mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-7

Vitthal came back with the blanket and told him to sleep. Once he was gone Sammy gets on the cover and covers himself. He was about to sleep when kalpi turns around saying something about dept, expelled and evil prince. She grabs more of her blanket and wraps her self around, to make sure they don’t take her to jail. “No” she says while sleeping
“I will not leave.” She says turning in her sleep “this does not belong to you.” She says

Sammy watches her sleep talk, he finds it cute. He smiles and closes his eyes to get some sleep. The next day, he woke up with Kamla right in his face with a bat.

“Who are you?” she says

“I’m Sammy. Your husband said I could stay here for the night.” He says a little bit scared.

“Oh well in that case, come join us for breakfast.” She says cheerful making Sammy nervous.

Vitthal walks in the living room, he looks over to Sammy and saw him awake.

“I see you’re up.” He says

“Yes thank you for your hospitality.” He says

“No beta you don’t have to thank me.” He said

“I should probably go.” He says

“No please stay for breakfast.” He says

“Yes please.” Said kalpi walking to him

“Thank you for helping me, I owe you my gratitude.” She says

“Ok then please join us.” She says

After breakfast, everyone went there separate way, kalpi decides to show Sammy around the village. She waited outside until he was done using the bathroom. Sammy was about to leave when a paper fell and landed right in front of him. He picks it up and was about to put it back when he saw Raghav signature on it. Curious he reads the letter. So this is what Raghav was up too. He thought will he ever change. He thought

“Are you coming Sammy?” she asks

“Yah! Coming.” He hurriedly says putting the paper down and walking out the door.

Kalpi showed him the village; she showed him her favorite area and her school, feeling sad she turns away from it. Sammy seeing this asks her what’s wrong.

“Because of an accident I caused I was expelled from school.” She says

“Really? What did you do?” he asked already know the answer

“I accidentally destroyed this guys company being built. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.” She says panicking

Sammy smiles “its ok kalpi, I didn’t say you did.” He says making her relax.

When they reached the last stop Sammy made up his mind.
“How about this, for being my tour guide, and showing me hospitality, here.” he says taking his book out and writing something down. He gave it to her and says good bye.

Kalpi watch Sammy leave. As soon as he disappeared she looks at what he wrote. Dropping the paper, she was shock. She didn’t know what to do.

“I should give this back to him.” she says

“But then this is exactly what I need.” She says kalpi didn’t know what to do; she thought about it for a while and then decides to go change the check to money. Once she was done she puts it in her bag and went to meet Raghav.

When she reached the area she saw the building almost done they only have to put the rooftop on it. She searched for Raghav and when she found him, he was talking to someone on the phone. She walks towards him and when he saw her he hang up the phone.

“Did you bring my money or are you here to cause destruction?” he says

Kalpi smiles “actually I came to bring you your money sir; the gods have granted me a hero. You are no longer my hero.” She says

“Hero?” he says “I don’t care about stupid things like those.” He says

“And that’s exactly why you’re an ice prince.” She whispered

“What.” He says

“Nothing sir.” She says scared that he might have heard her.

Raghav checked to see if everything was there. When he saw the amount he asked for he was surprise. “Your debt has been paid of you can go.” He says

Kalpi walks away, feeling happy. She thought about Sammy and thought thank you hero, you have saved me. I will definitely pay it back, starting tomorrow.

Scene 4

After kalpi left Sammy finally arrives. He looks at the building and says “he’s almost done. I should inform gauri.” He says Sammy walks to Raghav and sat down.

“What are you doing here Sammy?” he says

“Didn’t I tell you to watch the office?” he says sternly

“You did, but your mom ordered me to do something for her.” He says

“I’m not stupid Sammy; I know she told you to keep an eye on me.” He says

“Your right, she did. But now that I know that you’re almost done I will take the picture of the building and leave.” He says

“Go right ahead.” Replied Raghav

Sammy took the pictures he needed and says good bye to Raghav. When he was almost to his car, he saw kalpi washing a dirty flower.

“She will be perfect. “He says before heading inside his car and going back to pune.

The next day kalpi with the help of the villagers decides to make food to sell. She wanted to pay her hero back so she made lots of food, and banners. The village men help her fix her small restaurant by the place where Raghav was constructing.

Once she was done she rings the bell and shouting. Telling people to come to her and eat. One of the village men played the flute while kalpi joggle some fruits getting people attention. They stopped and watch as she did some tricks and dance. Everyone claps and cheer putting money in her bag then sat down to eat her food.

It was the last day for Raghav, the building was done and they were fixing the inside. He was trying to talk on the phone, but the noise was too loud. He moved somewhere else but he still couldn’t hear because of the noise. Irritated Raghav walks towards the crowd to see what the big deal was when he reaches there he saw the same girl, he met before dancing. Her again, will she ever learn. He thought

He looks at her dancing, and was mesmerized. Kalpi looks up and saw Mr. Singhania looking at her. They both stared at each other. Not braking eye contact making kalpi heart race, which she didn’t know why. Raghav still mesmerize by her walks towards her, making her panicked. She backed away and slipped on a banana she was joggling. Trying to reach anything she pulls on something not knowing that she pulled the rope where she kept a large bowl of thick honey. Raghav grabs her just in time, and they had a moment. Just when he was about to pull her up the honey fell right on both of them, splashing them like water.

They both fell down on the floor. Raghav on top of her and kalpi hands on his back. he tried to get up only to fall back down.

“Get of me.” She says

“I’m trying, but I can’t. You want to know why?” he asks angry

“Because some one was being irresponsible” He says

“It’s not my fault, how would you react if your enemy tries to do something to you while dancing.” she replied

Raghav grabs her hand, they both worked together to come up only to fall back down. Some of the customers had to help them up. Once they were up Raghav decides to leave, he was going to walk away when he realize kalpi wasn’t following him.

“Why aren’t you following?” he says
“I can’t leave my restaurant” she says
“Suit yourself.” He says walking the opposite direction pulling her along, she tried resisting but he was to strong. Kalpi gave up and follows Raghav while thinking what are we going to do now? I am I stuck with ice prince?

To be continue…

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