I know some of u must be upset with ishra’s wedding but here starts the actual story… Hope u guys like this track too.

The episode starts the next mrng in New York… Raman is getting ready.
Vidyuth came to him with coffee.
Vidyuth: where were u the ​last night??
Raman: actually.. I was
Vidyuth: what??
Raman: I was married last night.
Vidyuth: what..?!!! R u joking ?!!
Raman: yeah. K bye. Need to go na we ve meet.. I’ll prepare for that… U come fst.
Vidyuth: yaar say me clearly. (He leaves..) what is he saying ?? I think he’s joking.
Meanwhile ishu wakes up. She checks her phone.
Ishu: no missed call nor msg from Raman.. is he angry… Or I think didn’t still get up frm bed…??? No he said na today he has some​ meeting. I think he’s upset. Let it be.
She then Goes to washroom nd washes her face… She notices her mangalsutr.. she holds it nd smiles. She goes to kitchen nd puts breakfast in oven nd goes for bath. Later she gets ready in a sari.. putting sindoor nd mangalsutr.
Ishu: I’ll​ surprise Raman going to his office. Nd I hope he likes this gift too for his day.
She has her breakfast nd leaves.
Meanwhile, Raman preparing presentation for his meeting, gets a call. He picks.
Raman: hello..!!!
Shagun: Bhai..!!
Raman: shagun ..? Yaar I’m busy call me later.
Shagun: u first say where r u?
Raman: I’m in office … Preparing for the meeting. Y r u asking?
Shagun: hmm nothing bye.
Raman: ha,… bye – y is she asking abt me? Acha leave it.. she’s pagal. Let’s concentrate abt the work.
He finally completes the presentation nd submits the documents to Charles. Jst then the door bangs nd there comes a big balloon having HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it…!!! Raman looks at it with surprise.
Raman: wow..!!
Then shagun comes there shouting ‘Happy Returns Of The day Bhai…!!’
Raman was in hell shock: shagun..??!!
Shagun came to him nd hugs: did u like my surprise..?!
Raman in shock: yeah.. but… Gud.. actually… N..yc..!!! How did u come here ??
Shagun: u know what.. even I came here for business meeting. Dad send me here. To learn business tips from u.
Raman smiles: ohh really…!! Grt..!!
Shagun: hmm vaise y r so much shocked.
Raman: I was thinking whether it’s real or dream… (Slowly) I wish it could be a dream.
Shagun: what..??
Raman: nothing.. u come sit here.
He made her sit.
Raman: hmm now say when will u go?
Shagun: what.. where..?
Raman: I mean for meeting.. with whom do u ve Meeting?
Shagun: with George Williams.
Raman: George Williams??
Shagun: yeah.
Raman: for what..??
Shagun: I suggested papa in making a celebrity to work for us… I mean for our product… Being a brand ambassador. So sent me to personally request him to work for us.
Raman: ohh then what will he do??
Shagun: Bhai… Come on he’s a popular dancer… He is trendsetter for teenagers..!!!
Raman: oh…!! Really..???!!
Shagun: nd yesterday he got married yaar..I ve seen his Instagram account.. he’s so dashing in the groom’s costume. Even I was one of his fans.
Raman: but I didn’t heard abt him.
Shagun: Bhai he’s popular here… Nd every girl is fan of his dancing. U boys always go crazy abt girls or cars, so I think u guys don’t ve ty. To know such celebrity na.
Raman: hm.. ok. Did u get his appointment??
Shagun: he’s married yesterday.. so he gave me appointment after 2 days.
Raman in shock: u r going to stay for 2 days..??
Shagun: dad asked me to come India along with u.
Raman: ????kk.
Meanwhile ishu reached Raman’s office… She entered nd gets into lift. There she finds Vidyuth.
Ishu: hey Vidyuth…!
He looks at her… Kneely.
Ishu: what happened??
Vidyuth: hi.. actually I was seeing..
He points her mangalsutr nd sindoor.
Ishu smiles: yeah.. voh..
Vidyuth: so Raman was saying truth.. u guys got married..??
Ishu: ha.
Vidyuth: how dare he didn’t call me…he didn’t even say me… ??!!!
Ishu: it was my decision.. so sudden one. It’s not his fault.
Vidyuth: no no I was jst kidding yaar. Anyways happy married life.
Ishu: thank u
Vidyuth: come let’s go to him… I ve to settle some tbles with him.
Ishu laughs.
They were going to Raman’s cabin… Vidyuth opened the door..while entering
Vidyuth: yaar idiot… Saale kutte pagal …!!!
Ishu looks inside nd gets shocked seeing shagun, she suddenly moves back.
Raman: Vidyuth…?
Vidyuth: u didn’t say me…??
Shagun looks at him.
Raman being g tensed: ha.. it’s ok. See na… Who came .. shagun..??!!!
Vidyuth looks at her
Shagun: who’s he Bhai…??!!
Raman: he’s my clg frnd.. Vidyuth.. she’s my sister.. shagun .
Vidyuth: oh hi..! Vidyuth sahay..!!
Shagun: hi.. shagun bhalla..!!
They handshaked. Raman signals not to say. Vidyuth signals ishu came.
Shagun: vaise u were saying something…??
Vidyuth tensed: voh..
Raman: he was saying that I didn’t say him abt my birthday which is today.
Shagun: ohh.
Vidyuth hugs him: Happy Returns of the day Bhai…(slowly) today is ur birthday..? U didn’t say me..
Raman: yeah… actually I forgot abt it.
Shagun: what r u guys whispering??
Raman: ha.. nothing.
Shagun: Bhai.. let me go to ishu na.
Raman: y. Not needed.. u can go late first u go nd fresh up. Vidyuth take her to the flat.
Vidyuth: but how can she come to a boy’s flat.
Shagun: yeah Bhai… So that’s y we’ll go to ishu’s flat. Come.
Raman: ha.. voh..
Shagun: what r u thinking… Let’s go na.
Raman: ha let’s go
Calling bell rings… Ishu opens the door nd gets shocked.
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  2. lovely update poor ishra haha shagun is haddi now between them

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