Mere Sai 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Tejasvini’s Arrogance

Mere Sai 18th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Susheela thanks god that she found god after many years in Sai’s form, thank god that her MIL didn’t find god’s idol, else she would have created an issue. Kanoji returns from job. Susheela greets him, and he calmly asks if she sold curd. She says whole curd and asks him to rest while she prepares food for him. He smilingly walks in. MIL asks Kanoji if he didn’t notice change in Susheela’s behavior. He says she is happy as she sold whole curd on the first day itself. MIL agrees. Next day, Susheela prepares more curd and sells in village and also serves some to Sai. Sai enjoys curd.

Mahadev continues serving ill Giridhar and gets angry seeing Giridhar’s tantrums. Sai goes begging in village. Susheela’s MIL counts curd pots and finding 60 thinks Susheela pays her only 59 pot money, so she must be giving 1 to someone for free. Susheela goes to sell curd. MIL tells Kanoji that Susheela has stopped making mistake since she started selling curd and her bevahior has changed, so something is fishy and he should check. Kanoji says he doesn’t have time and she should stop behaving like typical MIL. He leaves home and stops midway to have water. Sai passes by, a man introduces Sai to his son and saying his son is getting married, requests Sai to bless his son. Sai gives advice to son that his wife would be coming sacrifice her family, so he should respect her and treat her equally. Kanoji hears that and thinks as Santa said right about this monk, good Susheela stays away from him.

Giridhar starts coughing and asks Mahadev to serve him water and yells why don’t he keep it near his bed. Mahadev says he should inform when water gets over and denies to get water. Giridhar shouts that servant doesn’t have choice and Mahadev came to him to serve with a motto, he doesn’t need his service, etc.

Tejasvini complains her maid that her complexion has gone dark due to staying in dusty Shirdi. Maid says she will make her honey curd mask which will glow her skin back. Tejasvini asks her to prepare it right now. Maid says her MIL made srikand out of curd. Tejasvini yells. Maid sees Susheela selling curd and asks her to give one pot. Susheela says all pots are sold and only one is left which she will give it to Sai. Maid yells it is for Kulkarni’s DIL. Susheela says Sai will not have food without her curd and walks away. Tejasvini noticing it fumes in anger, walks to Kulkarni and shouts that nobody in this village respect him and he just controls his family and not others, etc.

Precap: Sai tells Susheela that bear injustice due to some fear, but bearing injustice is equal to doing injustice.

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