Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD’s friend asking Dada ji whats all this to disturb the Lord in morning. Dada ji slaps him. The guy says we are LD’s friend and gives the parcel. He says we will leave now. Dada ji says stop and they get scared. They say sorry. Dada ji says don’t be scared, I m not beating you, I m sorry to slap. The guy says its fine, I get slapped daily at home. Dada ji says you are LD’s friends, so its my duty to explain right and wrong, joking is good but some limits should not be crossed. He asks them to come as guests and have snacks. The guy says no, we should go now. They leave. Dada ji scolds everyone in his anger. He says throw this parcel box in Yamuna river. He leaves.

LD comes to college and passes by Radha. His friends ask why is he excited to attend Tiwari’s class. LD says he has praised me and goes inside to see how Sir welcomes him. He greets him and Sir insults him. The class laughs on him. LD touches his feet and Tiwari Sir scolds him and also brings family in between. He asks does he want to pass by touching feet and says he needs books to pass. Radha and Isha’s mum about what happened. She says she would have told truth to LD, but no use. She says its very late. She tells her….. LD is angry as Radha has joked on him for second time, on his name Leela. He says he will now take revenge on her and teach her a lesson. He says he will make fun of her life and she will not insult anyone. He recalls Radha’s insult. He says she has insulted me in college and I will insult her infront of the whole world.

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LD’s dad comes to apologizes to Dada ji. He comes to his room and says its his wife Sadhna’s mistake and he is getting grinded in their argument. He says why did she get washing machine parts knowing Bau ji does not like it. He says Dada ji is not talking to her as she has sent LD to city, the relations are bad since 15 years. She asks him not to worry and pacifies him. She says she knows this, but she got it as washing machine parts got damaged. She says she told LD that she should get the parcel but…. He says Bau ji is refusing to have food now. She cries. He says he is not saying keeping washing machine is wrong, but you know Bau ji’s opinion, he acts like kids and leaves food.

She says don’t worry, Bau ji will have food, I know how. He smiles and says I know it happens every time, first Bau ji is annoyed and you convince him anyhow. He says he respects her a lot and they understand well, and he takes tension. She smiles and hugs him. Isha tells Radha that she got a surprise for her, and shows circular for jewelry ad. LD is with his friends and comes to know Radha is applying for jewelry ad and the audition is just for girls. Isha says LD should know how we have fooled him. Radha says she is thinking to tell truth to LD before Tiwari says. Isha says don’t think this. LD thinks and makes plan to fool Radha.

Isha says try to understand. Isha says no need to tell the truth. Radha says if he knows I did cheating, he will get angry. LD tells his idea to his friends and they like it. They ask can they do it. LD says yes, just see. Radha comes to LD. She wants to tell him, but Isha stops her. She says Radha wants to say you that don’t stare her. LD is shocked. The group argues. Isha says stop this cheapness. Radha says Isha…. Isha says don’t be scared and scolds LD. LD gets more angry on Radha. Radha comes home and her mum talks about marriage. Radha tells her mum not to talk about her marriage with anyone. She argues and says uncle did not behave well with dad. Her mum says you have to marry some day.

Radha asks what does she mean, and says Rupa is normal than us, and see one day she will make us proud one day. Her mum hugs her and says she wants to do a lot for her, but how. Radha says everything will happen. Rupa will learn in special school and I will do her admission. Her mum says even I want to do this, but we can’t pay the fees. Radha says she will pay her school fees but let her concentrate on her future. LD talks to Sadhna and says no, I told him to give parcel to your hand. Sadhna says leave it.

LD says Dada ji will be upset. She says he can’t be annoyed with you. He says he stays angry with you always. She says don’t worry. He says sorry and when he comes, he will tell Dada ji not to hurt you by being annoyed. He asks about marriage rituals, mandap time. She says it can take 3 hours, why are you asking. She asks is he marrying without telling them. He says no, my friend wanted to know. She says she feels he is hiding something. LD says no, nothing and ends the call. She gets worried. LD smiles.

LD and his friends all Radha and make her come in bridal dress for audition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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