Mere Sai 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Govinda Takes Revenge On Udhav

Mere Sai 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai checks old man who got attack after scolding Tulsa and the black cat. His son asks if he will be alright. Madhav is teaching his son Udhav. Udhav’s friend come near his house and make a sound. Udhav understands. Madhav asks him to read. Udhav tells that he is having pain in his stomach. Bhama makes Kada and tells that he is feeling suffocated. Madhav tells that he will take him to Dwarka Maai. Udhav says I will go as your students will come. Old man’s condition deteriorates. Sai keeps his hand on the burning fire. His hand becomes red and hot. Sai moves his hand on the man’s body. Old man gets fine. Om Sai plays…..Everyone fold their hands. Om Sai plays….

Udhav runs and collides with Govinda. Govinda thinks this is the same mischievous boy who threw mud on me. He follows him. Udhav comes to his friends and tells that he has come with much difficulty. They see someone bringing fruits and keeping the fruit basket. The men drink water. Govinda signs the man that Udhav is stealing the fruits. They catch him and tell that they will take him to Madhav. Udhav says my father is a farmer. Man says we know that your son is a teacher. Sai asks old man’s son to take care of him. He says he will take care of him. Tulsa gives him something and asks him to eat. Old man recalls his bad behavior and apologizes to her. Tulsa gets touched. Old man’s son also apologizes to her. Tulsa says my father also used to scold me, but that doesn’t mean that children shall not help him. Fruit seller comes to Madhav and tells about Udhav’s doing. Madhav apologizes to him. Fruit seller says you made my children educated and capable, but you forgot to look after your son. Madhav feels bad. He scolds Udhav. Udhav says he was stealing while playing. Madhav says you will not go out now. Govinda comes there and laughs at Udhav.

Sai asks Tulsa what happened? He says you shall be happy that you did a good work. Tulsa says I was unsuccessful to keep water in my mouth. Sai says you were successful. He says my aim was to make you understand that you shall speak whenever it is needed. He says now you have understood when to speak. He says when time came to save someone’s life, you did right to save him. He says you don’t have to keep water in your mouth now. Tulsa asks him to let her come to Dwarka Maai and says she wants to make shell necklace for her daughter. She says I will do more work and will clean Dwarka Maai.

Sai gives her a shell. She looks at it. Sai says I didn’t tell that you shall not come here. He asks her to come daily and do her work. He gives her shell. She thanks him and leaves. She is on her way and sees woman repairing her grass roof top. Sakharam asks what happened? Woman tells that she pushed Tulsa and then her roof top fell down. Sakharam tells about old man getting an attacking after scolding Tulsa. Another villager woman who heard them think Tulsa is a dayan.

Parvati sees Gauri crying. Gauri says why did they refuse? She says they liked me then why did they lie? Parvati says it happens and tells that Yamuna got a good guy after many rejections, tells that she will also get good alliance. Gauri smiles and hugs her.

Sai comes to the well. Villager woman fills his pot. Kaveri says we have filled your pot. Sai says you help me everytime. He helps an old lady taking water pot home. Sai comes to Dwarka Maai and sees Tulsa, Jhipri and Pari laughing. He asks them to laugh. Jhipri says whoever comes here, have smile on his face.

Tulsa covers a blanket to a boy. The woman thinking her to be chudail takes her son back and checks her reverse foot impression.

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