Mere Angne Mein 27th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam going after Nimmi, when Riya was seeing him. Shivam consoles Nimmi. Nimmi apologizes to him. Preeti asks Nimmi why did she do this. Shivam says Nimmi did not do mistake, will we be quiet if anyone asks our mummy to apologize. Preeti says whats the difference in us and Dadi, cool down and come. Shivam says you guys go, leave me alone for sometime. Shanti asks the guests to leave. Sarla says she will rest for some time. Shanti sends the pandit. She asks Kaushalya to rest and understand her. Kaushalya cries. Shivam comes downstairs. Riya looks at him, and he goes.

Vyom talks to Pari about his elder brother. He praises his brother a lot and Pari gets more interested in him. He says you will be impressed meeting him. Pari thinks to meet his brother. Kaushalya comes to Nimmi, Shivam and Preeti. She apologizes to Nimmi. Nimmi hugs her and cries. Kaushalya says Riya will take time to adjust. Nimmi says Riya should understand whats right and wrong. Shanti and Sarla make Riya against Kaushalya and Nimmi. Kaushalya says we have to be good with Riya.

Its morning, Pari hears Vyom talking to his elder brother. Vyom says he did shopping worth 80000rs and asks his brother about 10 lakhs transfer. Pari coughs and thinks that man is really rich. She says we should go. We are late. She gets Ashok’s call and thinks why problem does dad has. Her old BF comes there as he is from room service. Pari hides in the washroom seeing him. Vyom says I will see, Madam will be there. He calls out Pari. He asks the man to break the door. The man says I will call maintenance people, they have keys. Pari gets worried and comes out, asking Vyom to run. He asks what happened. She says just run.

Nimmi and Preeti have a talk about showing actual villain to Riya. Shanti asks what did she say and scolds Nimmi. Raghav asks Shanti what happened. Shanti says Nimmi said I provoked Kaushalya, I will die now, I m bad and do everything wrong. Sarla comes and asks why is she saying truth. Raghav asks shall I ask my daughters to give respect to their Dadi. He says Nimmi is idle that’s why she is doing this. Preeti says she can join college. Shanti says no need, Sonal will teach her and Nimmi can teach small children. Raghav asks Shanti to explain Kaushalya to behave well and reminds that Riya will go office. Shanti says yes, I want this, else there will be more fights. She asks Riya to do her first rasoi. Riya says she will get freshen up. Shanti says fine, go.

Ashok comes and has wounds. Raghav asks what happened. Ashok says I slipped. Raghav says take rest and goes. Ashok tries talking to Sarla. Sarla says she will come home later. The pandit tells about stars in right place and leaves. Ashok asks Sarla to come with him. Shanti asks Ashok not to shout. Sarla says I will come. Shanti asks Sarla to take food and go. Sarla says I will take nek later.

Kaushalya gets the tiffin. Sarla complains about Rani. Sarla leaves with Ashok. Shanti says Sarla’s fate does not have happiness. Riya cries recalling Kaushalya’s words. She gets a call from Bunty and cries. She says she is not crying, she is feeling weak. Kaushalya talks to Nimmi and Preeti. Preeti says they are hungry and asks her to make something. Kaushalya says she can’t cook, Shanti has told Riya to cook today. Preeti says its going to be 12. Kaushalya says go and tell Riya, if I say anything, Shivam will be angry. Shivam comes there and she gets annoyed.

He apologizes to her and rests in her lap. Kaushalya says I don’t like when people call you wife’s puppet, its shameful thing. Raghav calls Nimmi and comes downstairs. Nimmi comes and till then Raghav goes out. Nimmi says Raghav went out. Kaushalya asks Shivam to call Riya for her first rasoi. Ashok and Sarla are on the way. Ashok says our bad days are coming, explain Amit, else more days will come. She says Amit will get our good days. He says no, he will get us on road, he got goons to show railway land. She says so what, he can earn well. He says this daal roti will also get shut. Sarla says I want money. The rickshaw driver says Sarla is right. Ashok scolds him.

Ashok says Amit did not do anything seeing me getting beaten, Amit did not identify me. Sarla says what did you do for him, you always scold me. Ashok stops the rickshaw. He gets down and Sarla goes. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call Raghav. Nimmi says its enough, I don’t like my mum to apologize to anyone, Riya has to be like you, you have bear a lot, I can’t see more, your turn should also come. Kaushalya says I like to live for everyone. Nimmi says I m not a kid now, I will say if anyone speaks against you, Riya won’t understand this. Kaushalya hugs Preeti and Nimmi.

Rani opens Sarla’s room and gets inside. Amit comes home and she hides. Amit gets his friend’s call and says I m coming. He leaves from home. Rani says now she will quickly see. Sarla is on the way and is angry on Ashok. The rickshaw stops and Sarla gets angry on the driver. She says she will go by walk. Vyom comes there to drop Pari. Pari hides her face seeing Sarla. Sarla’s slipper falls and Vyom’s car passes by. All the mud falls over Sarla. Pari comes to Sarla and asks her to come. Sarla asks her to get her slipper. Pari and Sarla go home. Rani gets her jewelry and hugs it. Rani locks Sarla’s room. Sarla and Pari come back and Rani hides her jewelry. Rani asks Pari where was she all night. Pari says I came in morning. Rani taunts her. Pari argues. Sarla goes to her room and shuts the door. Rani takes the jewelry and goes to balcony. She keeps the jewelry in the trunk.

Shanti asks for food. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get fruits. Shanti says Riya did not come till now. Shivam goes to Riya and smiles seeing her sleeping. Preeti says I will call Riya. Nimmi keeps fruits for Shanti. Shanti refuses to eat and then eats hiding. Kaushalya and Preeti see Shivam sitting beside Riya and smiling. Preeti asks Kaushalya not to say anything. Kaushalya says fine, but she is sleeping, its first rasoi, Shanti is adamant to have food, Riya did jagran all night and slept, its not her mistake, what to do now. Preeti says don’t know. Kaushalya calls Shivam and says wake her up, Shanti is asking for food, she said she will eat Riya’s handmade food.

Shivam wakes up Riya. Riya says sorry, how did I sleep. He signs her to see. Kaushalya says come soon for first rasoi. Riya apologizes. Riya is scared of Kaushalya. Shivam says mum never reacts like that, understand mum first. Shanti acts sweet to Riya and turns table against Kaushalya and Nimmi, asking them not to help Riya to taunt her tomorrow. She asks Riya to cook alone. Kaushalya says Riya can’t cook. Riya gets everything burnt being nervous. Kaushalya says the food is getting burnt. Riya holds her head.

Raghav likes the food and gives nek to Riya. He asks Shanti about Chandrahaar, and says give two orders, give one to Riya from my side. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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