Mere Sai 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Salim learns his lesson

Mere Sai 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai and Salim are on their way home. Salim asks Sai if he did the right thing. Sai nods. Salim asks Sai how that family was so happy even when they had no resources. Sai says humans don’t realize that the love of their closed ones and faith on God is what gives them real happiness. Worldly things don’t give you real happiness. It lies in sacrifice and acceptance. It lies in respecting your relations, love and in connecting with people without any expectation. The one who understands this will be the happiest person ever!

Rihana is worried for Salim. Sun has set yet he still isn’t back. Baizama tells her not to worry when Sai is with Him. He will fix everything. He must be helping Sai if He is with Salim. Ali says we will be fine when this complaint will be sorted. What will happen when police will come again tomorrow?

Salim shivers because of the cold. How will we continue like this? Sai suggests waiting at the inn nearby. We can start early morning. Salim agrees. They come to the inn but the guests at the inn don’t have blankets. Salim feels bad for them. How will they manage in the cold like this? We must do something. Sai rues that an effort was made but it turned out to be futile. Salim asks Him how it did not work. Sai points out that these are the same people who Kaka was going to distribute the blankets too. They wouldn’t have to go through this pain if you had completed the order. Some of them have come from another place and have nowhere else to go as they don’t have money for anything. That’s why I kept telling you that we need blankets. Salim realizes his mistake. A lady cries as her son loses conscious because of the cold. Salim requests Sai to save the kid. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to him. People recognize Sai by His name and request Him to help them. Sai tells Salim to bring water from the nearby well. The kid needs warm water. I will make other arrangements till then. Salim leaves. Sai asks everyone to come with Him.

Salim comes to the well and prays for the well-being of the kid. Please save the kid. I don’t want anything else, not even my gramophone in return.

Sai lights fire. Salim gives water to Sai. The man at the inn notices that Salim’s clothes are completely wet. He replies that he does not care about himself. I only want the kid to be fine. Salim prays outside while Sai helps the kid gain some warmth. He wakes up and hugs his parents. Salim is overwhelmed to hear the kid’s voice. The kid’s parents thank Sai for the help. Salim thanks God. I missed my Namaz because of my obsession yet you heard my prayers. Sai smiles inside.

Sai tells Salim that Maalik never holds grudge with His kids. Salim says I learnt this lesson last night itself when you came to help me even when I had been rude to you. It is good that it was stolen or I wouldn’t have been able to look at the truth. I had swayed from my path. Sai says it is morning when you wake up. I need a pot of water more. Will you bring it for me? Salim is curious but agrees.

Sai picks up dirt in His hand. Ma Vasundhara, please return the memento back to the kid safely. He is back in touch with his roots again. He is back in touch with you, Ma.

Salim is surprised to see a lady at the well at night. Who are you? Why are you here at this hour? She shares that she is Vasundhara. I have something that belongs to you and have come to return that only. Salim is confused. What is it? What does Vasundhara mean? She slowly pulls out something. Salim’s eyes widen in shock as he notices his gramophone in her hand. She tells him to take it. He asks her how it came here. How do you know about it? He looks at up and Ma Vasundhara has disappeared. He looks around but cannot find her anywhere.

Sai congratulates Salim on getting his favourite and expensive thing back. Salim nods. I got it back last night itself. Your company is most precious to me. I had lost it because of this gramophone. I don’t need anything that will distance me from my Guru, my work and my friends. Please keep it with you. Sai denies. It isn’t at fault. No thing is bad. It is our obsession which is wrong. If you had thought about Rashid while listening to you then it would have brought you closer to your loved ones. That would have been right but you were giving priority to it over everything else. You dint even go to see off Rashid because of it. You still have time. Sun is about to rise in the sky. This is a new beginning for you too. Take it and use it correctly. It is just a musical instrument if you don’t want to show-off again. Music brings people closer. Use it to mend your relations for good and not to win over some strangers. Salim rues that he wouldn’t have broken his friendship with Madhav and Kakasaheb’s hopes if he had understood it earlier. Everything else except these 2 can be gained again. Sai reminds him not to give up. Salim insists that he has hurt and disappointed both of them. I must reap what I have sown. Sai says Allah Maalik in reply.

It is morning. Rihana is worried as Salim and Sai haven’t returned yet. Police can come anytime. We couldn’t complete either of the wishes. Don’t know what will happen now. Inspector calls out for Salim. They go outside and see Kakasaheb with police. Kakasaheb is worried. I have been looking for Sai since morning but He is nowhere to be found. I don’t want to harm Salim in any way. Please come soon and avert this situation. Ali tells Inspector that Salim hasn’t returned yet. Inspector says he must have run away. Ali insists that he has gone with Sai but Inspector isn’t bothered by it. You must come with us if Salim wont return. Rihana requests Kakasaheb to stop police. Don’t punish my son for my husband’s mistake. Kakasaheb is in a fix. I don’t want to put anyone in this situation but it is my dharma to honor Sai’s wish. Please help me, Sai. He remains quiet. Inspector asks Ali to come with them.

Salim says he wont go anywhere. Salim gives the gramophone to Ali. Salim folds hands in front of Kakasaheb. I am your culprit. I should be punished for my mistake. Give me one chance. Sai has helped me realize my mistake. I have disappointed you and have put many needy people in trouble. You can punish me for it and I wont say no. Just give me a day’s time so I can complete the order.

Precap: A person asks an old couple to shift the sacks in the godown by sunset. The lady is worried for her husband due to his age. The owner says your husband trusts Sai a lot. Let me see His strength now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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