Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 38) season 2

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Thank u frnds for ur s next update…sry if u feel its short….i post next soon…
Recap: somu plans against suhani…. Somu serves food to yuvraj…and tries to get close with him..

Episode 38
Next day, dadi calls suhani and give her some work…. Suhani- bhabi can u pls take care of baby for few hours and bavana di need to go out for market…. Rags- suhani, I warning u don’t bring this baby infront of me… there are many other persons in this home to help u…

Suh- bhabi, I know.. I just ask u to take care for few hrs, not for whole life… and I accept this as my child, then y u took tension? dadi- rags its for few hrs only, accept ..(dadi signals rags to take, rags says ok and takes baby from suhani)
Somu, thumbs up her hand to dadi…somu- suhani shall I use ur saree to to learn waring saree? Suh- somu, y u asking for this ? took it…. Suhani and bavana went out…
Somu goes to suhani room and opens her cupboard…“its my time to execute my next plan…aftr my plan get successful u should go out permanently….”.she took one pink colur saree “yuvraj, now u wont escap from me…”

————————in office,
Yuvraj scold one employee… yuv- look mr,arun don’t bring ur personal matter in office, idont mind abour ur affair ,out side office but in my office.. I cant bear this nonsense…its last warning for after I should not get any complaint about u…get lost now… tat employee graining his teeth and left in anger.. yuv thinks about suhani and calls his P.A,
Yuv- look, today no meeting and don’t disturb me without emergency.. I need to home… p..a nods and yuv left to home…to give surprise to suhani….yuv happily drives car to home thinking suhani….
—————————In home……
somu gets ready like suhani, her dressing ,hairstyle perfumes everything lik suhani…. Somu sees herself in mirror and prasing her beauty..”I don’t know how yuvraj can fall for suhnai…she s not lik me..see how preety I am…ok let I took selfie of me…..” she took her phone and tryies to took selfie….she sees dadi standing standing back….
Dadi- everything was lik suhani but ur voice,, how u talk with yuvraj? u cant handle him long time without her voice?
Somu- no need to wry, I practice lik suhani voice also….its easy for me… am her frnd I know how to talk lik her….there s more time left…. Yuvi will come 6 p.m see time 3 only……I can manage myself… she smirks…
dadi- chalo thik hain… I did my work…I send pratima sharad bavana to pankaj home to do pooja next day for tat baby….. I make suhani busy full day….she wil come nit only… no one in home except u,rags, and me then ramesh….dadi left from there…
somu-dadi, aftr tat work send ramesh out…before u and rags left. I wish no one disturb me and yuvraj…

dadi nods and leave from there…..somu locks the door and change bedsheet and all…she start practicing to talk lik suhani holding yuvraj pic……
—————–same time yuvraj also enters in home….. dadi sees him and gets shocked bcz yuvraj reach home early…she thinks wat to do…..…yuv goes to room…
Yuv(pov)- I entered in our room to give surprise to suhani…but she give surprise to me.. I just look around my room…one single golden light was on in our room which make our room lik heaven….which was little arrangent for us… I saw my angel siting in writing table ,talking with my pic…suddenly lights goes off… I thought to scaring her, just then,.i heard her words for me standing some distance at back of her… “ yuvrajjjjjj , mr.yuvraj birla…. tume pata nahi mei tumse itna pyar karti hoon. Yeh tum sapno mein soch bhi nahi sakte…(u don’t know how much I love, tat much u cant even imagine in ur dream also) u r my world now….today I just want to surrender my love to u…..its really a surprise to u… just 3 hrs left for u to come…. i cant bear this 3 hrs separation…” she said…

(somu covers her back side with hair lik suhani…no one can differentiate from back… she s look lik suhani…from back in single dull light brightness..)
Yuvraj hiddenly walks towards her. and all of a sudden he hugs her from back..and lifts her and rounds lik kid, (somu understands some one walks ,she gets panic…suddenly dadi witch off the light…
somu gets happy ,seeing yuvraj lifts her and romance with her…both fall on bed……somu was on top of him… her head was on yuvi chest….)
Yuv- suhani, I came here to surprise u , but u give me a big surprise… suhani, don’t think over about me, I think u losing ur weight,bcz of missing me….? Saying thi yuv removes her hair which fall on her face.. he gets shocked seeing somu and pushes her on another side.. he gets up from bed…..

[Same time, Ramesh comes from out and see power off,”who off this main ? if ac not running in her room dadi may get angry..”he put current supply on.. ]
Yuv- somu tum? Somu-(gets up and laugh mischiefly,)yuvrraajjjj wat r u doing..? am not suhani… I know u lover her…but before hug her, u must see who s standing before…. She continued her laugh..
Yuv-somu stop laughing where s suhani..? Wat u doing in our room? Y u wearing suhani saree? His words shattered….
Somu- actually yuvraj,,, dadi give some work to her…. I just try to learn wearing saree.. u know I don’t have sarees… so I just take it from suhani… I ask her for this also….suhani also nods…
Yuv- gets relief…and breathing hardly…..

Somu- yuvraj u misunderstands me… tats suhani voice, she talks tat msg for u, hear this…(somu shows her phone recording which she talks and records in suhani voice) I record this wen suhani talk with ur pic…..hiddenly… I think she missing u so much, so plan to surprise u both..u wait here suhani will come in 10 min..ok.. saying this somu drag yuvi and make him sit in bed then left from there…
Yuv- its ok , may b I mistake I just confused seeing saree… somu smiles at him .
After she left- he backoff his hair…and lies in bed… not bad idea ….i miss suhani very much.. now she s near to me but not getting time for her…now I shd spent tim for her….he happyily hugs pillow….thank god I saw her on right time… I wont leave suhani today? How can she give her saree to somu… bcz of this I just confused…
——————suhani comes to room ,she opens the room and see yuvraj lies in bed lik child waiting for mom…suh-yuv why see mw lik this?

yuv getsup from bed and hugs her…
suh- wat happen to u.. aaj u give surprise to me…
yuv-kya karon mein….. i came from office early bcz i miss u tat much… nothing s important than u.. suh hugs him tight… yuv- suhani….dont hug me tight… i cant even breath….
suuh-pushes him back and yuvi pulls her with him… both fell on bed….suh- u did this for me… she sees the room and gets happy……..
yuv- haan i did for u…do u lik this? suh-bhoatttt……….. but y u did ? wat were u upto… yuyv- haan i upto…..mrs.birla….. he gets close and they had an liplock….

Precap- yuvani romantic moments …………….yuvraj teaches dance to suhani….somu hiddenly seeing them…and smiles seeing yuvraj… she wrote one letter to yuvraj…and give it to him… yuvraj take tat leter and put it in his pocket…saying he will read it later..somu smiles..

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  1. cheap somya small yuvaani scéně was nice

  2. sarita sharma

    ye somya ki planning ploting end nhi hogi missing yuvaani alot

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks Sarita sharma.. I wish to end in my 40 th episode…so I need Tim to wrote…for cut short somu planing it took time…

  3. hi somi bhargavi how r u & where r u

  4. wowowww…really very amzing epi.yuvraj nd suhani love each other very much.precap is superb sis i’m very eagerly waiting for nxt epi.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u sri…

      and frnds if u r n fb , stay connected with me.. my if name s – suhani yuvani birla ,

  5. Superb dear…. Pls don’t end it….

  6. Hiii… I liked today’s episode very much…. YuvAni dialogue superb….. N saiyaam reaction was fab….. I wish yuvraj character should not end soon….. Yuvraj n suhani character r very important in the show….

    @bhargavi n ssel fan…. I’m going to comment here only…. All r yuvani fans n there is no problem….. In ssel page…. Some people disgusting

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      wat happened somi..!? y bhargavi leaving this site..! which ssel page u were talking about! tel me yuvani fans r ready to support u…anywhere…

      1. Thnq dear…. But I’m also leaving this site…. Some people said…. We r liars, unhappy people n hypocrites…. N without knowing some people were blaming us very much in ssel page

      2. Leave it dear…. Don’t fight for us…. They never listen any 1…. U r good writer…. They spoiled our name….. U can use ur name in good way….. So leave it…. Bye dear… Will miss u n ur ff…. Gn guyz

  7. Fabulous episode!!!..liked it so so much…im sry i will not b able to comment for ur further updates…u have written very well
    Hii guys @somi,sselfans,sarita sharma.and all who like me…i m gonna leave this site…thanks for ur love nd support..miss u guys always

    1. @bhargavi ….
      Pls don’t quit…. N if u r quitting then I too will quit….. We never said anything bad about them n anyway good luck dear
      I wish all wishes come true….
      @sarita n ssel fan…. Thnq a lot dear for ur kind support…. When all were blaming u never blamed us… But u supported us…. Good luck to also….

      @bhargavi… Let forget the past n bad things n cherish the good things… Bye

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        somi whr u get insult send me link… v won’t leave us.. nd don’t care about others….don’t leave fr othrs

      2. pl y r u both leaving? iam feeling sad. u knw u both are the biggest support to yuvani fans on tis website. i felt n feeling happy whenever everytime u replied with ur strong comments against them.. i knw words hurt a lot..take some time n cme back, v r there for u. hope to see both of them back again.. take care guys…luv u a lot,…

    2. A.Tejaswi

      No bhargavi.I am a little bit new.But u r all very dear to me.Hope u all feel the same with me.U need not leave this site for someone els.This site is urs,in fact ours.It belongs to ssel fans.Don’t get disheartened by what those people sayo.We know what u r.In this short time from when I know u I am feeling bad at the idea that u r leaving the site.Think what the others @somi,sarita,shreya,napsha,suhaniyuvraj birla,ssel fan will feel,For all of us pls don’t leave…pls

      1. Actually the matter is….. We were discussing about yuvraj character that if yuvraj I.e.sahil will quit then we will also quit watching the show….. For this @hassan called us as hypocrites n unhappy people….. Then too we never thought they r attacking for fight…..

        2nd time…. Bhargavi posted about the person who said “suhani deserve rape ” in india forum…. But people like @r, poppy, mo,krishna…. Said many things to me n bhargavi….

        They said we r liar, put your money where your mouth is n many rubbish things…. N they r blaming us that @hanna n shanti had left coz of us…..

        Pls YuvAni fans… Pls beware of those person when u r chatting with them…..

        Thnq guyz for ur love ….. Bye…. I think…. I should this site….coz they spoiled mine name and bhargavi…. Good luck for ur ff… Keep it up…. N b good writers like William Shakespeare, john Blake, etc… Good luck…. Have fun…..

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    y bhargavi … y u left… v here to support u…

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Read the replies to bhargavi’s comment.Some of the kriyyam fans hurt her by their words.Guess she is upset by it

  9. Nithu

    Hellooo….i hope….im commenting after a long time…im sry…..i bcam soo busy ….after my xams were done…my grandpa was admitted in hospital…then..sankranti..for us its a very big festival…we celebrate….with soo much of funn….n now i shd read all the ffs starting from dec 10 to till date…but im fol ssel…

  10. superb di specially yuvani scene…
    di plz dont end this.. on this page of ssel mostly kriyaam ff are uploaded.. there r few ff on yuvani.. plz di dont end this..
    if u want to end this then plz came with new ff.. 🙂
    update soon..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u anshi sharma… k aftr this ff I too quit this forum nd post ff n fb.. pls come there connect…. yuvani fans.. v stay wit peace.. pls open fb account…

  11. A.Tejaswi

    The episode was superb dii.Will be waiting for ur next update….

  12. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u nithu di…

  13. awesome episode and nice yuvani moments.. waiting for ur nxt update

  14. somi bhargavi pz don’t leave yaar aappke comment dekhne ke liye m baar baar tu check karti aap dono meri tarah sochati ho jab m aapke comment read karti hu to m bhut khush ho jaati hu aap yuvaani ke baare m wahi likhati ho jo m sochati hu mujhe jyada time nhi hua nahi m jyada logo ko jaanti hu but aap dono se baat karna mujhe accha lagta h

  15. suhani yuvraaj birla pz aap ff likhna mat band karo yuvaani ki counted to ff dekhne ko milti h aap end kar dogi to or kam ho jayegi ise end karne ke baad new start kar dena pz its my humble request

  16. sarita sharma

    somi bhargavi pz don’t leave this sité for someone if sahil will quit to kya cvs yuvraaj ki death show karenge it means suhani fir se bidow ho jayegi ya sahil ko replace karenge pata nhi kya hoga i really want if sahil will quit ssel should go off air

  17. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    somi, bhargavi dear ap logon ne bola nhi ki agr karan jotwani quit krega tog kya tum log nhi quit kroge. karab fans also quit karogi na.. lik tat v did sahil lft v too quit.. wo log KI koi hak nahi Hi hume is Tara baat karne KI…everyone having different favorites about actors… usski feeling ko hurt nahi karna. chodo.. v al see many people lik thm n fb
    . v also fight with thm n fb…star plus post par. even starplus blocked us….it’s not a matter..don’t leave. but stop commanding n written update…

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