Mere Sai 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Changes Gambler’s Life

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Mere Sai 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Balram reaches outside Dwarkamayi and thinks he does not know where he is wandering, he is feeling very hungry but cannot ask food from strangers. Sai serving upma to Govinda and Udhav says he will get whatever he wants. Balram says he may not. Udhav says this is Dwarkamayi and he is Sai, people come here to meet Sai and get whatever they want. Sai serves upma to Balram and then attends patients. Balram thinks this man looks like good saint, he can get money from him. At Pari’s house, her mother serves food to aunt and children and says good they came here, Balram will get a job here and will earn money. Pari asks where is Balram bhau, she will take him to Sai. Her father says Pari is so excited that she informed whole village that her Blaram bhau/brother is coming. After finishing upma, Balram asks Sai if he can give him some money. Sai says he does not have money, but Balram can get what he wants if he delivers this upma pot at a house. Balram reaches given address and thinks his uncle’s house must be somewhere around, he will give this pot and leave from here soon. He calls if someone there. Pari walks out and excitedly runs and hugs him. He pushes her away and her mother holds her on time. Father walks out and says he is happy to see him here. Balram walks in thinking his fear came true. Pari asks where is sweet box. Her mother says he is new here and must not have found sweet stall. Pari sees upma pot and asks if he had gone to Dwarkamayi and met Sai, she had informed Sai that her brother is coming. Balram thinks Sai knew he wants to go out of Shirdi, so he purposefully sent him here. Pari’s father’s says he has fixed Balram’s job at his carpenter friend’s shop, he can learn work and earn there. Mother offers Balram food. Balram’s mother says he cannot withstand heat. Pari fans Balram while he eats foot. Balram says it is okay, not to take trouble for him. Pari says she does not mind. Balram shouts did not she hear what he said. Pari gets afraid. His mother thinks her fear came true, he is showing his temper.

A gambler’s wife sees him still continuing to gamble even after Sai’s advice and says she is going to her parent’s house as he will not change. Gambler lies that he did not touch cards since Sai advised him. She takes out cards from his bag and throws them on wall. Gambler lies that he just played cards with friends and did not gamble. Wife says he is a lier and tries leave. Sai’s holy ash falls on card and wife sees Sai’s face in car. She thinks why didn’t she realize this before and taking him to Sai complains that her husband is still continuing to gamble. Gambler explains there is nothing wrong in gambling and he just bets a few bucks sometimes. Sai asks him to take out cards. Gambler asks Sai if he also wants to play. Sai says he will learn if need be and asks to build a card house. Gambler does, Sai breaks house. Gambler gets angry that Sai spoilt his effort. Sai explains that he is also ruining his life and his wife’s hard effort and the effect it is having on his family, etc. Gambler realizes his mistake and promises Sai he will never gamble again.

Pari shows her made sketches to Balram including Sai’s pic. Balram angrily throws sketches and shouts. Whole family notices him.

Precap: Balram’s mother complains Sai that they moved on, but Balram has not moved a bit. Sai asks Balram to tell about the competition. Balram asks how does he know about competition.

Update Credit to: MA

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