Mere Sai 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Appa Patil

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Mere Sai 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni sees Keshav having bananas and asks how did he buy it and where did he get money for lunch. Keshav says from mamaji/uncle’s money who gave him forcefully when he left his house; it is hard earned money and not like looted or tricked money. Kulkarni angrily shouts he is speaking too much.

Sai’s disciples wait for sunset to count their contribution to help Appa Patil free his land from Kulkarni. Jhipri says she had gone to sell cow dung cakes again to gather some more money. Sai says even he will contribute some money and adds stone pebbles in pot. Shanta asks if Kulkarni will accept his pebbles. Baizaa maaa says it is Sai’s blessings and will not go waste. Sai asks Shyama/Madhav to count money now. Shyama notes down while other disciple counts money in batches. Shyama counts finally and says tey could gather only 250 rs, but they need 300 rs. Sai asks to check again. Disciples sees stone pebbles glowing and turning into money and asks everyone to check. Baizaa says it is Sai’s magic/leela. Shyama says it is 50 rs, now they have 300 rs in total. Anata and Panta watch hiding and are shocked to hear that.

Sai says with each other’s help, they could do impossible task as possible, so they should always help each other. Appa thanks everyone and says he was paid double wages and some worked double shift to gather money for him, he will return Kulkarni’s money tomorrow morning. Shayama says he will accompany him as they cannot trust Kulkarni and someone must be present as evidence. Anta and Panta return to Kulkarni and inform him that Shirdi people gather 300 rs for Appa Patil. Kulkarni scolds them that they always bring bad news and sends them away.

Parashuram with Dhondi’s help walks into Shirdi shouting for help, unable to bear his hand pain. Dhondi pleads villagers to help them reach Kulkarni’s house. Villagers identify him as the one who troubled Jhipri and her family and stand angrily. Jhipri passes by with Champa and stands angrily reminiscing how Parashuram troubled her and her family.

Precap: Appa with Shyama returns Kulkarni’s 300 rs. Kulkarni says he owes 500 rs and shows documents. Sai notices it via telepathy and changes text in documents.

Update Credit to: MA

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