Mere Sai 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Prasad tries to woo the villagers

Mere Sai 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ramchandra tells his wife (Sita) not to walk with a sad face. We are going for a good work. She asks him why he is concerned about others. Listen to me once. He is positive that Sai would be able to help them. She reasons that he hasn’t been able to find work since last few years. You have been to every temple. Why do you think this Fakir will be able to help you? We are surviving with menial resources anyways yet you spent the money in coming to Shirdi. Why must we be here? He tells her to have faith in him for one last time. I am sure Sai will be able to help me. I wont ask for anything again. They head to Dwarkamai.

Ramchandra and Sita meet Sai in Dwarkamai. Ramchandra shares his problem with Sai. I have heard a lot about you. My friends and I believe a lot in you. I have come to you with hope. Please help me. Sai asks Bheeva to bring food for guests. They have to go back immediately. Bheeva nods and leaves. Ramchandra gets worried. I need work more than food. Tell me a solution. Sai says I am a Fakir. I would have given you some work if I had a factory. I am glad to see you. You should go back now. Sita looks at her husband unhappily. Sai looks at their faces.

On their way back, Sita asks her husband if he is at peace now. You were sure that Sai will help you but He sent us back in no time. He was so rude and dint even listen to your problem. We spent every last penny we had to come here but we were sent back immediately. What will you do now? Ramchandra tells her to say whatever she wants to. You are free to say all that but I still trust Sai. He thinks well before doing anything. Maybe we still have some tests to clear.

Sai blocks the path of the ants using his chimta as they head towards dhuni. There is heat.

Ramchandra’s cart stops suddenly. The cart driver tries his best but the bulls don’t budge. Ramchandra asks him what happened but the driver is equally clueless.

Sai pours flour to distract the ants. They change their course and head towards the flour.

Cart driver tries to move the cart but in vain. They may be tired. He advises Ramchandra and Sita to rest in the guesthouse nearby. Sita complains that their problems continue to increase even though you (Ramchandra) believe in Sai so much. He says you may be right but I cannot stop believing in Sai. They get down from the cart when they hear 2 people worrying about hiring a caretaker. Ramchandra asks them for which job do they want a caretaker. The person shares that his caretaker left the job sometime ago. Ramchandra tells him that he has a similar experience. The person is relieved and surprised to meet him there. This work can be yours but you must start from tomorrow only. Ramchandra and Sita nod. Ramchandra tells his wife that his problem is over because of Sai. Sita insists that Sai dint help him. He sent us back. This is just a coincidence. The other person disagrees. This is Sai’s wish only. I believe in Him a lot. I couldn’t find a good caretaker since some time. I met Sai when I came to Shirdi and He told me something.

Flashback shows Sai advising the person to go towards the guesthouse which is 6 miles away. You will find the caretaker on your way. Flashback ends. The person says my problem has been solved because of Sai. Ramchandra thanks Sai for sending them back in time. Sita also admits that she was wrong. Sai solved our problems before we even came here and I misjudged Him. She apologizes to Sai. They all chant Om Sai Ram. Sai blesses them and chants a shloka.

Sai notices Prasad going somewhere with his assistants / servants.

Prasad gives the invitation box loaded with a silver coin and sweets to the parents who have young kids. Everyone is hesitant to know that kids will work in Prasad’s factory. Prasad tries to convince them by sharing his own story. I worked while studying and that gave me a different experience about life altogether. Kids will have hands on experience and will start earning. He also assures the villagers that he will keep the kids safe. Jhipri is not keen to let Latika be a part of it but her husband reminds her how she used to sell cow dung cakes when she was a kid. That has taught you a lot in life. Look at me as another example. I dint even take water on my own since I was young. I think we should send Latika to help her become independent. Other parents also agree to send their kids to the factory.

Sai says they really think this is the best way for their kids. Please show them the right path. Kids come to Dwarkamai to tell them that they will be working in factory from tomorrow. Sai shushes them. The kitten will get afraid. They ask Sai where He found that kitten. Sai shares that she might have gotten separated from her family. I found her on road looking for food. Is this her age to do that? She is young. This is her age to play and learn a lot many things. Is it right for her to go through all the trouble at this young age? Ragini agrees. You dint hear us though. We will get paid to work in the factory. We are very excited. Everyone seconds her. Sai shares that Lakshmi often brings problems. It never comes alone. You should be careful if you really want to do it. Those who manage to overcome those obstacles win. Those who don’t fail. The kids are confused. Sai says your parents couldn’t understand it when they are working then how would you.

Precap: Sai asks the elders to use the things that belong to their kids while working. They reason that those things are meant for kids. It wont be able to bear out weight. Sai says that’s what I want.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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