Mere Sai 22nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Dheer agrees to build the road

Mere Sai 22nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mhalsapati ji asks Dheer where he got lost. You were going to tell me why you are here and to meet whom but you got lost suddenly. Dheer shares that he was told by a Baba to visit Shirdi. He told me that the first person I will meet in Shirdi will take me to my destination. It is you as per that logic. Wherever you will take me will be my destination. Mhalsapati ji says I don’t know why you are here but I can tell you by experience that you are unable to say things clearly. I wont even ask. Everyone’s search ends at one place when they are in Shirdi – Sai! Dheer says Sai in confusion. Mhalsapati ji nods. I know that there is one answer and one solution to every problem – Sai! Come with me. Dheer goes with him.

Santa and Banta see them together and decide to follow them. They feel that the newbie might be related to the road construction.

Nanasaheb tells Sai everyone is rightly worried. Srikanth ji points out that they only have a month and they haven’t started anything yet. Baizama asks Sai to say something. What are you looking for? Sai replies that dreams come true if your intentions are genuine. Mhalsapati ji greets Sai just then.

Mhalsapati ji shares Dheer’s introduction. Dheer greets Him. Sai says you have come from Ram ji’s place so you must have borught Ram ji’s blessing with you. Dheer becomes sad as he recalls the incident again. Baizama is surprised that someone from Ayodhya has come to Shirdi. Dheer shares that he followed an order that was given to him. He thinks that Sai is a Fakir. How can He be my destination? Did I make a mistake while trying to get a second chance in haste? Sai tells Dheer his gift is with Him. Come and take it from me. Sai sits in front of Sai. Sai keeps something in his hand which shocks Dheer. He takes out something from his pocket. It is the other half of the coin (that was given to him by that Baba the other day in Ayodhya). Baba had told him that this reflects his life. His life and this coin will become fruitful once he reaches Shirdi. Dheer puts them together. That Baba was right about everything. You completed this coin. Can you complete my life too? I want to do penitence for my past mistakes to start afresh. Sai asks him what he does professionally. Dheer shares that he constructs homes, offices and roads. Villagers are pleasantly surprised. Santa and Banta are shocked.

Everyone folds hands gratefully. You are amazing, Sai. Dheer asks them what happened suddenly that made them so happy. Sai shares that their search has ended with his search today. Om Sai plays.

Sarkar and Albert are discussing the plan. Albert tells Sarkar that Sai has made a huge mistake by building a road on that side. Even we cannot complte it in 3 months. Sarkar insists that Sai knows black magic. Albert calls it superstition. He would have been the richest man on earth if He knew that. Santa and Banta tell them about Dheer. Albert laughs which surprises Sarkar. Albert tells him he cannot get over the black magic story. Sarkar tells him that villagers have found an engineer. We will be in trouble if the villagers succeed. Albert shares that they chose that route earlier too to save the homes of villagers but constructing a road from here is impossible.

Sai says it is difficult but not impossible. It is about the entire village. We must face this problem together. Dheer will lead us and we will lead together. Every individual will do their best. You must remember that this isn’t for you but others. You are doing it for your people, your village. Unity can make it happen. Villagers agree to give their best. Sai tells Dheer this is the new beginning that he wanted. Dheer assures Him that he will do his best. Villagers ask him questions about his work experience. Dheer turns silent. He gets tensed as he recalls something. Sai pats at his shoulder and nods reassuringly. He tells villagers they must not waste time thinking about past. What’s important now is that his experience can help us. Do you (Dheer) have a problem with it? Dheer denies. Your words are like Ram ji’s command to me. They are more than enough.

Dheer comes to collect the map of the village. Sarkar walks in just then. You dint think of building the road without checking with the Mukhiya! Dheer apologizes to him. No one has told me about you. Sarkar tells him how villagers have revolted against British Government and chosen a land which isn’t even. You will realize it soon that it is impossible to build a road there. You will be in their bad book if you still join the villagers. As per them, this road cannot be built there! Hope your future wont be doomed by falling in Fakir’s sweet words. He thinks of Baba’s advice. What I have experienced after meeting Sai is something different. I feel He will change my life for good! I think I got the second chance I wanted here. I am positive that following Sai’s order will be good for me. The officer gives him map. Sarkar tells Dheer to come over to his house to talk over it. I can help you with the second chance that you just spoke about. Dheer leaves. Santa tells Sarkar that Dheer refused straight away yet he invited him to his house. Sarkar stresses as the second chance that Dheer had referred to. Why does he want it? It means he did something wrong in the past. Such a person can make a mistake again! He wants second chance. I have called him to lure him for that only. You two must do something before he comes. He tells Santa and Banta something in mute.

Tatya tells Keshav everything has been kept inside. Let’s go back. There is some noise in the bushes. Keshav calls out if anyone is there. Tatya says it must be an animal. They leave. Srikanth ji asks Tatya and Keshav what they kept in the godown. Tatya shares that Albert has lent them some machinery to build the road. We kept that safely. Srikanth nods. It is a good idea. They head to Dwarkamai. Two men look at the godown.

Dheer explains the step by step process to all villagers. We will get help from the machinery but we need to gather more money to get more supplies. Keshav wonders how it will happen. This sounds impossible. Diya’s are blown out due to heavy wind suddenly.

Precap: Godown has been looted. Sai is informed about it. Sarkar says this is called the start of a drama before the actual scene.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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