Mere Sai 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Champa and Bhairav Reunite

Mere Sai 10th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Champa goes to fetch water with Vasudha. Neighbor taunts Vasudha if her daughter did not return home, she did mistake and does not even want to apologize. They both get disheartened hearing that. Bhairav sitting outside his house thinks Champa did wrong and does not even want to apologize Aayi. He sees his neighbor scolding her daughter for tearing her sari and complains her husband who tries to hit daughter when Sai holds him and asks to listen to his daughter once before punishing. He asks girl why did he tear sari. Girl says it is very hot summer and her father ride bullock cart without any roof, so she wants to make a sari roof for her father. Father gets emotional hearing that. Mother also gets emotional and says her daughter wanted to say something, but she did not listen. Sai says they should

listen to others before making any judgment. He takes them near water tub and showing their image says one sees will be opposite the other one sees, so they should not judge before examining thoroughly. Bhairav keenly observes them.

Champa returns to Baiza maa’s home crying and informs her whole issue. Baiza maa consoles her explaining to listen to Sai always. Bhairav reminisces his quality time spent with Champa and walks away from home. Champa’s mother calls Champa out and informs her that Bhairav is getting reengaged tomorrow, so she should go and apologize her mother-in-law/sasubai. Baizaa asks Champa to not take any decision under pressure and to use her own conscience. Champa runs from there and reaching dwarkamayi informs Sai that her husband is getting reengaged, what she should do. Sai advises to have patience and faith. She returns home. Bhairav sees her going and thinks he wrongly thought Champa loves him, but he was wrong. Champa later goes to fetch water with Jhipri who asks what she has decided. Champa repeats to have faith and patience.

Bhairav goes to cart stop and asks if he will get bullock cart for city from here. Someone says yes, he can wait here. Sai does his leela. Heavy air flies Bhairav’s towel away. He runs behind it and it falls on mango tree. Champa also reaches there to water tree and they both clash. Bhairav climbs tree. Champa asks what is he doing. He says he is getting his towel. She asks to be careful and closes eyes when he slips. He sees flowers on tree and shows it to Champa. Champa happily congratulates tree. Bhairav holds her hands and says he had lost hope, then how did it happen. Champa says she continued her belief and used to water it daily, Sai taught her to have patience and belief. Bhairav says she is right, he should have kept his belief. They both reach Sai and excitedly inform him that tree has grown flowers. Bhairav says he had lost hope, but Champa did not. Sai asks them to close eyes and imagine they are in a garden. They imagine same. Sai asks where are they. They say lendibaugh which is Sai’s home. Sai asks to imagine further. They imagine their child.

Precap: A boy holds Champa’s hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Such a great show and no updates again for Sai, Chandragupta maurya and maike chali jaoongi…why there is so much delay in getting the updates??

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