Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaturvedi having food at Abhishek’s mum. Radha thinks they are covering up their doings and are upto something. Sadhna likes the family, but Jayshree thinks to know about their bank balance and property. Radha sharing her doubts about Abhishek’s family with LD. LD doesn’t believe her. Radha asks him to enquire in the neighborhood about Abhishek’s family, just to protect Jhanvi’s future. LD asks what is your problem, it is not needed. He says they are nice people and Abhishek and Jhanvi love each and that’s why needs to be together.

Jayshree asks Abhishek’s mum about their property. Neha messages his fake mum. She reads the message and tells that they had a small land at Jamna nagar bridge. Jayshree gets happy and thinks they have land. Neha thinks she wants to prove to Jayshree that Abhishek family is actually rich and is pretending to be middle class, as they want a good family for Abhishek. She thinks she is flooding money to fool Chaturvedis and to deal with Radha.

Jhanvi messages Abhishek that they are in the same house, but not meeting each other and missing him badly. Neha reads the messages and fixes Abhishek’s date as she reply to Jhanvi, and asks him to see. Abhishek sees Muah Muah written as a message and asks what is it? Neha says it is a trick. You have to support me in this revenge, as they have snatched my everything. Abhishek promises to help her. Neha says you have to grow closeness with Jhanvi, physically. So that Jhanvi gets dependent on you fully and dances on your tunes. Then Chaturvedi family can’t refuse your alliance and then we will play with them like a toy. Abhishek promises her to the same.

Radha wears the dupatta and goes in the neighborhood. She enquires the address with someone. The man informs that he saw someone coming to the house and says owners don’t stay here. She sees some woman and a lady tells that she saw a girl taking out her stuff from a tempo.

Radha thinks it is strange as the neighbors don’t know Abhishek’s family. She thinks she can’t tell Sadhna before enquiring. Jayshree asks the lady about her jamna nagar bridge land. Abhishek’s mum says they have a land there. Jayshree asks the distance of the land and asks if there is any plants or flat. Do people stay here. Abhishek’s mum is at loss of words and thinks what to say. She says Abhishek’s dad knows everything. Radha sees her face tensed and looks on.

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