mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki RagNa eps 6

Scene 1

Kalpi with the paper in her hand walks home. She felt drained; she couldn’t believe someone as Singhania exists. When she reached her house, Kamla saw her.

“What’s wrong beta?” she says concerned. Kalpi just shows her the later and walks to the table, putting her head down. Kamla’s hands were shaking she quickly calls vitthal. When he came home he was also shocked.

“See what your daughter did?” she says

“Your daughter had to mess with thoughs people. Now look, she not only expelled from school she has to pay him back or we’ll loose our property and her as well. She says angry

“Kalpi is this true?” he asks coming to her

“Yes papa, because of me you might loose the house you worked so hard to build and also your small land.” She says crying

“Now how will she make our dream come true?” says Kamla collapsing on the floor

“Hush Kamla, that’s not important right now.” He says hugging the crying kalpi

“Why couldn’t she be more like her friend paki?” She says looking at kalpi

After kalpi finish crying, vitthal insures her that everything will be fine. He told Kamla to make dinner and kalpi to take a shower.

When night reached kalpi sat up on her bed and cried. This is my entire fault, why things like this, always happens to me. She thought

She quickly got dress and leaves the house. Pakiya going to use the bathroom saw kalpi leaving. He knew what she was about to do. Every time kalpana is troubled she always dance, sometimes she goes to the temple and dance for the gods. Hoping they give her solution to her problem. He thought

“She’ll never change.” He says before going to the bathroom.

Scene 2

Kalpi reaches the temple and pretends to hear the flute playing. Then she started dancing BHARATNATYAM. She danced until her feet hurts thinking to her self. I was expelled from school. Now I owe Mr. Singhania his money he spent to build the building, if I don’t I met be locked up and my family will loose everything they’ve worked for. She thought sweat was forming on her body and dropping on the floor. She didn’t care she just kept dancing looking for a solution. Please help me. Give me a sign she thought getting tired, and not seeing the shooting star

Sammy was heading to the village temple. He wanted to pray first before he meets Raghav. While walking up the stairs he saw a young girl dancing. Just when he reached the top she fainted. Quickly Sammy ran to her catching her in time. He shook her to wake her up. Kalpi opens her eyes a little and then close it.

One of the villagers walking by heard Sammy screaming for help, he quickly climb up the stairs and walks to him.

“What’s wrong beta?” he asks
“This girl she fainted.” He says

The man looks at the girl, and realizes it was kalpana. He quickly asks Sammy to follow him. With kalpi in his arms he quickly ran after the guy. When they reached their destination, Sammy saw a small house. It looks very uncomfortable, but yet homey.
The man knocks on the door, when no one answers he knocks again this time vitthal answers the door.

“What’s wrong raj?” he asks

“Kalpana fainted.” He says pointing to kalpi in Sammy arms

“Please bring her in.” he says opening the door.

Sammy steps in the house just when Kamla walks out the room sleepily.
“Who was it vitthal?” she says yawning
“It’s nothing to worry about Kamla, just go back to sleep.” He says making her obey.

He instruct Sammy to place her on the couch, once he did Sammy was about to leave when vitthal stops him.

“Hold on there,” he says

“Where were you heading so late at night?” he asks
“I’m actually looking for a place to stay before I meet someone.” He says honestly

“Please stay here for the night.” He says

“I couldn’t, I wouldn’t want to trouble you.” He says

“Please, it’s the least I can do for helping my daughter.” He says

“Ok sure.” He says

Vitthal told him to lie down on the other couch while he brings a blanket. While he was gone Sammy looks around then he remembers why he was here in the first place.


Sammy walks in Raghav house, there he met his mom. She brought him some tea and smiles “Sammy you know why I told you to come?” she asks

“No mam.” He says

“You see Sammy; we both know that Raghav gets himself in trouble a lot.” She says mixing her tea

“You’re his adviser, so I want you to be there when he finish the construction. Make sure he doesn’t make any rash decision that would prevent my company from being built.” She says

“I’ll make sure his head is on the right track mam, until the company is finished. It shouldn’t be long because he called me and told me there half way done.” He says

“Good, then I should get a report on it by tomorrow.” She says

“Yes mam.” He says getting up

“And Sammy” She says

“Yes mam.” He says

“Be careful I heard thoughs village girls will run you for your money. Don’t let there looks fool you.” She says

“Is that why you wanted me? To keep an eye on Raghav” He says

“You are very clever Sammy. I don’t want him to make any mistakes that will jeopardize his future. Also he has a fianc; I don’t want him to fool around.”

“Fianc?” he says

“When did he get one.” he says

“I was gonna tell him about it, once he finished the work I gave him. The girl father is the owner of a big company in Malaysia. If our companies combine it will be great for us and bad for our enemy.” She says

“Ok mam, I’ll make sure he finishes the construction.” He says before leaving

end of flashback

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