Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD seeing the dummy man on the road and turns to see Radha caught by the goons in the car. They kidnap her and take in his car. LD runs behind the car, while the goons keep knife on her neck. Radha screams taking LD’s name for help. Ratna asks Shyamali about the baby and tells that she will take her to Kul Devi mandir along with Jhanvi and Abhishek, to fulfill her wishes. She thinks you have to come with me, else Neha’s plans will not succeed. Jhanvi tells Shyamali that she will spend some time with Abhishek and then will join them in the temple. Shyamali hesitantly agrees. Abhishek and Ratna smiles. Neha sees in the cam and tells that Abhishek will trapped Jhanvi now and Radha will have to bear my revenge now.

Radha is seen in the kidnappers’ clutch. They tell that LD will come. LD comes running in the jungle. Abhishek asks Jhanvi, why did you want to meet me alone, when you are not ready. Jhanvi hugs him and tells she is ready, may be she don’t love him the way he loves her. She agrees for kiss. Abhishek takes her to another room to execute his plan. He closes the door.

Kidnappers are taking Radha to a place, and tell that they have to inform their head. Radha thinks who are they? LD is searching for Radha. Shyamali tells Ratna that Jhanvi and Abhishek didn’t come. Ratna says they are on the way. Abhishek and Jhanvi come to temple. Abhishek says he had a good time with her. Banwari calls Dadi Bua and asks about LD and Radha. Dadi Bua says they have left from here. Dada ji hears the call and prays for them. The goons call Neha and tell that Radha is unconscious. Neha asks the goons to wake her up and tells that she must get scared. Radha acts as gaining consciousness and asks for water.

LD sees Radha’s sandal and thinks she might be here somewhere. Radha asks the goon that she wants to go to washroom. They refuse her plea and tie her mouth. Jhanvi prays to God and apologizes for crossing the limits. She thinks we love each other. She sees temple bell is about to fall on Abhishek and saves him. Abhishek and Shyamali see her fall down. He asks why did you save me? Jhanvi says you might get hurt, so I saved you. Dada ji thinks someone took advantage of the situation and turned everything. I have to prove LD that accused is not Radha, but me. I have to find out how my conversation with Radha’s chacha is known to that person.

Dada ji searches for his diary and couldn’t find it. He thinks Radha’s chacha name was Pratap and searches for his number. Dadi Bua asks Chameli to drop her to Dada ji’s room. She hears a noise and rushes to the room. Dada ji lie on the bed and acts as paralysed. Dadi Bua asks something might have fallen here? Dada ji signs may be outside. The goons take Radha to washroom (in the jungle). She tries to push the iron sheet and escape from there.

LD asks the goon about Radha. The other goon holds LD and tries to beat him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. LD and Radha get stuck in the jungle and get time to have some romantic moments. It starts raining and LN lights up fire seeing her shiver. LD has fought with the goons to save her life and the next track will bring them closer. LD and Radha will be consummating their marriage in the jungle and a new twist will raise a question on their relation. LD and Radha find way out of the jungle and try to get back home.

    1. where did u get the source from ?

  2. I just saw the news regarding the cancellation of the show. I am so upset. I can’t believe they are planning on cancelling this. =(

  3. I think it is is going off air due to the mistake of the channel because the channel didnt launch its trailers frequently like other shows and more over there was no repeat telecast also. If there had been repeat telecast and launching of trailers then i think the show would got a kick at TRPs . I think still its time , they can launch trailers and repeat telecast , the show will get a kick at TRPs.

    i m vry vry vry sad
    the show shouldnt close its my life cmon how can the channel do so 🙁 🙁 :O

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