She says she knows, but he will not return via this route, so he has to eat. He praises that Tatya informs everything about his family, Appa’s fields, Aaji’s illness, Baizamaa’s bangles breaking. Baizamaa rejoices that her son watches things so carefully. Gopal while fixing tent and getting down ladder falls down and ladder falls on his head and he collapses. Sai reaches there with Baizamaa. Pant panics seeing accident and asks his troupe member to call vaidya. Baizamaa says there is no need to go anywhere, Sai will treat Gopal. Gopal’s mother also reaches crying and pleads Sai to treat her son. Baizamaa says even Gopal’s mother gave consent. Pant says this beggar cannot help us, Kulkarni is the biggest vaidya here, if something happens to this boy, Kulkarni will kick them out of Shirdi. Baizama warns him to calm down.

Ganpat Rao reaches Champa’s house and greets her father. Father identifies him as drama troupe’s Rao saheb and says they are of low cast, so he cannot enter into their house. Ganpat Rao says he does not believe in all this. Father makes him sit on cot and asks Champa to bring water. Ganpat Rao hears Champa’s voice and think she is so melodious. He tells his story to father and says soon he may have to go away from Shirdi. Father asks why he is telling his financial problem to him, he himself his very poor. Ganpat Rao says only he can help.

Sai checks Gopal and says his spine is injured and person may not walk after spine injury sometimes. Mother cries more and pleads to save her son. Pant asks Sai to move aside. Sai asks to have patience and cleaning Gopal’s head injury scans his hand from head to toe. Light emerges as in CT scanner. Pant and his team stand shocked.

Precap: A woman requests Pandit to bless his son to protect him from evils. Pooja bowl falls from Pandit’s pooja thali and woman sees Sai written on ground.

Update Credit to: MA

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