Mere Sai 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai to leave Mai and Anna?

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One of the sons (who had ousted their parents the other day) asks his parents where they were all this time. His father shares that they live in a dilapidated building outside the town. We dint come in front of you but we often come here to beg for food. This kid found us there and brought us here. The other son tells his mother not to give him her mangalsutra. I don’t deserve it. I was so mean to you yet you are ready to help me. She says parents never stop worrying for their kids under any circumstance. She tells the person to take her mangalsutra. Please spare my son. He is about to accept it when the other son requests her not to do so. He pays cash to that person. He leaves with his men.

Sai calls the old man Azoba and takes him inside. He tells the sons that the other day they said that their parents are of no use yet your mother was trying to save you today. You threw them out of your house but you can see that they still love you very much. You might be able to handle everything as you have grown up. It might be why you two separated but you couldn’t run your house without your parents. People were watching then and are watching now too. It is your family who came to your rescue after all. Stop being arrogant and jealous and men your relations. The brothers apologize to each other and hug. They apologize to their parents as well. Everyone looks at Sai as He walks away.

Sai is in meditation. Anna and Mai look on. Mai says I cannot stop myself from worrying. He either helps people or meditates. He does not give me time. Anna reasons that He is different from the rest. He is God’s special child. The little time that such people spend with people like us is a big blessing. It is of great importance that He is with us right now.

Sai is meditating while sitting under a tree.

A lady has lost her husband. His dead body is about to be taken away for the last rites but she requests the villagers against it. I still feel he is alive. She (Kanchan) stops the people in their tracks. He is alive. I wont let you take them away! A lady tries to pull her away but she pulls in the opposite direction. Kanchan ends up falling in Sai’s feet. He ends up blessing her (as a married woman). The other lady asks Sai what He has just said. Vaid ji has declared her husband dead. There is no hope. Sai says they weren’t my words. It felt as if it was Ram ji’s order. If those are His words then I am sure they will come true. Kanchan requests her FIL to wait. We must not give up home. He tells her to accept reality. We have to do the rituals peacefully or my son will not get moksha. They move her aside. Sai shouts after them to stop. He is alive! The ladies hold Kanchan. She continues crying. Sai goes after the processing. Kanchan follows them as well.

Kanchan’s husband is brought near the pyre. Sai requests everyone including the pundit ji to stop. He is alive. You shouldn’t do this. Pundit ji calls Him a hindrance. Kanchan’s FIL asks Him to stop mocking his son. Sai refuses to move away from the pyre. I wont let you do the last rites of a living person. 2 people pull Him away. Sai keeps telling them to stop but in vain. Pundit ji starts the ritual. Sai folds His hands and starts chanting Jai Shree Ram. Kanchan reaches there as well. Please don’t burn him. He is alive. A man insists that her husband is dead. Pundit ji makes a hole in the pot. Kanchan’s FIL starts walking around the pyre. Sai continues with His prayers. Pundit ji gives a burning log to Kanchan’s FIL. He casts a glance at Kanchan and Sai sadly and then lights the pyre.

Kanchan’s husband opens his eyes and sits up. Everyone is stunned. Sai pulls him out safely. Kanchan runs to them. I knew that you are alive. She thanks God and Sai. Her FIL thanks Sai as well. You were right. You brought my son back to life with your prayers. Please forgive me. Few villagers go to inform others. Sai says I dint do anything. He was still alive. I was praying to Ram ji to keep His words if He has made me bless her in such a way. They fold hands thankfully. An old man looks at Sai.

Ashavaan ji says it might be true that the person wasn’t completely dead and was simply unconscious. Vaid might have pronounced him dead mistakenly. He was revived when the fire came in contact with his body. It can also be true that Sai brought him back to life. No one knows the truth. Almost entire village had witnessed it though. There was another person who had seen that miracle.

Mai runs to Sai as He returns home and hugs Him. Villagers tell Anna that his son is a blessing for them. Don’t know what will happen to us if He wont be here. The old man comes to Sai’s place. He is holding a chimta in his hand and has a bag on his shoulder. He asks for alms. Everyone looks at him in shock as Sai and his gaze is fixed with each other. Mai stands in front of Sai worriedly. He keeps asking for alms. Anna asks his wife why she isn’t going inside to bring something for Fakir Baba. Everyone is confused to see Mai rooted in her place. Anna decided to bring something for Baba but Baba asks for their son in alms. Everyone is stunned. The old man says I have come to take this boy with me. Anna asks him what he is saying. He isn’t a thing but our son. How can you ask for Him in alms? The man replies that He is the son of universe. He has been born to help humanity. I can take Him to His destination. You raised Him till now but now it is time to fulfil your promise. Anna and Mai remember their promise of offering their kid to help the universe for good if they are blessed with a kid. The old man asks them to give their son to him. Mai refuses to part with Sai. He is only my son! She takes Sai inside. Sai glances at the old man as He goes inside with Mai. Anna follows them as well.

Everyone is shocked. Baizama says it isn’t easy for a mother to give up her baby to someone. Jhipri says on top of it, it was a kid like Sai. How could Anna and Mai part with Him? We are in this condition because He has been away for few days. The hope of His return is what is keeping us going. Ashavaan ji says we often try to have a right on someone who belongs to the universe.

Precap: The old man tells Sai’s family that Sai has been born to help the world. Mai refuses. He is still a kid! The old man asks her if she still thinks of Him as a kid. Anna tells Mai to ask Sai once.

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