Mere Sai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Bapusaheb to visit Sugandha

Mere Sai 22nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sugandha’s MIL says they will give money after seeing Sugandha cry. It is better than letting their married daughter stay with them. Sugandha asks for water. She sits down.

Sai asks Sugandha’s father (Govardhan) if he knows how Neem tastes. Govardhan nods. It is bitter. Sai asks him why people still eat Neem. Sugandha’s brother says it is very good for health. Everyone nods. Sai says some problems are like that too. They give pain when they enter in our life but it is very important to face them to grow. Sugandha’s mother says it means what I saw was true. She panics a little.

Sugandha’s husband tells his mother to give water and 1 roti to Sugandha. Sugandha thinks he is the only one who is worried for her. Her husband jokes that no one will be able to get them money if she dies. His mother laughs and gives water and roti to Sugandha. Sugandha calls out after her but in vain. Sugandha cries looking at the roti. She thinks of the happier times and cries. She eats the roti.

Sugandha’s mother asks Sai how Sugandha is. I wont be at peace until I know the truth. Sai asks Bapusaheb where he is headed now. Bapusaheb says Shahpur. Sai asks Sugandha’s mother if Sugandha’s in-laws stay there. She nods. Sai tells Bapusaheb to visit Sugandha. Sugandha’s mother thanks him. Bapusaheb says I am glad that Sai gave me this task. Give me her address. I will go and check on her.

Sugandha is in tears.

Tai Bai is eager to know who will eat her Puranpoli. I cannot wait anymore. Sai can even bring God down. I couldn’t do anything good till now. Maybe I will get my chance now. You know Him since years. Can you guess who it would be? Baizama asks her about the number of stars in the sky. Tai Bai says no one can count them. Baizama says Sai is a person who we can never understand completely. I know this much that we will get to know about the reason behind everything at the right time only.

The roti is all black and thin. Sugandha’s MIL asks her if she is able to eat it. Sugandha requests her to let her out of here. I wont give you any chance to complain. I will be a good DIL. Her MIL says you are a good DIL already but your parents are willing to help us. Sugandha reasons that she tried her best. Baba is helpless right now as the crops were spoiled. Why are you still punishing me? Her MIL asks her to promise them that she will go to her home as soon as they will bring her outside. You will come back with money only. I will open the door as soon as you say yes. Sugandha thinks of her Baba’s situation and cries. How can I approach him right now? Please try to understand. He is in a bad situation. Her MIL says people take loan to help their SIL. Your Baba could have done it too. Sugandha requests her to let the situation become better there. Her MIL says you will stay here till then. Sugandha cries for help from Sai. Till when should I stay like this? What should I do? Please guide me.

Bheema, Chandu, Keshav and Tatya bring the stuff that Sai had asked for. Keshav asks Sai what this is for. Sai says we need to help someone attain freedom. They all look at each other in confusion.

Tai Bai has prepared Puranpoli. We must go outside now. Baizama says sun is not out yet. We should go out only when it’s time. Tai Bai is curious to go out and keep an eye on everyone but Baizama does not want her to sway from the path shown by Sai. Tai Bai says I cannot wait anymore. I got this chance for the first time.

Sai has put the dirt in a basket. He keeps a stick in the middle and ties a rope in it which he ties to a corner.

Baizama tells Tai Bai it’s time. Please pray before opening the door. Tai Bai opens the door and they are shocked to see a buffalo at the door. Tai Bai is confused but Baizama reminds her that Sai did not say that it will be a human being. We misunderstood. Feed Puranpoli to the buffalo. Tai Bai wonders why Sai made them make Puranpoli’s for a buffalo. We could have fed grass to the buffalo. Baizama says for now let’s do what Sai has asked us to. Leave everything else. Tai Bai nods and feeds Puranpoli’s to the buffalo. They get shocked to see the buffalo lying on the floor next.

Sai asks someone to come. I was waiting for you only.

Baizama walks up to the buffalo. She checks the pulse but there is none. Tai Bai wonders how did this happen. I dint do anything. You saw everything. I did not mix anything wrong. Ingredients were fresh too. How did this happen? Baizama says it must have died because of some other reason. It might be ill already. Tai Bai rues that this will be on her anyways. I was trying to do something good for the first time and this happened. How will I face the owner? How will I pay the owner? What if he complains to Sarkar or police? Baizama tells her to control herself. Sai is in Dwarkamai. You fed Puranpoli upon His askance. He will guide you now.

The lady thanks Sai. My wish was fulfilled because of you. I was roaming for births for that one thing! Sai says I am glad that I could help you. She takes His leave.

Baizama brings Tai Bai to Dwarkamai. The lady looks at Tai Bai gratefully. Tai Bai exclaims that something wrong has happened.

Precap: Bapusaheb reaches Sugandha’s in-laws’ house. They lie to him that Sugandha left some time ago. Bapusaheb offers to stay back but her husband is reluctant. He rudely tells Bapusaheb to leave. Sugandha knocks at the door just then and cries. Bapusaheb hears the sound. Sai pulls the rope and the door unlocks. Sugandha steps back in surprise. Sugandha’s husband and Bapusaheb look towards the door.

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