Mere Angne Mein 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla provoking Shanti against Riya. Kaushalya agrees that Riya can do anything. Sarla asks them to be alert and save the house. Shivam tears the papers and throws, saying Riya that Shanti will never sign it, its her swing and will always be hers. Riya looks on. She gets another papers and says Shanti has to sign. He gets angry. She says I will not stop even if you stop. He says you will regret. She says even if I regret, I will sit on swing this time. He fumes.

Rani makes Amit ready as Amita. He asks her to do something, why did you make me dress as bride. Rani says its because of your black deeds. Lallan says make him sit beside me. Amit apologizes. Lallan makes him wear garlands. Amit says don’t punish me, I will accept Babloo and other kids, I will get insulted if you marry me. Lallan says yes, I want that to happen. I will marry you and take you by bidaai.

Shanti says I want to make my will, I will call lawyer, I don’t want Shanti Sadan to go to any crow. Riya comes with papers and asks her to sign on papers. Sarla says Shivam went there and could not do anything. Riya says Shivam has torn the papers, but Shanti’s bad fate, I prepared many such papers. Shanti scolds Riya.

The man asks Raghav about the case and blames on his family. Raghav says its not true. The man says don’t take care of your job department respect. Raghav says I don’t know what’s happening since few days. Rani worries seeing Amit’s marriage and calls Sarla, asking her to come home fast, Amit is getting marriage. Sarla asks what, with whom. Rani says with Lallan, he got to know Amit is Amita, save him. Sarla scolds her and worries. Shanti asks what happened Sarla, is there any problem.

Sarla thinks how to tell them about the problem. She says there is no problem, I will manage, I will go. Shanti says I will come along, it looks big problem. Sarla says no, its not needed, I will manage. Sarla asks what’s problem. Sarla lies about Bindu’s relatives, you be here, your problem is bigger than mine. Sarla goes. Shanti thinks I can’t trust Sarla, I have to do something on own. She sits on swing thinking. Riya goes and sits beside Shanti, shocking her. Shanti angrily leaves from home. Kaushalya stares at Riya.

Lallan asks Babloo to get sindoor box, I will marry Amita. Rani gets shocked. She goes and pushes Lallan. She asks what marriage will happen, Amit is my husband, if you have to marry, take my life, we will not scared of you. Lallan asks what will you do. She argues and takes havan kund away. She calls inspector and complains about Lallan. Inspector asks is he Lallan, I can’t come there. Rani asks why can’t you come. She ends call. She gets havan stick and shows fire to Lallan, to warn him. Sarla comes home.

Lallan tells Rani that Amit cheated her. Rani says its our matter, I will not let this marriage happen.
She scares Lallan with the fire. Lallan asks is she mad. He takes Babloo and runs away. Sarla says Rani did great, have water Rani, listen Shanti should not know this. Rani tells Amit if that woman comes home, I will leave home and do much drama. Amit understands.

Shanti meets lawyer and asks her to save her from blame, and make her will. Sarla’s goons see Shanti and think to inform Sarla. Lawyer tells Shanti that Rani can challenge her will. Shanti says once Riya comes court and proves she is court, we will get free and then end relations with her. Lawyer asks what are you saying, you will end relations when she comes home, I don’t understand. She scolds him. He says look if you don’t write her name in will, she will file case, you can’t do anything. She says I m better lawyer. He says there is risk in your case, sorry I don’t want to fight, I have much work. She says don’t go, listen, Riya is alive. He goes. Rajendra and Bansi call Sarla.

Pari comes to Sarla and says you maybe worried for Babloo’s mum. They guess who will be Babloo’s mum. Sarla answers Rajendra’s call. He tells her about Shanti meeting lawyer to talk about will. Sarla says yes, she told me, do one thing, if you have any useless lawyer, make Shanti meet him. Rajendra asks for money. Sarla asks him to do work first, show Shanti’s pic to all lawyers there and tell them Shanti got mad. She tells her plan. Rajendra agrees.

Riya asks Shanti to apply thumb impression. Shanti asks her to come to court. Riya says you need me, so you will apply thumb impression first then I will come court.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. OMG when will this sarla get exposed and her two cronies? Fed up of her plotting. Why can’t shanti see what she’s doing, writers what are you trying to show viewers? That it’s ok to do these type of plots and cause problems for your family?

  2. I think writers should end this serial, like naamkaran which is ending soon after dayaben is convicted of Asha’s murder hopefully.

    It’s been going on for too long and sarla’s never going to be exposed. Nimmi, kaushaliya, raghav, shanti and Shivam are never going to see through sarla. Educated characters shown as uneducated. Great NAYI SOCH writers. Amit too gets away every time.

  3. Sarla will never be exposed as all we know ,she going to do all the craps she could in the future episode, she get saved ever time she do something wrongs I can’t believe that she is cheating her mother I hope shant know true intention so she kick her put from shant shadan shant is nice and caring lady but influence by cunning sarla ,hope riya exposed her soon and drag this track for month

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