Mere Sai 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update Charuhas steals from Bhumi Poojan

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Bhiva says let’s name the mill after Sai. Henry asks who is Sai. Bhavi says he is our guru and our God. Patil says we all agree to Bhiva, Henry says I agree this proposal to show that we care for their feelings and accept the proposal. Balvant says as you wish. Villagers cheer for Balvant.
Kulkarni happy to see Balvant fall over his face.

Champa asks Sai why did he bring her to basti. Sai says you will find it soon and asks her to keep all things on the ground. Sai addresses everyone and says if anyone needs anything please take it. Basti people disturbute and take things they need. Sai says these Kurti are torn, men say we will fix and wear it. Sai says look Champa things you didn’t need is so useful for them, if you don’t need anything it may be useful for someone else so do distribute them. Champa says I will always remember. Champa sees a tong in basket, Sai says I will keep it someone might need it.

Bhumi Poojan tajes place successfully, Kulkarni gets angry seeing him beung ignored and remembers Sai saying his count down has begin and thinks I won’t let Sai’s words come true.
Panditji says I will start havan preparation. Balvant asks Bhiva and Chandu to distribute grains in meanwhile. Undrya walks to sweets and picks one. Panditji gets angry and thinks Undrya is a thief and asks villagers to catch them. Undrya pushes everyone creates a havoc and starts running here and there. Kulkarni stops Santa Banta from intervening and lets Undrya create a scene. Undrya steps on Balvant’s photo while trying to escape. Henry says to Balvant this is a big let down, you should have organised in better manner and leaves. Kulkarni whispers to Balvant this is bad.

Undrya’s father catches him and starts hitting him bad. Gauri begs villagers to not harm Undrya, his father is already hitting him. Bhiva says this is all lies, we let you live here and you are troubling us. Sai says who are you to give him permission. Undrya rushes to Sai. Sai says this land belonged to you all and you sold it and now you no rights. Chandu says but Sai, he stole Prasad and pushed us too. Sai says Chandu its not necessary that what you see is true, he attacked you in defence. Bhiva says but Panditji saw him steal.
Undrya says no no, Sai says to Undrya I know you won’t do, because I had warned you not too, so Charuhas tell them what you stole, tell them truth don’t be scared.

Undrya shows tongs, his father scolds him for stealing and asks why did you steal. Undrya tries to tell he stole it for his mother because she burnt her hand while cooking. Sai says he saw Gauri’s hand burn yesterday and so he got it for her. Gauri hugs Undrya. Sai says to villagers if you all would see what he stole actually you all would understand, did anyone check if he actually stole sweets. Chandu says we made a mistake. Sai says no he did a mistake, stealing is wrong. Sai explains Undrya never take anything without permission and asks to apologise. Undrya apologises to everyone. Sai praises him. Undrya returns tongs to Chandu. Sai gives him tongs he had taken frim Champa. Undrya very happy and gives it to Gauri. Sai asks Chandu to return tongs to Pandit ji and asks everyone to be careful next time. Sai leaves worried

Balvant apologises to Henry, Henry says how will you handle such huge mill project. Balvant says I will careful. Tejasvi asks Henry to have food before he leaves. Henry says I have to leave for inspection and they have cooked food too. Balvant insists. Henry leaves upset.

Savari in pain, Tejasvi walks to her and starts yelling at her and says how dare you rest. Savari says guest left so I am resting. Tejasvi says I wasn’t asking you to work not for guest but to show you, you are just a slave here and you will do nothing here without my permission, go break the coals. Savari says my hands are hurting, let me rest and then I will work. Tejasvi gets angry picks chilli powder and about to throw on Savari’s wounds, Sai walks in and stops her and says every action has its consequences don’t do this. Tejasvi says shut up and walks towards Savari. Tejasvi starts sneezing continuously and touches her eyes with chilli hands. Savari helps her was her eyes. Tejasvi blames Sai for it and says this is your black magic. Sai says I warned you and by you not accepting the truth won’t change it.

Pre cap: Bhiva and Chandu in jungle get attacked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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