Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (epi-5)

guys I really happy I got some new cmnds in my old ff pyar aur kuch nahi!! thank u so much dears…

Episode 5
In evening Screen shifts to suhani home:
All prepare for bavana amid encagment. Suhani and somu makes bavana ready.
Amit family came there and encagment function start. Suhani s wearing sky blue colour salwar..and her hair left open…Raohan comes to function. Pankaj and lata welcome rohan…he takes bless from them. Rohan: arre mother india !(hi mother India..)
Suh: rohan ji mere naam suhani not mother india.. just cal me by my name.
Rohan: par mother india toh achi nam hi…aap ko bhoat suit karogi( it’s nice name nd suits u.)
Suh: ji nahi. Stop calling me lik this and stay away from me. yeh sab mazak aap somu se karo..mere saath nahi.(u do fun with somu not me..)
Suhani goes from there.

somu :rohan bhaiya aap kab bologi suhani ko.. already 3 years passed.say I love u to suhani aaj.
rohan: arre soumya muje bhoat dar lagta hi if i say love her she wont talk to me after. Beter I ask permission from pankaj and lata auty.
Somu: whatever u say to her aaj.. pankaj calls somu rohan…
… function begins. Bavana and amid exchange rings. All claps… rohan and somu start dancing the song “ aree jaane kaise kab kahan song..” suhani smiles hear the song and start dancing with them.. at the end of the song rohan hold suhani hand and say I love you..pankaj and lata gets happy..already they like rohan…
suhani shocked and goes from there…. Rohan follows her..
Rohan(finally I say I love you to suhani… she did not react anything.. did she hear wat I told…pata nahi…am in confusion about suhani reaction..) somu wishes him all d best…and smiles..
after Rohan search suhani and thinks to ask her about his proposal. Suhani is in her room thinking about rohan proposal. Pankaj and lata came to rohan.
Pankaj: rohan kya tum sach me suhani se shadi karna chathi hoon..(rohan really u want to marry suhani?)
Rohan: ji uncle.. I love her.. am sry for asking you before I propose her.

Lata: beta aise nahi hi, we also like u.. hume bhoat kush ho yeh shadi se..( nothing lik tat we also lik u.)
Rohan: thank u thank u aunty… I got scared u were not accept me..
Pankaj: beta.. we know u past 4 years… I know u bhoat achi ho.. tum hamareliye bhoat help kiya itni saalo me.. hum kaise na bologi.. tum suhani se pucho if she agree we also happy..( v knw u past 4 yrs. u did lot to us. How v refuse to u.)
Rohan takes bless from him and goes to talk to suhani..
suhani(rohanji ne aisa kyu kiya.. wo achi tara janti hoon I am not loving him..phir bhi… mein kya jawab do pappa aur mumma ko…) rohan knocks the door.. suhani see him and got anger… suhani: rohan ji yeh kya mazak aap banaya mere saath..

rohan: mother india try to understand me.. mein tumse bhoat pyar karti hoon.. I don’t want to lose u…mereliye koi nahi hi.. mumma pappa relations…nahi.. srif mere pas tum aur tumare pyar ho.. suhani.. if u marry me I got everything in my life.. achi parivar, patni somu and bavana jaise bhen…sab kuch suhani.. u know me from last 4 years.. tume pato me kuch galat kiya , pyar me kuch galat nahi hi.. I don’t want to force marry me.. but at the same time I don’t want to lose u. I wait for ur decision suhani .. I will wait….till my last breath..(I love u lot suhani. I don’t want to lose u. Am not having any relation but i have only u nd ur love..)
suhani gets sshocked hearing this from rohan..
suhani : rohanji par yeh sab hamare shadi nahi hua toh phir bhi yeh sab mila aap ko.. trust me.. ( if v not marry also I will b with u nd my family also with u..)
rohan silently goes from there., pankaj and lata come to suhani and her about rohan.. pankaj : beta, I am not force u to marry rohan.. but I get happy if u marry him.. think and tell..suhani sees pankaj with teary eyed….

precap : yuvraj encgmnt preparation going… yuvraj says dadi… I love this girl… dadi gets shocked…


    Oh wow. Thats was jampacked and exciting! I loved it and cant wait for the next epi x

  2. wow twist was very interesting.eagerly waiting to see the girl yuvraj talking about

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u radha.. I wrote more nd more yuvani scenes hope u love it..

  3. nice epi…

  4. its really veryintersting epi i loved it.i’m very excited about nxt epi.plz make suhani to reject the rohan proposal.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u sri…keep reading

  5. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Darling xx

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u CI and aqsxxh…

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