Mere Sai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sadashiv Insults Sai

Mere Sai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Patil confronts Sadashiv that Sai taught them that everyone are same and god does not distinguish between people. Sadashiv yells at Patil that he should support age old rituals instead of supporting a beggar. Sai confronts Sadashiv that it is wrong to trouble old couple in the name of atta and besan laddoo. Sadashiv thinks how does he know about it, must be old couple complained, yells that Sai is misleading them and should not dare enter temple wearing dirty clothes. Srikanth, Patil and others confront him and warn that nobody will enter temple where Sai is insulted. Sadashiv says he was going to Kashi to immerse his father’s mortal remains, but his brother Mhalsapati requested to serve temple for a month, so he came here, else he would not let anyone insult him so much. Sai chants shlokas and

says god resides in children and everywhere, they just need to pray with pure mind. Sadashiv continues insulting Sai. Disciples confront him, but Sai says he will not enter temple if Sadashiv does not want to. They walk away saying Khandoba temple does not have any restriction and since god is one, they will pray at Khandoba temple.

Sadashiv orders is aides to get prasad items from market. Aides ask money. Sadashiv says pandits don’t pay for prasad items. Sai goes begging. A vegetable vendor greets Sai and thanking him for solving his problem and offers him free vegetables. Yamuna walks in with Sunanda and introduces her to Sai. Sunanda buys vegetables and is about to pay vendor when Sadashiv watching from a distance rushes to her and stops her from paying saying pandits don’t take money for their service and don’t pay for anything. Vendor says he needs money though. Sadashiv yells he is pandit and will curse him, he gave free vegetables to beggar Sai and is demanding money from a pandit. Vendor ways he does not care whoever he is and dare should not insult Sai, he should pay for vegetable. Sai offers his vegetables. Sadashiv continues insulting Sai. Yamuna sees Mhalsapati passing by and calls him. Mhalsapati pays money to vendor and takes Sadashiv and Sunanda home. Sadashiv yells at Mhalsapati that he considered him as younger brother even though he is his cousin and forgave all his mistakes, but he did wrong by supporting Sai. Sunanda gets a panic attack and collapses. Sasashiv gets worried for her and feeds her medicine. Once she gets well, he asks if she she can make pooja arrangements for tomorrow. She agrees and makes early morning. He says he is feeling nervous and thinks something will happen today. His aides come to take pooja item and see very less prasad quantity, but before they can speak, Sadashiv sends them away.

Sai returns home. An Indian British officer walks to Sai and asks if he identified him. Sai calls him Vaibhav and asks how is he. Vaibhav reminisces Sai teaching him that hard work always pays and is noticed someday. He thanks Sai for his help. Sai greets him in. Vaibhav stops his assistants out and enters Dwarkamayi. Sai says everyone are welcome in Dwarkamayi.

Precap: Sadashiv’s aides inform him that prasad is insufficient. Sadashiv scolds them that they should have informed before. Sai notices it from Dwarkamayi.

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