Mere Sai 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jhipri’s Immense Trust Towards Sai

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Mere Sai 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhondi tries to sit in bullock cart with his family, but his father pushes him away, and he falls down. Father scolds to be at home and dare not try to break his marriage. He warns his daughters and SILs not to look at girl until his marriage completes and just enjoy as baratis/guests. Dhondi stands crying. Sai in Shirdi touches ground and air flies away dry leaves. Air flies away papers also at Dhondi’s house. Dhondi picks papers and sees mangalsutra on floor, thinks of going to Shirdi and returning it to baba/father.

A young couple while traveling lose their way and reach Shirdi. Husband says why did cart bring them to Shirdi.
Wife says he told his relatives stay here. He says yes, but he has not met them in years and don’t know their address. Labor boy sees them and reminiscing Sai’s order to show way to travelers who have lost their way says he will show them way.

Jhipri gets ready for marriage. Baiza gets emotional seeing her and reminisces meeting baby Jhipri for the first time, time spent with her, blessing her to be good and helpful always, Jhipri saving Tatya, etc.. Appa joins her. She hugs Jhipri saying she as so small when they met first time, now is getting married and leaving Shirdi. Shanta enters and yells to stop their emotional union and be ready to greet baraat. Jhipri asks where is Prahlad dada and vahini. Shanta nervously says they must be reachig anytime. Baraat reaches. Baizaa sees sehra on groom’s face and asks why is he hiding his face under sehra, this is not Marathi ritual. Shanta fumes that Baiza will spoil her plan. Her puppet pandit interferes and says groom as defect in kundali, so he gave solution that nobody should see
his face before marriage completes. Mhalsapata there is nothing like that in our culture. Shanta says when pandit is telling, there must be and asks to greet bride in.

Anta and Panta get jealous seeing Jhipri’s lavish wedding and discuss even being with Kulkarni, they are still unmarried, but let us enjoy wedding feast. They enter kitchen area to hog food. Shanta takes Dhondi’s father aside and asks her reward. He gives her money bag. She says let her count it. He asks what. She says nothing. Pandit calls groom, and he walks way. Shanta gets happy thinking nobody can snatch money from her. Groom sits for wedding rituals. Pandit calls bride. Baizaa and Champa bring Jhipri. Groom’s daughters discuss that bride is very small and maybe just 4-5 years elder than their daughter, maybe she has some problems that she agreed to marry their father.

Jhipri looks for Sai around and thinks if he really will not attend her wedding. Sai collects wood pieces and returns to dwarkamayi. Pandit calls bride’s parents for kanyadaan. Baizaa with Appa does kanyadaan and seeing groom’s hands thinks he has so many wrinkles on his hands. Sai thinks Jhipri has passed agnipariksha and she willl not face any problems in life. Jhipri thinks when she trusts Sai, nothing wrong will happen to her, she just have to be patient. Pandit starts next ritual. Sai in Dwarkamayi throws wood in fire and it erupts high. Same thing happens in Jhipri’s marriage havan, groom falls down and his sehra falls aside. Everyone are shocked to see old bride.

Precap: Old groom orders his goons to not let anyone go out. Sai reaches there.. Jhipri holds groom’s hand and he feels burn.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Just do not understand how no one notices that the face under the Sehra, his mustache is clearly seen. Well just waiting on Sai to come and seave Laxhmi…I am sorry that I had to watch without the English sub-title.

    Shanty, you are really a schemer, a bad one too!!

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