Mere Sai 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Exchanges Renuka and Tapi’s Tasks

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Mere Sai 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai seeing Tapi and Renuka alleging each other asks them to come to Dwarkamayi in the morning. Next morning, Tapi and Renuka reach Dwarkamayi with their husbands and asks to decide who is superior among them. Sai says he can tell only after Renuka cooks and Tapi brings water and does outdoor chores. They both agree. Dattatrey and Vinayak say they will help their wives. Sai says they cannot take their husband’s help and have to finish task themselves. Renuka and Tapi think they will easily win. Sai asks to prepare food here and invite even Baizamaa’s family. They both walk away nodding okay. Once they leave, Jhipri with Champa enters and asks Sai why don’t he give love stone to Renuka and Tapi. Sai says one should have a clean heart to get it, he cannot give it to them now.

They both say okay and walk away.

Renuka buys vegetables complaining they are not round and of equal size. She buys vegetables finally and lures vendor that he looks like her elder brother, if he can give her discount. Vendor says she can give whatever she wants. She gives less money and walks away. Vendor relaxes that she wasted his 30 minutes and went at last. A man buys vegetables looking at slip and buys pumpkin for 9 paise. Renuka buys same pumpkin for 7 paise. Man hears that and scolds vendor for selling him pumpkin for high price and takes back his money. Vendor does not sell pumpkin to Renuka for spoiling his business. She goes to previous vendor who says he does not want to do business with her at all as she wasted his time and even paid less. Renuka fumes that all this is because of that man, yells at him and tears his slip.

Tapi goes to get water and sees long que in front of water well. Jhipri and Champa guide people fetch water and tell a woman she can take only 2 pots as there are only 3 members in her family. Tapi thinks she needs lots of water and has to do many rounds. She takes 2 pots home and gets tired, thinks to check Renuka and peeps into kitchen. Renuka is busy cutting vegetables in symmetry. Aaji tells Baizamaa that they will not get food easily today.

Man sits sadly holding his torn slip. Sai asks if he needs any help. Man tells his ordeal that he got a job for a week at a wealthy man’s house here and he sent him to get grocery for function at his house tonight with a slip, an arrogant lady torn his slip without his mistake, now he will lose job. Sai asks him to give him torn papers and holds them in his hand. Man says he may not be able to help him. Sai returns paper and walks away. Man is surprised to see intact paper like before. Sai walks away smiling.

Precap: Renuka and Tapi feel difficulties performing their tasks and think they were better with their regular tasks.

Update Credit to: MA

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