Mere Sai 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Exposes Raghu’s Lies

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Mere Sai 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai reminds villagers that Baizaa told they will get water from nearby lake outside village. Disciple says they are busy in their work. Sai says they have to prioritize their needs. Another disciple says ladies can bring water. Sai says who will take care of house then, both men and women should go together to bring water from lake. Abdul says this is a good idea as nobody among them have money. Sai says they should form a group of 5-6 people and bring water in turns, they should reach Dwarkamayi tomorrow in a group, maybe they can see something new. All villagers agree and walk away.

At night, Raghu’s wife Megha gets a coughing spell. He wakes up yelling she is acting as coughing even in dreams and seeing her really coughing gets concerned. Megha says it is time for him to go

to Shirdi with water. Raghu says he will not go leaving her in this condition. She insists to go as Kulkarni is very cruel.

Abdul with a few villagers reaches Dwarkamayi before sunrise. Sai suggests them to go via north road. Disciple says it is a long route. Abdul says when Sai is telling something, there will be reason behind it. They had on north road. Raghu heads towards Kulkarni’s house in his bullock cart wearing blanket to hide his face. Sai lights lamps and light glows in front of Raghu. Raghu sits surprised but drives away his cart. Sai’s disciple notices Raghu and informs his team. Team says he must have also gone to lake to get water, so they should also head towards it. Abdul says when Sai sent them via north road, he must have signaled them about Raghu, so a few should go to get water and few follow Raghu. He with a few men follows Raghu. Raghu reaches Kulkarni’s house well. Anta scolds him for coming late and asks to take water from well before villagers wake up. Abdul and team stand shocked.

Abdul and his team inform Sai about Kulkarni fooling them in lieu of helping them and looting money from them them. A man says he worked for Kulkarni for year and knows Kulkarni very well, Kulkarni knows only to loot. Govinda walks in and hearing their conversation confronts them that his uncle is not like they think, he is very kind hearted. He runs away. Abdul says it is not his mistake, he thinks his uncle is good. Sai asks them to distribute water among Shirdi people before Raghu sells them water.

Raghu brings water and calls people to come and buy water from him. He sees Jhipri and Champa walking and loudly says they should not come if they don’t have 4 paise and not waste his time as he has to reach home early as his wife is ill. All villagers get busy in their task ignoring him. Parvathi and other woman discuss that Abdul and his team helped them by getting water from lake, they don’t have to buy water from Kulkarni now. Raghu stands confused.

Precap: Raghu slips, but Sai holds him and helps him. Man

Update Credit to: MA

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