Mere Sai 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Tree Anology

Mere Sai 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba returns home at night after meeting Tejasvi reminiscing her brainwashing wordss. She falls down and breaks her lantern, gets tensed seeing darkness and thinks how will she reach home. Sai brings lantern for her and says he will drop her home. She thanks him for showing her light. Sai says he always tries to show light to people. Amba says she was afraid alone. Sai says that is why one should be with someone always. Amba asks what if dear ones leave their hands. Sai says those who leave hands are not dear ones and sometimes dear ones don’t show their love, that doesn’t mean they don’t love. He drops her till home and walks away saying only the green and lively tree will give shadow. She enters house and sees Trambak and Chintamani’s families sitting at their sides of house without having food. She thinks nobody asked her which side to go. Damayanti asks Chintamani which is he not having food. He says he is tensed as it is very cold outside and crops will destroy becaus of Trambak’s mistake, they will bear huge losses. Amba thinks she didn’t want losses. Trambak tells Anandi that he sprayed fertilizers on their crops, so their crops are safe. Anandi asks how did he manage as they buy fertilizer from Nasik. He says he used herbs and made fertilizer and asked Abdul chacha to bring fertilizer from Nasik, even useless person’s ideas work sometimes. Godavari asks him not to taunt his brother. Chintamani angrily walks away. Amba asks where shall she have food. Joshi says 15 days at Chintamani’s side and 15 days at Trambak’s, she can start from Chintamani as he is elder brother. Dayamati says she kept her food in kitchen and leaves. Amba reminisces Sai’s tree anology.

Next morning, Anandi meets Sai and mixes medicine in dirty water lake. Sai says only she can clear this lake and has to find out the root cause of water getting dirty. At home, Godavari gets severe coughing spell. Joshi gets tensed and asks her to call Anandi. Godavari says she has gone to get water. Amba asks if she can help. Godavari stops even her. Chintamani gets ready for work and asks Damayanti for breakfast. She says there is no water, so she didn’t prepare food. He says he will get water while she can feed something to Gopi. Gopi denies to have food from her hand.

Adhinath and Krishna come to meet Sai. Sai welcomes them. They ask if he called them. Sai says yes and says since he didn’t gift them anything during their wedding, so thought of giving one. Krishna asks what is the need for that. Sai says its not costly but will teach them to live together. Krishna asks what is it. Sai says Shivpuran. He explains how Mahadev was bairagi before marrying Devi Parvati and sacrificed it for her, similarly they both have to respect each other’s feelings and sacrifice for each other and be together always like Shiv and devi Parvati.

Trambak’s servant informs him that they didn’t get labors to cut crops as Kulkarni hired all labors, earlier Chintamani used to arrange labors beforehand. Chintamani boasts he already arranged labors for his fields and even without fertilizers will not feel losses. Servant asks Trambak to accompany him to convince a few labors. Trambak says he has wrestling match today and cannot skip it. Joshi suggests him that he has to sacrifice his wrestling dreams for his family like Chintamani did years ago.

Santa and Panta inform Kulkarni about Trambak and Chintamani’s discussions and problems. Kulkarni boasts that he took away all labors. Tejasvi says Trambak will hire labors with higher wages, what wil he do then. Kulkarni says Trambak has fields but doesn’t have labors, Chintamani doesn’t have fertilizers, he will destroy both their crops. Tejasvi asks what did he do. Kulkarni smirks and reminisces ordering Santa and Panta to spray poisonous chemical at Chintamani’s crops to destroy them. Tejasvi asks why only Trambak and not Chintamani. Kulkarni taunts that she is a woman and will not understand howmuch ever intelligent she is; Trambak is knowledged and will find solution, but Chintamani doesn’t, Santa will handle Trambak. Sai noticing that comments what they sow, they reatt.

Precap: Santa with goons attacks Trambak, but Chintamani interferes and bears attack getting severely injured. Trambak pleads Sai to save his brother, Sai says he cannot help.

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