Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Good news in Amber and Guneet’s home

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia meeting the guys. A guy tells that he will train her to do exercise. Other guy tells Nia that he heard that her father married his tenant and says he seems to be funny. Nia asks why are you talking about my dad. The guy says if you get married to me, then I have to bear him. He says if you are his only daughter and this house is his, then I will marry you only. Nia asks why they are asking me, this alliance came for Kajal. Amber asks the guy to leave. The guy tells that he will not support his drama and will meet the girl for whom I have seen. Amber asks him to leave. Nia asks Kajal if it was her idea. Kajal says yes, it was my idea. She says you was so sad..sorry. Guneet says it was my plan. I had planned this. Nia says you was getting my swayamvar done. She asks if I am puppet and will do as you think. Guneet says I was just making you meet the guys for alliance. Amber tries to say. They ask him to be quiet. Nia says if my mom would have been here then she wouldn’t have done this. She says Guneet ji….you are not my mom. Guneet is shocked. Guneet says yes, I am not your mother and not trying to become. I never did. She tells that she wants to see her happy and can’t just become her dad’s wife. She says I want place in your life too. Nia says even I want this, but your way is wrong. She says sorry and goes.

Amber is sad and thinks about Nia and Guneet. He thinks how to cheer up. He tells that Guneet has the right to think about Nia.

Next morning, Guneet is working in the kitchen when she feels unwell. Amber comes to the dining table for breakfast. Guneet and Amber call Nia to have breakfast. Guneet serves upma in the plate for Nia, but she takes the apple and leaves. Amber goes to talk to Nia. Guneet asks Bhakti to take this upma home. Bhakti says they don’t eat less spicy upma at home. Guneet says then throw it. Amber comes out and tells that he will drop her to office.

Pammi comes to Guneet and asks what happened at home? Guneet says nothing. She says what is the use to tell you, you will say I told you this will happen. Pammi asks what happened? Amber and Nia sit in the car. Amber tries to cheer her up. Nia gets upset with him for calling the guys for her marriage. She asks didn’t you know how I am feeling now? She asks did you forget Guneet ji when she slapped you. She says you can’t feel what I am feeling genuinely. She says it is not easy to forget our love and that’s why don’t do anything and give me some time. They leave in car.

Amber comes back home. Guneet is sitting on the chair waiting for him. He says I told you that there will be a trouble? He says Nia didn’t like our plan and we became villain in her eyes. Guneet says problem is something else. Amber asks what? Guneet says I used to think that Nia regards me as her friend and I am very close to her, our relation is very closer, but she didn’t think of me anything more than her dad ki dulhan. She says I want her to think me as a friend, if not maa then like a mother. Amber says give her sometime and says you will not become her step mom. He says let the things settle down. Guneet is shocked and says step mother. Amber says it was slipped of tongue, she is my daughter and takes time to understand. Guneet gets upset and argues with him, before going to room. Amber says I will make everything fine. Pammi comes to Guneet and asks if she is fine. Guneet says she is fine. Pammi says if you don’t agree then I will call Amber. Guneet asks her to do the work without blackmailing and agrees to come. Pammi and Guneet visit the doctor. Doctor informs Pammi that there is a good news and tells that she is going to be Nani. Pammi gets happy and hugs Guneet.

Precap: Pammi tells Guneet that Amber shall happy to get this good news in this old age. Amber asks Guneet if she wants to talk. Guneet says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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