Mere Sai 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update Bhiva and Chandu are attacked.

Mere Sai 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejasvi blames Sai. Sai says I warned you Tejasvi but by you not accepting the truth won’t change the truth and look at God’s justice to wash your face you took Savari’s help whose presence and touch you don’t like. Tejasvi says you spoiled by religion I will take revenge and leaves. Sai looks at Savari’s hand and touches them and blesses her and leaves. Savari sees her hands don’t have any wound any more. Savari prays and thanks Sai

New kids playing together, Sundar asks can he join them, new kids happy to see Shirdi kids getting along with them. Ragini and others join them. Sundar slaps Chetan. Shirdi kids get upset, he pushes Chetan and runs away. Chetan yells at new kids, they tell him that he told them that he is amongst you and attacks. Sai stops them and says violence isn’t answer. Chetan says a kid from their basti slapped him. Sai says Satya is right he might not be with them too, he could be lying. Chetan says why do you keep supporting them and you asked us to trust them now look, Sai says you are in rage but soon you will understand and you can stop playing with them until you happily you want to and till you find the truth.

Bhiva and Chandu walking home, they praise Balvant. They hear some noise from the trees and go check, they see a fat man on tree and he jumps infront of them and attack Bhiva, Bhiva and Chandu get scared and runaway.

Malchapati and other villagers discuss about attack on Bhiva, and it seemed like it was a man body but like monkey, and it may be someone from new basti.
Malchapati visit Bhiva and Chandu, they decide to visit Sai.

Everyone arrives at Dwarka Mai, Bhiva tells Sai about the attack and shows his wound. Sai applies medicine and asks Bhiva who was it. Bhiva says I don’t know but I am sure it wasn’t any animal and I think it’s someone from new basti because I was attacked there.

Kulkarni walks in and says stop fooling villagers, we know that Bhiva and Chandu is attacked by someone from basti and he is that boy who stole from havan. Sai walks to Kulkarni and says how can you be so sure it is Undrya what proofs you have, just because he is little different. Kulkarni says we all saw yesterday Bhiva Chandu wanted to attack him and says as revenge he attacked them, do you have proof that they are innocent, listen to me these people are bad for Shirdi. Sai says but there are people in this village also who do bad to people what would you say about that.

Undrya is tied to log by his father, he says if we take him to work I will loose job and of we leave him alone he will create mess. Gauri says he is a kid don’t treat him like animal. His father forces Gauri out of the tent and says dare you free him. Undrya starts crying.

Sai says to Kulkarni, blaming innocent without any proofs is wrong, Kulkarni says shutup you believe in supporting wrong and I won’t let mentally retarted kid stay in this village and endanger them. Sai asks Bhiva Chandu did they see Undrya. Bhiva Chandu deny. Kulkarni says Undrya attacked Santa Banta and that mad boy doesn’t know right or wrong. Sai ask Santa Banta did they see Undrya, they say no it was dark we couldn’t see anything. Kulkarni slaps them, and says this is black magic. Sai says I didn’t do anything. Kulkarni says but episode have started from when people from outside have come, our peace os disturbed.
Sai asks everyone what he was doing when they came in. Malchapati says you were keeping jhola. Sai says no I was taking jhola but you a came so I stopped, sometimes what you see isn’t true, so never come to a conclusion soon. Chandu says you are right Sai, we don’t want to repeat yesterday’s mistake. Kulkarni says remember one think, you all will be in problem because of Sai, don’t come to me for help and leaves.

Villagers ask Sai who was it if not Undrya. Sai says have patience and faith, we will find the truth.

Pre cap: Villagers tell Malchapati that they are scared and want to reach before it gets dark.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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