Mere Sai 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilawar Gets Saved From Adivasi

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Mere Sai 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adivasi head keeps axe on Dilawar and says he will cut his hands. Sai comes and stops him. He tells that they are passengers. Adivasi says he raised his hand on my son. Sai says I am his student, he gets angry, but has a good heart. All villagers search Sai. Adivasi asks his people what did they say? They decide to forgive him, but Dilawar snatches axe and keeps on adivasi neck. Adivasi hits him. They all hold Dilawar and ask Sai to come with them. Sai says I will come, but don’t harm him. Adivasi says they will kill him. Anta and Banta return to Shirdi and see villagers talking. Chandu tells them that Sai and Dilawar are missing from Shirdi. Anta gets happy and says we got good news. Banta laughs. They come to Kulkarni’s house and tells him. Kulkarni laughs and asks them to invite Ratnakar for having food. He gives money to Anta and Banta. Banta thanks him. Kulkarni asks why? And asks them to bring mangoes and fruits for Ratnakar. Chivu laughs and congratulates Kulkarni. She says you made your big enemy leave from Shirdi. Keshav and Rukmini hear him and cry.

Adivasi asks other adivasi to tear his clothes. Dilawar asks Sai why don’t he say something? Sai asks him to have saburi. Dilawar says have you gone mad? I am your ustad. He asks Sai to do some miracle. Sai asks him to have patience. Adivasi man tears Dilawar’s clothes. Everyone see patches on his body. Banta thinks now they can eat fully. Anta also gets happy seeing variety of food items. Kulkarni looks at them and asks them to serve food. They think if we will serve. Kulkarni says if outsider will come to serve us. Banta thinks if sarkaar heard us. They think they will have no respect if anyone sees them doing Servant’s work. Ratnakar tells Kulkarni that Dilawar managed to get the land. Kulkarni says this land belongs to you. Adivasi men pray to their God. Adivasi head says such men can’t stay here. Dilawar runs. Sai walks behind him. Appa tells animals signs us, but we didn’t understand. Madhav/Shama says we couldn’t understand their sign. Jhipri says I am sure Sai will come, I will wait for him. Kids tell that they will take care of Dwarka Maai. Bayaza recalls everything.

Appa asks Bayaza to come home. Bayaza looks at Vibhuti fire and thinks where is Sai? Dilawar gets angry on Sai. Sai says you felt ashamed of the white patches, but today you were saved because of it. He asks him to accept it. Dilawar says you are again lecturing me and asks if it is your conspiracy. Sai says nature signs us, and it is upto us to hear. Sai says you want to say I am not Alim. He argues with Sai and asks him to walk fast.

Villagers come to Guru ji. Guru ji says why you couldn’t stop Sai. Appa says Sai didn’t listen to anybody, it sees something was going on in his heart. Guru ji says we shall do something to bring him back. He asks them to have patience and devotion, and says he will bring him back to Shirdi. Dilawar says where we will stay? Sai looks at the small hut and says we shall stay here. Dilawar says ok, I agree with you. He thinks he will become qazi.

Sulbha comes to Rukmini and tells about her brother and bhabhi’s tortures and tells that Sai saved them.

Kulkarni plays Veena. Anta and Banta praise him. Kulkarni says I am not yet started. Sulbha asks Rukmini to let her work in her house. Rukmini says I have to talk to Kulkarni. She thinks he is happy as Sai left. Anta thinks he can’t understand what is he playing. Banta thinks praise him. They praise Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks them to hear silently. Rukmini brings honey and warm water so that he can sing well. Kulkarni says you can ask anything, as I am happy. She tells that Sulbha wants to work in our house, as she couldn’t go to Bombay. Kulkarni says you can keep her. Rukmini goes. Banta says we shall also get prize. Kulkarni says I will give you prize to praise my music.
Dilawar wears nice clothes and applies fragrance. Sai says it seems you are going somewhere. Dilawar says he has waited for this day and asks him to wait till he returns. A man sees Dilawar and Sai and asks who are they? He thinks to inform the hut owner Tukaram.

Jhipri and others clean Dwarka Maai. Sai is still waiting in the hut for Dilawar.

Update Credit to: MA

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