Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir realizes Nia’s true feelings for him

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia coming home and cries thinking about Kabir while the song plays….She cries and thinks of Kabir’s announcement for Swara and his marriage. RB comes there and asks her to open the door. Nia opens the door. RB comes inside her room and sits. He says the girl who has taught me the importance of friendship, relationship and family is crying today. He says you have taught me and doesn’t implement the same thing. Nia hugs him and cries. RB asks her to cry more. Kabir comes there and sees Nia smiling hearing RB’s words. He goes. Amber sees Kabir and asks him to hold the pot. Kabir says I know you are angry, but I can’t explain you now. Amber asks him to take out her anger on it and break. He says you left your party and came here to convince her, you are a fool not to realize your feelings. Kabir asks him to open his eyes and see what is going on. Amber looks on.

In the morning, Amber finds Kajal having sandwich and asks how come she is here? Amber says good morning to Guneet. Guneet talks about Nia. Amber asks if something happened? Guneet says nothing yet. He eats poha and likes it. Guneet asks him to agree to her sayings and then her mood will be fine. She says I think that Nia shall settle down, get married. Amber coughs. Kajal says uncle is saying that he is not ready. Guneet says we shall think. Kajal says uncle is saying that Nia is not ready. Amber asks her to stop it.

Nia comes out and asks Kajal what is she doing here? Kajal says you had asked me to come home. Nia says actually you are right and asks her to meet her in office. Guneet asks her to have breakfast. Nia says she is getting late for office and goes. Guneet asks Amber what he thought? Amber asks her to start the work. Guneet and Kajal says plan on.

Nia comes to the office and smiling. Everyone congratulates her and calls her Maam. Kabir comes to her and says hi. He takes her signatures on the papers and says thank you. Nia attends the meeting. Kajal comes there. Nia tells Kajal that RB sir don’t want to get our company closed. Kajal says it is working well. Nia says I don’t want to take any decision which upsets you. She says one option is that, you can join wenet and other option is…..Kajal tells she will handle their firm alone and don’t want to work under anyone. Nia hugs her. Kajal says she wants to talk to her about something and tells that Papa sent list of candidates, I need your help.

Swara tells Kabir that everyone is discussing that Nia got this opportunity as she is close to RB. Kabir says let everyone speak, but why you are speaking it. Kajal hears them and calls them. Swara greets them. Kajal asks Kabir to talk to her for a minute. She asks about his engagement. Kabir asks why don’t you ask her and tells everything. He tells that they were together and behaving like a couple. Kajal says you would have asked them, can’t decide about the film seeing the tailer. He tells that RB likes Nia, but she doesn’t love him as she is behind you. Kabir asks what do you mean? Kajal says she likes you and says her heart is stuck with you. Kabir asks if she loves me even now and gets teary eyes. He says I took all the wrong decisions and gets sad. Swara hears them and gets teary eyes.

Amber and Kajal call some guys. Kajal says I am just for practice as the real candidate is someone else. Amber asks them not to flirt with Nia and maintain social distancing. A guy asks if we came for date or military rule. Amber asks him to get out. Kajal says we want someone for rejection. Nia comes there and looks at the guys.

Precap: Nia gets upset with the Swayamvar and says you are not my mother Guneet ji Guneet and Amber are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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