Mere Sai 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sakku overcomes her fear

Mere Sai 21st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakku’s stepmother asks her to come with her for a puja. Sakku agrees. It is too dark outside and Sakku seems afraid but her stepmother assures her that nothing will happen. I am with you. She brings Sakku to a deserted house. Sakku asks her if pundit ji stays at such a secluded place. Her stepmother nods. They like to remain in a peaceful environment. I forgot flowers. They are in the garden behind the house. You can meet pundit ji. Sakku is scared but her stepmother reassures her that she will join them in no time. Sakku peeks inside. Her stepmother pushes her in and locks the door. I will see who will get you out of here now! Sakku begs her to open the door but in vain. Her stepmother corrects her that her mother is no more. Not even God will ope this door now. Sakku starts feels nauseous. She sits in a corner and breathes heavily.

Baizama sits next to Sai in Dwarkamai. Sai asks her to add drops of water in the pot till the time the seeds pop out. I have to go collect alms. She asks Him if He will go at this hour. He nods. I can get it now only. Sai leaves. Baizama does as told.

Sakku is scared because of the sound made by the rat and birds in that house. She is sweating badly and cannot bear the dark and loneliness anymore. I must put an end to it. She apologizes to Sai mentally. I know you had told me against it but I have no other option. She starts hitting her head on the wooden stick dug in the house when she hears Sai asking for alms. She stops and looks towards the door. Sai tells her that the door is open. You have to cover the distance till the door on your own. I know you have the strength to come outside. You only need to find that courage. Sakku wonders if Sai is indeed outside or if she is imagining it again. Sai tells her that He is right here. Take that step and come out.

Baizama continues to sprinkle water on the pot. She notices something changing and looks on intently.

Sakku peeks outside and notices Sai. She steps outside.

A seed pops out of the pot. Baizama is overwhelmed. Only Sai can make a stone pop a seed.

Sakku tells Sai she does not have anything to give to Him. Sai shares that a new life emanates from fear. One has to shoo it away though. You should do that too. That will be what you can give to me. She folds her hands gratefully and Sai blesses her. Ram ji Bhala Karein!

Villagers are happy with Prasad’s idea. Now we know that our kids will have a better future now. They see Sai holding a toy meant for kids and ask Him what He is doing with it. Sai says I am waiting for Bheema. Bheema greets Him just then. Sai tells him to sit on this and head to work. You will reach there soon. Kids laugh. Bhema says this is a toy that kids can use. How can I use it? Bela’s father agrees. It wont be able to bear the weight of Bheema. Bheema adds that it will break then. Champa asks Sai why He is asking Bheema to use it when it is meant for kids. Sai says that’s what I am trying to explain. You should stop or the speed wont increase. The journey will be halted instead.

Kids and their parents come to Prasad’s factory. All kinds of sweets, toffees are there. Kids get excited. Prasad shares that this is what they make here. Prasad feeds one each to Bala and other kids and tells the other kids to try it too. Kids eat it happily. Elders smile. Mhalsapati ji tells the kids not to act naughty. Prasad tells him to let them eat it. The sooner they accept this environment the better. Let them eat it to their heart’s content. I will tell them how to make it next.

Sakku’s stepmother is happy thinking that Sakku got out of their lives yet again. I wont have to see her face again. She wonders what would have happened to Sakku there last night but then pushes the thought away. I don’t care. She would have run away in the morning anyways. I have scared her so much that she wont return to Shirdi again. I don’t care what will happen to her now. She goes inside and is shocked to see Sakku in the kitchen. You are here again? Sakku does not react which angers her stepmother all the more. How dare you come back? Sakku remains silent. Her stepmother tries to hit her but Sakku holds her hand. Not anymore! I am not afraid of you scolding or hitting me anymore. You wont touch me ever again! Her stepmother asks her how she came back. I thought you will be afraid! She stops mid sentence when she hears Sai’s voice. Sakku pours rice to give to Sai. Sakku’s stepmother decides to stop her so her fear wont go away. I must show her her place. She tells Sakku again that Sai wont get anything from her. Sakku begins to go when her stepmother picks a burning log and threatens her. Sakku looks at her. Her stepmother ends up getting hurt on her own. Sakku leaves.

Sakku’s stepmother stops Sakku again. This house and every gain of rice belong to me. You don’t have a right on any of this! Sakku gives rice to Sai. Thank you, Sai. I am no more afraid because of you. You wont have to return empty handed from here again. Sai blesses her. Sakku’s stepmother threatens Sakku of dire consequences but Sakku isn’t bothered. She tells her stepmother to come inside. Your hand is burnt. I will apply ointment on it. Sakku’s stepmother refuses. Don’t call me Aayi. Sakku says I wanted to call you and accept you as Aayi since childhood but you have never accepted it. You can tell me what I should do. She goes inside. Sakku’s stepmother calls it her plan. Things wont change like this. The outcome wont be good. Sai tells her that good intentions don’t call for bad outcomes. Sakku’s fears have left her. neither you nor I can change it. Only the face of that fear will change. To some it will go as penitence and to others it will be an experience. Sakku’s stepmother heads inside.

Precap: Prasad tells the elders about the contract that they must sign before sending the kids to his factory. There are penalties too if it is broken in between. Sai tells Keshav that Ram ji gives everyone chances to fix things or to stop when things are not going in the right direction. If we still wont understand then He will use strict methods to teach us.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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