Mere Sai 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Good news for Chandra

Mere Sai 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra and Ram Chandra as every passerby about the Baba but no one has seen Him. Chandra breaks down. Who was that saint and where did He disappear suddenly? Please give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Ram Chandra is shocked to see the trident and points at it. Chandra follows his gaze. She recalls seeing the trident in the hand of that saint. It belongs to Him only. Where is He if the trident is here? She tries to take it out but in vain. Ram Chandra helps her but they fail in pulling it out of the ground. The dig the land around the trident and find a Shivlinga buried in the ground. They pull it out together. The saint appears on the Shivlinga. Chandra apologizes to Him. Please give me a chance to fix this. Where should I look for you? Where did you disappear? I made a mistake. She cries. Sai appears instead of the saint shocking Chandra. She cries harder. Ram Chandra asks her what’s happening. She shares that the saint was no one else but Sai. I saw His reflection in the Shivlinga. I have committed a sin. I sent him back on an empty stomach. Please take me to Shirdi. I wont be at peace till the time I apologize to Him.

Chandra and Ram Chandra are at Dwarkamai. She apologizes for failing in His test. He says no sister apologizes to her brother. Ram Chandra asks Him how she is at fault here. You told her to keep fast. How can she cook something with garlic then? Sai says fast means having self-control, praying to God with available resources and live with what you have. We turn fake in the name of God though. We try to show how much we can do for God. God is only concerned with our emotions and bhajan. He does not want food. He is the one who gives us. We are not capable of giving Him back. Shabri’s joothe ber could fill Ram ji’s stomach. He does not need different kinds of food. That’s what Tai was doing. She nods. Chandra says you know everything always, Sai. Ram Chandra asks them what they are discussing. Chandra says I thought to offer 9 dishes to God as bhog and was busy preparing it when Sai came to our house as a saint. I requested him to wait. Sai says that’s your mistake. What’s the point of offering 9 dishes to an idol when you cannot help a human being with basic things? Taking care of human beings is equivalent to praying to God. When did God tell you to keep someone hungry just so you can complete the puja? The biggest virtue can be attained by feeding the hungry. Serving others is the best thing to do. Why do we forget about humanity when Lord Shiva helps everyone equally? Chandra apologizes to Sai. I wont commit this mistake ever again. Sai says I know you did that unintentionally. You wont do it again as you have learnt your lesson. Chandra asks Him if her vrat has failed by doing this. Sai says your fast will be successful if God resides in your heart. I will give you one thing. Will you keep it in your pallu? She readily agrees. He gives her soil from Tulsi plant. She accepts it but is confused. What is this for? Sai says it is part of Mother Earth. She knows how to give everyone equally. She gives us food, water and shelter (stones). We should always take inspiration from Her. The one who has these qualities is the best mother. Shiv ji wants you to be such mother only. She ties it in her pallu emotionally. Sai says that’s why He came in front of you in the form of Shivlinga from Earth. You still have it, right? Ram Chandra nods. We have kept it in our house temple. Sai advises Chandra to pray to Shivlinga along with Ma Gauri. Complete your Kokila vrat for sure. Remember I gave you udi when you had come here? She nods. He tells her to add a pinch of udi every day in water and drink it. Ram Chandra assures Sai that he will make sure she wont break this cycle. Sai blesses them.

Chandra offers water to sun following the daily ritual. Ram Chandra ties toran at the door while she prays inside. Days pass by. Chandra tells her husband to offer bhog as it is ready. Brahman’s should be here by now. Will you check? He nods.

Pundit ji reaches Ram Chandra’s home just then. Pundit ji shares that an ill woman came to him for help just when I was about to leave. I have some knowledge so I treated her first. Ram Chandra tells him it’s ok. You have come at the right time. let’s go inside. They enter inside and Ram Chandra looks unhappy.

Sai picks his bag and is heading out when Tatya asks Him where He is going. Sai says there is some important work. Champa tells Him to hurry up. We are waiting for you. Sai tells them to head home. I will take time. Keshav wonders what would have happened. Why dint Sai tell where He is going and when will He be back.

Chandra is lying unconscious on the floor. Ram Chandra runs to her side. He requests Pundit ji to check her. Pundit ji sprinkles water on her face and Chandra wakes up. He checks her pulse next. Ram Chandra says she is fasting for a month. Has she fallen weak? He tells his wife to go easy on herself. Pundit ji shares that Chandra is pregnant. Ram Chandra smiles. Chandra smiles as well.

Sai is tying a cloth on a wooden piece.

Ram Chandra thanks Pundit ji for giving him such a great news. I will always be indebted to you. Pundit ji tells him to thank God. I was silent as it is no less than a miracle for a woman to be pregnant at this age. I have never seen it before. I am sure God has been by your side. Chandra nods. We have God’s avatar called Sai by our side. Chandra and Ram Chandra chant Om Sai Ram.

Sai has completed the hut. Ram ji Bhala Karein!

Precap: Baizama tells Sai they have been waiting in Dwarkamai for Him. Sai denies. A special person is going to come back here soon. I must wait here. Baizama says what if you need something. Sai says I am very happy here. A new chapter will start in Shirdi tomorrow. Tatya asks Him about it. Sai says it will teach us that life comes full circle always.

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