Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha asking Ld what is he doing here. His friend says he is the one whom you will marry. She asks what? LD says he means, I m doing groom’s role. The ad film director comes and says its his decision. Radha greets him. The man starts scolding her and makes Radha upset. LD feels bad and signs his friends. His friend asks the man to stop it, don’t do overacting. Radha looks at LD. Dada ji and family does not puja for LD’s marriage and keep the mannat. Radha wears the jewelry. Radha’s mum comes to help her. The director asks her to go, and they will call her if he needs her. She says she won’t go anywhere. He says pack up. Radha asks her mum to go. Her mum says I will wait outside and asks them to finish it soon.

The director starts the ad making. Radha and LD start walking. The director scolds Radha a lot and asks her to act well. Radha gets more upset by the insult. Radha holds LD’s hand and smiles. They walk to the mandap. They sit in the mandap. The director says your life will be changing now, and asks them to stand up. He scolds her for not understanding the acting and she came to become the actress. He says change this girl or pack up. Radha asks for one more chance. He says fine, this is your last chance. The pandit asks when will they marry. The director says action. Radha and LD sit again. Dada ji and family is continuing the puja. LD takes Radha’s hand in his hand. They do all the rituals.

The marriage is done here whereas LD’s family is doing the puja. Radha and LD exchange the garlands. The director asks Radha to look at LD with love. Radha looks at him with love and smiles. The director still scolds her and asks did she not love anyone ever. He says do it again. Radha looks at him. Music plays………… The pandit asks who will do the kanyadaan, Hari Om……. They get shocked. His friend say they did not get anyone. The pandit asks them to call Radha’s either parent. The guy says let mee think, I will do something. He goes out. Dada ji says Yamuna Mayya Ki Jai. Sadhna asks Jayshree and Banwari to come on the boat and start the rituals. Dada ji asks Govind to come with him.

Radha’s mum talks to the guard and comes to know there is not any ad shooting going on, and its just college play practice. She asks is he drunk, as her daughter is shooting for the ad. He says its not impossible, come with me. LD’s friend ask her to come as he needs her. She says tell the guard whats going on. He says you have seen the ad shooting and tells the guard, signing him. The guard says fine, sorry he was confused. The guy says he needs her, he wants someone to do Kanyadaan and do the role of bride’s mum. She says no acting. He says just do as pandit says. She says no. He insists. She gets her brother’s call and says you are coming in two hours, fine, come. He hears this. She says we have to go home in two hours. He says till we don’t get actors for heroine’s mum, we can’t pack up. She agrees to go. He brings her.

He says problem solved, we got the actress for kanyadaan. Radha says mum you? Her mum says yes, don’t say anything, we have to go home in 2 hours. The director says its Radha’s mistake who is not doing acting well. She defends Radha and asks him to do his work. He says her mum is scolding me. Radha’s mum does the kanyadaan. LD and Radha take the rounds. The family does the mannat in the midst of the Yamuna river by being in various boats and connecting it by some long cloth. Radha’s mum gets a call and leaves. LD puts the sindoor in her hairline and makes her wear the mangalsutra. The pandit says the marriage is completed, now you are husband and wife by all the rituals. Both LD and Radha are shocked.

LD says all this is fake, infact the shooting is fake. Radha and her mum are shocked. LD asks, how did the marriage get real. The pandit says I m real pandit and the marriage is also real. LD gets a shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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