Mere Sai 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: All Villagers Make Arrangements For Aslam’s Wedding

Mere Sai 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anta and Banta see Sai and villagers coming towards them and fall down being scared. They go past them and go to Hari’s house. Sai asks Hari Bhao to open the door. Sultan asks him to open the door. Drupda cries. Hari Bhao is crying in his house and sees Sai sitting beside him with divine powers and asking why is he sad and crying? Hari bhao says whatever happened in Shirdi is because of me. I came in Ratnakar’s words and fired muslim workers, which led into the riots and destruction. He apologizes. Sai says you are not the only one to be blamed and says everyone did the mistake and asks him to learn from his mistake and move on. Sultan asks Hari to open the door and gives his promise. Hari Bhao opens the door. Sultan hugs him and says I can understand what you are going through. Sai tells them that they

have to make the arrangements for Aslam’s marriage. Sultan gets sad and says I thought many dreams for him, he says now my house is destroyed, how can I make the room. He says he is thinking to delay the marriage for a year. Sai says we shall preponed the wedding and celebrate happiness in Shirdi. Anta and banta hears them

Sultan says how is this possible? Hari Bhao says they all will make the arrangements of grains and will repair his house and will make it more nicely. Saleem says I will go and inform the girl’s family. Sai says I will make food with my hand in Dwarka Maai for everyone. Everyone smiles. Sultan gets happy. Om Sai plays….

Anta and Banta think to have the dawat and befriend villagers. They think Kulkarni is not here, so they can have food in the marriage. Rehana teases Saleem and says just few days wait. Muslim and Hindus both work for Aslam’s marriage with happiness. Sai smiles. Anta tries to help villagers, but they simply ignore them. Banta says sometimes they have to regard as donkey. Anta tells Banta if they are dead and that’s why villagers can’t see them. Bheeva comes there and asks them to move from his way. They get happy and think they are alive. Anta says we are ready to help you. Bheeva asks them to leave. Anta and banta feel insulted and get angry. Saleem comes to Sultan’s house and says girl’s family is coming tomorrow and asks Maryam and Rehana to do all the arrangements. Sulbha’s daughter Sandhya brings a mango for the dawat. Hari asks her to have it. Sandhya refuses. Jhipri tells that even smallest contribution means a lot and tells about Sai’s teaching. She asks him to tell about the Ram Sita story. Sai tells that they shall not value the thing which is gifted to him, but shall value the gesture of the person giving the gift.

Anta and Banta think if all guests have died after having sewiyan. Sai is standing behind them and eyeing them angrily. Anta and Banta get scared.

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