Mere Sai 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhairu wins wrestling competition surprising Kulkarni

Mere Sai 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sai telling Bhairu that a pahelwan strength is in his forehead and says that doesn’t mean that pahelwan can’t use its other strengths. Bhairu asks what do you mean? His wife looks at the doll and asks can I take this doll? Sai says if you need it, then you can take it and asks her to remember that a little kid made it, and says you have to handle it carefully else it won’t stay with you. Bhairu’s wife says I will take care of this doll. Sai asks her to take it. She takes the doll and folds her hands. Bhairu also folds his hand. Sai om plays…..

Khando Bhau tells that he had hopes that bhairu will win, but he lost last time. Bheeva says we shall cheer and support for Bhairu as he is Shirdi guy. Anta and Banta think to tell Shirdi people about Bhairu’s insult. Jaggu

Pahelwan comes there with the owner Sait Mathura Das. Bhairu looks at him. Sai distributes a few things to people. They thank Sai. The owner tells Bhairu that he is the first guy who came to fight with him. He says Veeru made you lose last time, and today Jaggu will make you lose. He says you have challenged for 200 Rs, but even 20 people didn’t come here to see the wrestling match, and Kulkarni had said that he has nothing to do with Bhairu. Bhairu says he will win as he has nothing to lose. The announcement is made for the commencement of the wrestling match. Bhairu fights with Jaggu Pahelwan. Bhairu’s wife thinks to keep the doll at a safe place and looks at the tree. Bhairu makes Jaggu pahelwan falls down. Banta tells Anta that they shall inform Kulkarni Sarkar.

Kulkarni is surprised to hear that and says if I did mistake by leaving Bhairu. Banta says if you announce Bhairu is your Pahelwan then you will get 200 Rs. Anta says you can have right on the prize money if you want. Kulkarni says come? Sait Mathura Das scolds Jaggu Pahelwan and asks him to win. The announcement is made for the second round. Kulkarni comes there with Anta and Banta. He sits to see the wrestling match. Jaggu Pahelwan puts sand in Bhairu’s eyes by cheat. Bhairu can’t see. Jaggu smirks. Sait Mathura Das says Jaggu don’t cheat, it happened by mistake. Kulkarni scolds Anta and Banta and say Bhairu is not winning, but became blind. Jaggu Pahelwan makes Bhairu falls down. The announcement is made that Jaggu Dada won in the second round. He says whoever wins in the final round will be the winner. Bhairu thinks how will I win now, I can’t see anything. Sai sees Bhairu in the fire. Bhairu’s wife prays to Sai. Bhairu recalls Sai’s words and thinks he shall use his other sensors. Bhairu holds Jaggu Pahelwan while his eyes are closed. Jaggu Pahelwan gets up and looks at Bhairu. Bhairu uses his feel sensors and makes Jaggu Pahelwan falls down and wins. Everyone gets happy.

The doll at the tree becomes a boy on the ground. Om Sai plays…….Sai smiles. The announcement is made that Bhairu Pahelwan won in this competition. His wife thinks I know that you will win. The boy is shown. Sait Mathura Das gives 200 Rs to Bhairu and says I am happy that you have proved me wrong, and tells that he will send 100 Rs to him tomorrow. He says you can join in my team as Kulkarni Sarkar left you. Bhairu says Kulkarni Sarkar is still my mentor for giving me first break and tells that he wants to give the prize money to Kulkarni Sarkar as the compensation for loss in the last match. He presents the money to Kulkarni. Kulkarni takes the money and says the punishment I gave you is for your betterment so that you take wrestling seriously and returned my interest, so you can work for me again. Bhairu thanks Kulkarni. Kulkarni goes. Everyone hugs Bhairu happily. The little boy comes to Bhairu’s wife and holds her hand.

Bhairu’s wife asks who are you and with whom you came? He says with nobody, I came alone and will go alone. Bhairu’s wife thinks the boy is unique. Bhairu comes to Champa and asks who is this boy? Champa says seems like he lost his way. Bhairu asks her to be with him till their enquire. They ask the villagers about the boy, but nobody knows. Champa also asks people and says nobody knows. Rano ji tells that no boy is missing from the home. Bhairu says if he had lost his way then would have cried, but he is eating here calmly. Champa asks where is your house? The boy says this world is my house and the people is my family. Champa says we shall take this boy to one person who can understand him. They take the boy to Sai.

Sai welcomes the boy in Dwarka Maa. Boy smiles. Sai looks at the boy and gives him a fruit. Champa tells that they have found him in the wrestling place and he is not telling about his house. The villagers tell that they will keep the boy in their house. The boy goes to Champa and holds her hand. Champa asks Bhairu, can we keep him with us. Bhairu agrees. Champa hugs the boy and folds her hand happily.

Precap: Sai puts water on a leprosy patient. Rano ji is shocked to see the man’s wounds healing.

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  1. Great show and again no update…seriously…

  2. Great show and again no update…seriously…moderator needs to look into this now…

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