Mere Sai 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Maan Singh runs back inside Shirdi

Mere Sai 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Major Billy notices Maan Singh in the crowd. He starts walking towards Maan Singh but he disappears in the crowd. They all keep looking. Major Billy checks few people personally. Sai smiles. Maan Singh is watching everything. He recalls their plan. Tatya was worried that they might be recognized because of their clothes but Sai tells him not to worry. Sai asks Rihana to sew 8 same dresses overnight. Flashback ends. Major Billy continues checking everyone’s face one by one. Keshav remarks that it is time to do Parikrama. Maan Singh takes his position. Sarkar and officers step aside for the ritual. Maan Singh runs off with the flag. Sarkar realises that it was Maan Singh and looks at Major Billy in shock. They all run after Maan Singh. Sai looks on.

Villagers shower petals at Maan Singh as he runs around the village. Constables surround him though.

Ali, Bheem and Udhav follow Sai as He leaves. They ask Sai why He left suddenly. Sai shares that Maan Singh has been caught.

Major Billy tells Maan Singh he has been finally caught. I will end your story once and for all now! Maan Singh prays to Sai for help. Major Billy is confused to see him praying.

Sai notices burning coal and smiles. Bheema says we must do something quickly to help Maan Singh Dada. Sai tells him that things get spoiled when you do something in rush. They ask Sai what they should do then.

Major Billy walks towards Maan Singh. He recalls the unfateful day when his villagers and family was shot dead in front of his eyes. He glares at Major Billy.

Sai takes out udi from His bag.

Major Billy asks Maan Singh if he has any last words. Maan Singh says Vande Mataram.

Sai touches the udi to His head and then adds it in the burning coal. Smoke emanates from it.

In the jungle, everyone covers their faces as smoke appears from nowhere. Rehem Nazar Sai plays. Sai blows onto coal to induce more smoke. Everyone starts coughing. Maan Singh is the only one with clear vision. Constables catch hold of Maan Singh but he manages to run away. Major Billy shouts after the constables to catch him but in vain. Sai smiles. Smoke disappears and the vision clears. Major Billy tells everyone to look for Maan Singh. One constable notices turmeric on the ground. Looks like he has gone in this direction. Major Billy orders them to shoot Maan Singh at sight.

Sai asks Ali, Bheema and Udhav what they must do. They nod. He tells them to come to Baizama’s godown when the work is over. They agree.

Maan Singh realizes that he has come inside the village again. Constables shoot at him but he runs away. They divide themselves so as to catch him. Maan Singh keeps running.

Baizama asks Sai everyone will come out for Ravan Dahan now. How will Maan Singh escape now? Sai smiles.

Maan Singh is running when someone pulls him inside a house. Constables head in another direction. Maan Singh thanks Bheema, Ali and Udhav for saving him. I must leave now. Sai helped me but I came back inside Shirdi by mistake. I cannot put anyone’s life in risk. Ali reminds him that everyone is looking for him inside Shirdi and at the border. Bheema nods. You must come to godown with us again. Maan Singh refuses to put anyone’s life in risk. I am sure Billy must have called more men by now. I will leave immediately. Whatever happens will be my fate now.

Sai tells Baizama that Ram ji gives the right signal to everyone at the right time. The one who understands it is smart.

Udhav tells Maan Singh there must be a reason why Sai has called you back. Think before doing anything. Maan Singh insists that it is a do or die situation for him now. I must take action now. I apologize to Sai with all my heart. Maan Singh realizes that Sai had given him a garland to make a decision in future. He takes out the garland and recalls how Sai had helped him from the beginning. You (Sai) know that I take my decisions in haste. You have saved me many times. You told me yet I forgot and was about to disrespect you again. I wont do it again. He asks them to take him to Sai.

Sai smiles. Allah Maalik!

Precap: Sarkar asks Fakir if His new devotee isn’t with Him today. Sai says everyone tries to see what they want to see. Sarkar shouts at Major Billy that Maan Singh is trying to elope. He is dressed as Hanuman! Everyone looks at Tatya, Keshav and the person dressed as Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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