Mere Sai 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Supaan and Uma fight over Gayatri’s wedding

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Veer Das ji is surprised that he can see the sketch clearly. Villagers have folded hands reverently. Veer Das ji announces that he can see everything. I have regained my eyesight. Everyone smiles. He wonders whose sketch has he made. I haven’t seen Him before. Can you tell me who He is? Everyone is all the more surprised to see Sai’s sketch. Baizama tells him that it is Sai’s sketch. It is just as He looks. It seems as if He sat in front of you and got it done. Veer Das ji is taken aback. I have never met Him before. I was disappointed as He wasn’t here. Someone told me stay back for bhajan. Your bhajan and your belief has made this happen. How did this happen when He wasn’t even here? Baizama is sure it must be Sai’s doing. Veer Das ji is touched. I will start sketching and earning again now. I will leave this sketch here for Sai. I will come back to meet Him again. He keeps the sketch on Sai’s seat and folds hands gratefully. He leaves afterwards. Baizama asks Sai (in her head) where He is. What’s the secret behind this incident?

Supaan is doing some work. Uma asks him if he cannot understand Gayatri’s pain or if he doesn’t want to. He calls Gayatri ignorant. You are her mother. Why can you not understand this? Uma says I am her mother too. I wont give you permission for this marriage. He asks her what she means by that. Uma reasons that that’s her right as a mother. He tells her to come to her senses. How are you talking to me? I am your husband and the father of our kids. I make the decisions in this house. Uma tells him that she has always supported him as his decisions have been right now. This one isn’t right though so I wont let anyone play such a game with my daughter. Supaan asks her how his deicison is wrong. I am doing my responsibility as a father. I am following the societal norms. This is Gayatri’s age to get married. She disagrees. This is her age to play with toys. Why burden her with such responsibilities? He asks her if it was wrong when she had gotten married at that age. Was it difficult for you too? She says no one asked you to leave the house. You weren’t told to spend the rest of your life as per someone else. It will be someone else who will make decisions for me. I had no talent so I simply followed whatever I was told. I did whatever you asked me to. Gayatri is very talented too. Sai has complemented her. She is getting a full scholarship. Ma Saraswati has blessed her. You are disrespecting Her blessing! You should re-think your decision when great people tell you otherwise. You have taken it on your ego though. You think what you think or say is right but my daughter wont become a scapegoat to your ego! He raises his hand angrily but stops it mid-air. His mother reprimands him for his action. Supaan tells his mother to tell Uma that he does not have to know from her what’s right for his daughter. He walks away in a huff. Gayatri has witnessed the entire incident and gets sad.

Gayatri thinks that problems are happening in this house because of her. I cannot see Aayi upset. She has done her best but the result was scary. I should meet Sai. He dint come to meet me though. There might be some reason. I should meet Him to find out why He couldn’t come. I should go tomorrow morning but Ajji has told me not to go anywhere. How will I go?

Next morning, Ajji is outside. Gayatri decides to avoid being seen by Ajji while heading out of the house. Ajji closes her eyes while doing puja. Gayatri leaves quietly. She runs on her way to Dwarkamai. I wont go home till the time Sai will tell me a solution.

Gayatri finds Baizama and Srikanth ji in Dwarkamai. Baizama asks her to come in. Gayatri asks about Sai. Baizama shares that He has left for someplace day before yesterday only. Gayatri gets sad. He had promised to help me! Baizama says you haven’t understood Sai if you think He isn’t around when He is not in front of you. He is always with His devotees. She looks inside and imagines Sai sitting on His seat. She gets excited but then realizes that it was her imagination. Srikanth ji and Baizama feel bad for her. Srikanth ji asks her what happened. Gayatri replies that for a moment she felt as if Sai was sitting there. It felt as if I am not alone and that everything will be fine. She wipes her tears. I should leave now. Baizama gives Sai’s sketch to her. I think this was made for you as well. He knew that you would come here to meet Him. He wanted to reassure you in one way or another that He is with you. Take it with you. Have faith that Sai is always with us when things go wrong. Shraddha and Saburi! Sai will surely bless you.

Gayatri is near her house. Things will go back to how they were if I go back now. I will be stuck again. I wont get a chance to step out again after tomorrow’s ritual. The wedding might even happen positively. She recalls Sarojini Naidu’s words and looks at Sai’s sketch.

Supaan comes home and calls out to Gayatri excitedly. His mother asks him what he has brought. He shares that it is for Gayatri’s wedding. Supaan and Uma exchange a glance. Supaan says I will show it to my daughter first. Uma goes to check inside but Gayatri isn’t there. They get worried. Ajji wonders if she left home without informing them. Supaan and Uma go outside to look for her. They ask the villagers but no one has seen Gayatri. Supaan reprimands Uma for not taking care of their daughter. Uma reasons that she never left home like this before. She might be feeling suffocated because of your decision. He tells her to stop lecturing and they resume their search. They ask Santa and Banta about Gayatri. Banta asks them if Gayatri has run away. Supaan and Uma walk away.

Sarkar laughs. She has run away! It is great news. Santa asks him why he is so happy over this news. Sarkar says Keshav was telling Rukmani that Fakir is missing since day before yesterday. he wants Gayatri to continue with her studies while Supaan wants her to get married. First it was Fakir and now it is Gayatri who is missing. Santa and Banta are still confused. Sarkar calls them fools. It is time to meet Supaan!

Precap: Gayatri hits her head on a branch while running in the jungle. She wakes up and finds herself in a house. She is startled to see the man in the house.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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