mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-8

Raghav and kalpi were walking, while walking people were staring at them, laughing and making jokes.

“First, he takes our land then he expelled me from school and says I owe him and now look I’m stuck with the ice prince himself.” She says annoying Raghav

“God” she says putting her fingers together

“If I ever get out of here alive, I’ll dance for you for a week without asking for anything.” She says “or I’ll even accept Ai proposal for marriage.” She says making Raghav stop

“WILL YOU SHUT UP! “He says scaring kalpi.

“Your talking is annoying me. Can’t you just stay quiet until we get free.” He says making her silent. He signs and starts walking

“Oh, now he thinks he can control me too. Just because he can boss people around doesn’t mean he can boss me. “She whispers loud enough for Raghav to hear.

Raghav was irritated; all he wants to do is leave this village. He was just tiered of them. He was so busy in his thought that he didn’t hear kalpi call him.

“Sir” she says Raghav ignores her
“Sir” she says again this time he respond
“What is it?” he says
“Where we going?” she ask
“We are going to my hotel room.” He says

“HOTEL!” She says then she started panicking

“Sir I’m too young, I can’t do that with you. Your old and I’m just 18 I can’t be seen with you. People in the village will talk. And I’ve never been intimate with a guy before.” She says ranting

Raghav tried to speak but she kept interrupting him “I’m sorry to disappoint you sir but I’m saving myself for marriage, Ai would go bananas if she knows your intention. And worse of all pita will hunt you down until your body is hanged in front of the whole village.” She says about to continue when Raghav covers her mouth.

“Will you shut up for one second?” He says letting go of her mouth

“Look i was just gonna get us out of this mess with water, but since your against it do you have a better idea.” He says making her smile
Scene 2

Raghav and kalpi walk up a cliff; down below was a waterfall. He looks at kalpi like she was crazy. “So you want us to jump from this cliff and fall into the water.” He says kalpi shaking her head.

” Tuma Pagala ho rahe haim?” he says

“we wont die besides the cliff is not even high.” She says

“Look you probably don’t have a life, but I do. There is no way I’m jumping in there.” He says as soon as he said that kalpi grabs his hand and jumps in the water. They both got separated and came up the surface.

“See I told you it would work.” She says coming out the water follow by Raghav, who was breathing out of control.

Kalpi got up and walks towards him. Raghav looks up and blush. Then he says

“Go away.”

“Oh come on it wasn’t that bad.” She says

He got up and took his jacket of then he throws it at her. “Cover yourself” he says

She looks down and realizes that he could see her bra. Quickly she took his jacket and put it on.

“Are you done” he asks about to turn around when she told him not to turn yet.

Just when he was about to leave he heard her scream, he turned around only to see her falling and landing on him. I should have seen the log in front of me. She thought to herself when she opened her eyes she realizes her lip was on something. She looks down and quickly got up screaming, with Raghav still in shock.

To be continued……..

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